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Discover Toyota Import Alphard - MPV Price 6 Billion Luxury

Discover details of imported Toyota Alphard - The 6 billion luxury MPV

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, even if a Rolls Royce becomes cramped, it does not give you a large enough space for you to do what you like, it is clear that a luxury MPV is your choice. Choose your only if you want to move on the way to like the first class aircraft. Yes, next to me is the 2017 Toyota Alphard, the most advanced version, the Executive Lounge has a V6, not the standard version that Toyota Vietnam recently distributed. Let's find out the front of this car.

Discover Toyota Import Alphard - MPV Price 6 Billion Luxury 1

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Well, if you talk about the impression when you go on the road, this really is not like this car, look at this grille. Yes, an extremely large trapezoid is constructed of chrome-plated components like this. Yes, it's like a ladder. I measured the magnitude of this steering wheel surface: 1, 2, 3, 4 and it seems that my 5-arm range should be more than 1m and 1.1 m.

Well thick chrome. Only the height of it is already huge, you should take a look. Yes, even the Rolls Royce Fantom grille is not as big as this Alphard. That said, how big it is. The car can be called a dinosaur on the street. In addition to the special grille, let's try to see if a pair of eyes is very drab and impressive. We have led strips and a led strip and round reflectors. I really like this design, looking at this car has the soul of our round eyes, looking on the road is very cool, especially when running at night. If I was walking at night when I saw the rearview mirror with this monster glaring, I would have to run out of the way to let it run first.

Well below we have the front bumper that has a lot of Lexus design. Yes it is true that the finished claws emanate to look like Lexus's spindle-shaped radiant face. In general, this is an Alphard if only the beauty of the car in particular, it is clearly worth the luxury car award. And let's go over to the body to see if this car has anything special. We can see here is the relatively large mirror and integrated LED turn signals. Yes, because you are an MPV, you can see the car designed optimally in the space as much as possible, just like a cake box.

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Yes and this box let's try opening the car. Yes, just press the button once very gently, it slipped off, this is the next. Yes and let's leave the interior as it is, we will explore later. Now I want to introduce you to the rear end. Yes, it is very prominent here on a black background, let's try it. Alphard Executive Lounge. This is the logo that signals this is the most advanced car of this Alphard line. Usually the Executive Lounge is only sold in Japan or exported to the US only.

Discover Toyota Import Alphard - MPV Price 6 Billion Luxury 2

These are the most advanced and very expensive. As far as I know, currently the Auto Institute is distributing this brand new car for about 6 billion. Yes, 6 billion dong we can completely buy a German luxury car or even a Lexus LS but why buy an MPV like this? The cause can only be found on the inside. Now let's try to get inside this car and discover what is special about this most expensive MPV in Vietnam market.

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Yes, yes, with an MPV I would want to explore the second row of seats first. Well, as you can see here, these are two single-style chairs, you can see there are two separate armrests like this. Yes, sitting here, I have seen VIP. Yes, look at this headrest, it's very smooth, although this is a new car and I'm just sitting on the plastic but still feeling very comfortable, and this headrest just leaned a little bit and I felt like falling asleep. already.

Well, try to find out what is so special underneath this armrest pedestal? Let's see, well, the two shelves for the cup design are quite good. Well, what else is there? I see a button that doesn't know how to press this button, what does it do? That I will open this side for you to see. Now let's open up. Ha ha, I did not expect to have a dining table, the solid design and the way it opened made me very surprised.

Yes, it can slide up and down very smoothly. And the face is covered with wood grain. My observation is that this is not real wood but it is quite kind. Yes, there are 2 tables for 2 sides, and here I have seen an unnecessary disadvantage, that I cannot open 2 tables at the same time. The skin is touching like this. When I want to eat, he can't sit beside me, and when he eats, I have to sit and watch while I'm hungry.

Discover Toyota Import Alphard - MPV Price 6 Billion Luxury 3

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Well, try to explore the other details, besides this rather funny detail, that is already closed. On both sides I will open this side for you to see. Yes, a lot of buttons and let's look at them recently, I will show you the buttons. Well the first is the reading light switch, the led light is very bright, we can adjust the brightness of the light. That I rebound and is now down, very nice. Many cars have reading lights, but this type of brightness adjustment is pretty good, not all cars have.

And here it comes. There, yes, I introduced this is the first class cabin, and here you can feel very comfortable. Well let's try this button, and not only lift but this cushion can protrude, yes it's just like your bed. Yes, the next one, of course, has to adjust the back of the chair. I tried my best to recline, very deep. I can't believe I'm lying down.

Oh my God, what can I say that the owners of S class S 600 May Bach have to envy the seats of this Alphard, this is not a chair anymore, this is a bed. It can be called outside a very large space, the two seats in the middle of this Toyota Alphard is also the most valuable. Yes, its fall is unbelievable. Next, this is the button and just activate a play, the chair will return to the basic position.

Yes, it is quite handy. Also because as a first class cabin we have full seat heating and cooling, yes just press on. We can adjust 4 levels of cooling very convenient. Actually, besides massaging, I can't think of anything else this car lacks. These two rows of seats are impressive. Let's see what we have over the head? Yes, there is a lot of buttons on the dashboard. Try to see the ceiling led lights, there seems to be many colors.

