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Top 10 Super Cool Idioms About Driving

Top 10 Super Good Idioms About Driving 1

Top 10 Driving Verses You Should Know

+ Up the number down that number: When traveling on a downhill hill, do not drive in high gear or mo if you are traveling on a long slope

+ Head downwards: For cars, if going through a narrow gap, once you have reached through two rearview mirrors, you will be assured of the rear part will fit

+ Exit, throttle, and brake pedals: This is the operation when starting to depart for a manual transmission.

+ Hide your head and tail. When avoiding oncoming traffic, if the steering is a bit tighter, the tail will bounce off, this is often the case with long-tail vehicles.

+ Gathering the momentum, about the number of throttle: Shifting operation for new drivers

+ Go to the front brake after the rear brake, go quickly to the rear brake safely: Actions when driving slowly and fast (For vehicles with manual transmission)

+ The stable is too fast to move, the pen is too difficult to invite him to go back: When testing when parking

+ If you go green, then you will go: At the intersection of the red light, if the red light only has 3 seconds, stop, if the red light has only 3 seconds, prepare

+ Skip the throttle, pass the brake: If your right foot is not used to depress the gas, you should switch to the brake pedal in order to react in the next situation.

+ White and rainy showers avoid: When it rains, avoid puddles (white). When it is dry, avoid potholes, cow dung yards (black)

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