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Top 05 Procedures to Buy Used Cars Should Know It

Top 05 Buying Procedures for Used Cars Should Be Precious 1

 Procedures to Buy Used Cars Need To Know

If you buy a new car, the paperwork is extremely simple and fast. But there are many things to keep in mind when you decide to buy a used car. In this article, we share five important things you need to know when buying a used car.

  1. Prepare necessary paperwork
Buyer Seller
  • ID card
  • Registration book
  • Money to buy a car
  • Vehicle title transfer fee
  • Lots of car registration
  • Car registry
  • Auto insurance (if any)
  • ID card
  • Registration book
  1. Notarized car purchase contract

After the buyer has carefully reviewed the vehicle status, vehicle papers and finished negotiating the selling price, the two sides notarized the car purchase contract at the notary office.

* Note: In case the two parties buy and sell in two different provinces, the buyer needs to ask the seller to withdraw the entire original record of the vehicle at the police office where the automobile is registered. This is required, otherwise the buyer will not be able to register to change the owner.

  1. Pay registration tax for the car

The registration fee rate is based on the usage time of the vehicle from the year of manufacture (the year of manufacture is calculated as 1 year) as a percentage of the value of new car of the same type.

Used Time % ratio 
1 year 85%
13 years 70%
3 - 6 years 50%
6 - 10 years 30%
Over 10 years 20%
  1. Procedures to change owner name

+ The buyer brings all registration documents and tax invoices to the vehicle registration office for registration

+ The police agency issues a vehicle registration form. (This declaration needs the signature of the car seller, so the buyer needs to first negotiate with the seller about this)

+ If you are in the form of roaming, the vehicle will be issued a new license plate and an appointment date to register the vehicle.

  1. Examination of circulation and change of circulation book

+ If the buyer and seller have permanent residence in the same province or city, the buyer can use the car to the end of the circulation period indicated on the register book and stamp of inspection, when it is almost expired, go to re-register .

+ If in the form of roaming, after receiving the registration of a new car bearing his name, the buyer will come to the registry to change the circulation book and search and sell the vehicle.

Hopefully, these shares will help you want to buy a used car to prepare yourself for some knowledge to quickly complete the process of taking the pet home. Wish you buy the best car for yourself!

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