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Top 10 Car Driving Notes For Newbies

Top 10 Car Driving Notes for Newbies 1

When participating in Traffic, it is not sure that sometimes you will encounter many difficult situations and go on difficult roads. Refer to the following driving tips to help you overcome difficult situations!


Driving Into Flooded Road

Top 10 Car Driving Notes for Newbies 2

+ If the water level is halfway from the wheel, it is best to wait for the sprint or find another way.

+ If the vehicle has been turned off, you should call for help, avoid trying to restart the car will cause tornado and broken hands.

Driving Into The Sand Area

Top 10 Car Driving Notes for Newbies 3

+ You should reduce the tire and leave only about 12Psi pressure, at this time your car can "glide" away on the sand gently.

+ If the car is still sinking, calmly pour a lot of water into the sand around the wheel to make the sand "thick" later, you can press the gas to escape.

Driving In The Fog

Top 10 Car Driving Notes for Newbies 4

+ If there is no work is too urgent, do not go into the phase of foggy road.

+ Checking lights and using reasonably, observing road conditions, turning on the driving glass. Turn off the music in the car and go slowly to keep your distance.

Driving At Night

Top 10 Car Driving Notes For Newbies 5

+ Check carefully the lighting system, headlight and phase lights. Do not drive at high speed.

+ Do not look at the headlights of the vehicle in the opposite direction. Should bring reflective signs in case the car is broken in the middle of the road.

Handling When Meeting Animals On The Road

Top 10 Car Driving Notes for Newbies 6

+ When encountering an approaching object, the dog usually turns its head and runs in the opposite direction, in contrast to the cattle and buffaloes, they continue to charge forward.

+ So depending on the species encountered, you can dodge the car's head or tail.

Avoid Slipping When Driving a Floor Gear

Top 10 Car Driving Notes For Newbies 7

First pull the parking brake to keep the car standing still, then release the clutch and stomp the gas gradually, if the engine emits howls you do not need to worry. Following the release of the parking brake slowly, the vehicle will slowly move up the slope without drifting backwards.

Parking On Ferry

Top 10 Car Driving Notes for Newbies 8

+ Parking on a ferry is a skill that each driver has a different application.

+ With automatic transmission, should P and hand brake. Similarly with manual transmission should set the number and handbrake.

Enter Number Without Exploding Machine

Top 10 Car Driving Notes for Beginners 9

+ Manufacturers have made a small peg so you can change gears without starting the car. This button is called "Shiftlock".

+ Help you change the number when the car can not start the engine.

Avoid Cramps Right Legs

Top 10 Car Driving Notes For Newbies 10

+ After every 1.5 hours of continuous driving, you should take 10-15 minutes to relax the muscles.

+ It is recommended to use the automatic throttle mode so that the right leg is rested for a few seconds, however, the leg should not be pulled too long because it can deliberately cause an unexpected situation on the road to be dangerous.

Seat Low

Top 10 Car Driving Notes for Beginners 11

When sitting high, your vision will be hidden by the rearview mirror in the car, making it dangerous to watch for vehicles appearing from the right.

Hopefully these shares will help you overcome the difficulties in traffic in the easiest and safest way. Wishing you always a peaceful journey!

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