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Do you know what faults in the traffic by car are the worst fines in Vietnam yet? Find out to avoid violations!

15 Car Fault Severely Punished In Vietnam

1. Operating a vehicle manufactured or assembled in contravention of the regulations involved in traffic: VND 4,000,000 - VND 6,000,000

2. Operating a vehicle without a license plate that is inconsistent with the vehicle registration certificate or that is not issued by a competent authority: VND 4,000,000 - VND 6,000,000

3. Stopping or parking vehicles in contravention of regulations on highways: 5,000,000 - 6,000,000 VND

4. Speeding from 20 km / h to 35 km / h: from VND 5,000,000 to VND 6,000,000

5. Causing no traffic accident, fleeing, not presenting, failing to rescue the victims: 5,000,000 - 6,000,000 VND

6. Alcohol content exceeding 50miligam - 80miligam / 100ml of blood or 0.25miligam - 0.4 milligrams / 1 liter of breathing air: 7,000,000 - 8,000,000 VND

7. Running on the opposite direction of the highway: VND 7,000,000 - VND 8,000,000

8. Spleen, swing, speed to chase each other, use your feet to control the steering wheel: VND 7,000,000 - VND 8,000,000

9. Speeding or running, avoiding or overcoming improperly causing traffic accidents: VND 7,000,000 - VND 8,000,000

10. Speeding over 35 km / h: VND 7,000,000 - VND 8,000,000

11. Disobeying the drug concentration test: VND 16,000,000 - VND 18,000,000

12. Alcohol content exceeding 80miligam / 100mililit blood or more than 0.4 milligrams / 1 liter of breathing air: 16,000,000 - 18,000,000 VND

13. There are narcotic substances in the body when driving a car: VND 16,000,000 - VND 18,000,000

14. Not observing the alcohol content test: VND 16,000,000 - VND 18,000,000

15. Spanking, speeding, chasing each other, using steering wheel to control without stopping the car or causing an accident: VND 18,000,000 - VND 20,000,000

The above are very serious faults that can cause serious consequences so be sure to be severely punished, you should avoid them. Besides, we advise you not only to make these errors but also to strictly follow the Traffic Safety Law to protect the health, property of yourself and everyone around you.


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