Yes, I have not counted how many colors I have yet to see purple, and here it is. As I guess, there are about 10 to 12 colors, which is fine. Yes we have the common air conditioner control here, and there's a monitor. Of course, when the engine is up, we can see it. Auto mode, open sky door. So many sunroofs as you can see, very big.

Discover Toyota Import Alphard - MPV Price 6 Billion Luxury 4

Yes, even if the foot part has been touched, the material is luxurious, very smooth. Can be called the equivalent of luxury cars from Germany, this ceiling is extremely smooth. And if you notice the little icon here we will also see, this car is the most advanced version should be equipped with the most advanced JPL speaker system that Toyota has. Yes and a lot.

I just touched the doorknob and I didn't know it had an automatic closing mode. Yes, I'll show it to you again. There, I can stop it. Well on a car costing about 6 billion like this obviously all the features must be electric then. Now I want to try to find out what we have in the driver's seat. Yes is still a smooth leather seat. Chair design is similar to the two rear seats, very fit both the shoulders, the hips, the headrest, nothing to blame at all. And you can see the key here, the special key, unlike any Toyota. This is the difference of a Toyota 6 billion and Toyota 600 million. Try it on this steering wheel. Yes, it is covered in wood and patterned wood. Similar to other wood details on the car such as this dashboard. A little regret because obviously this is an expensive car, very expensive in Vietnam and also expensive goods abroad. It costs a lot more than the Honda Odyssey for example or the KIA Sedona. And I'm expecting wooden details like this, it has to be real wood, a bit sorry. Well, let's just skip there, let's try exploring all the features of the car. Give it a try.

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Discover Toyota Import Alphard - MPV Price 6 Billion Luxury 5

You can see the seats in the memory position, the steering wheel is also in the memory position, yes. As I observe here we have up to three memory locations here, many. There! If I am the back seat and the driver, I also enjoy the full features of this car. On the steering wheel, there are also standard buttons, volume, hands-free conversation, Cruise Control ... a lot. Unfortunately, this instrument cluster is a mechanical clock, and comes with a screen in the middle, about 4 inches. If it was a completely LCD screen, it would look much more modern.

Yes we have the middle screen here. Yes, actually listening to the radio doesn't know if this JBL speaker is good or not, or just temporarily off it. There is also a map for this screen, but I am trying to see if it works in Vietnam, because this is a Japanese car. It seems that it does not work. As for sensitivity, it is not called too sensitive.

Actually, the screen technology has never been at the forefront of Toyota, we have to accept it. These buttons really feel like a hand, there! But this part of the gear looked a bit old, I didn't really like it. Especially this type of ladder has Toyota characteristics. But what you need to hold is too bulky, and the wood is not of course real wood. And aside from that, we have, here it is, a lot of heating for both the driver and passenger seats. Yes, but unfortunately, there is no cooling like the two rear seats. We also have an electronic handbrake, which has a brake mode when the red light stops. Well, actually, if I drive a car, I can drive a family, it's okay. Of course, the two people in the back will enjoy the most luxury and pleasure. But the driver is also supported almost to the root.

See if the big Toyota cars often have cool boxes here without knowing what Alphard has. Yes it is very wide but unfortunately there is no cold box. Yes, but unfortunately we have full USB port, AUX and 12-volt port but there is no cold box, unfortunately. Maybe it's in here for example, let's try it in the trunk. Well, unfortunately, my observation is that there is no freezer here, which is a pity. If I were to buy a family car, the cooler was a feature I was sure I needed. Because, because it's family outing, what kind of thing would we bring with us for our favorite drinks and the water without cooling would be a bit wasteful.

This is a 6-seater vehicle, that is, only 6 people can ride. In this respect, it cannot compete with Kia Grand Sedona. But why is the Alphard still popular, especially those who already own Lexus? Because of that, because of the V6, V6, 3.5-liter, 300-horsepower, 361 N / m engine mass, it is quite strong for a family car, and above all, the durability of the Toyota cars. Yes, we have heard stories of Toyota running more than 1 million miles, but still able to keep going. Toyota's endurance can be called champion already. Of course, we are used to cheap Toyota cars, but this car is not cheap, but in my opinion this is a completely luxury car and has all the features that the people owning luxury cars to them. volunteered. It's a full-featured rear seat that reclines to be unmatched and the driver also gets plenty of support from seat heating, from the electronic features we've seen here.

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Discover Detail of Toyota Alphard Import - MPV Price 6 Billion Luxury 6
Rolls Royce Cullinan

And in fact, family cars like this one, their customer segment is very special, so whether the Toyota Alphard, the most expensive, most expensive imported version in the market, is really worth it. there are people who are really looking for a first-rate MPV to appreciate. And in my opinion, the car absolutely deserves what they bring, now let's take a look through this one round of Alphard, see if this most expensive FDV is really beautiful enough for you. No, and for anyone who has a need to look at is just the level of interest you can go to Auto Pham Hung Institute, even test drive it. Let's take a look at it!

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