Top 05 Steps to Choose A Car Model

5 steps to choose a model like that - not everyone knows

Step 01: Buy a new or used car: buying a new car will receive 2 to 3 years of genuine warranty and we have almost no worries when operating the car; Conversely, if you accept the same amount of money to buy an old car, you can buy cars in the higher segment, more equipped but offset operating costs and high risks. than. Therefore, for first-time car buyers, they should buy new cars with genuine warranty.

Top 5 Steps for Choosing a Preferred Model 1

Step 02: Selecting car segment: the current way of dividing car segments in Vietnam market is according to the European market, which is divided by alphabet from class A to grade F, and there is no There is a specific rule about how to divide the segments, often people often pair cars with the same axle base, the volume inside the car into the same segment.

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Grade A segment (small urban cars)

+ The B-segment, still mainly serving the needs of urban transportation, but it is starting to be safer for you to travel over long distances, of course, cars in the class segment. B has safety equipment and vehicle components higher than Class A and the running costs start to rise. In the B-segment segment besides low-rise cars, there are also high-under-wheel cars developed on the chassis, sending nearly equivalent low-end vehicles.

Top 05 Steps for Selecting a Car Model 2

+ The C-segment segment, these cars have a lot more wheelbase and volume than the B-segment segment and it has enough space to serve small families, besides the cars. Grade C it will be safer for you to travel long distances at high speeds. Similarly, in the B-segment, the C-segment will also have the corresponding high-roar cars.

+ D-segment (large cars in the European market or mid-size in the US market, in addition to some small luxury cars) besides serving well travel needs with the family, they are also beginning to take advantage of the enjoyment elements and thus the technology is installed on higher-end vehicles. In parallel with the cars in the D-segment, the corresponding high-rise cars are called mid-sized SUVs, these mid-sized SUVs have the same feature that is built on the chassis of a pickup. , with a 7-seater design and relatively high ground clearance capable of moving terrain, however usually people choose mid-size SUVs with 1-wheel drive system and lower operating costs and The cost of buying a car will also be lower.

+ The E-segment, including large sedans in the US market or mid-sized luxury sedans, E-segment cars is characterized by the beginning to focus on enjoyment, on the luxury and therefore higher operating costs than the D-segment, as the D-segment still includes a number of affordable cars in Vietnam. In addition to the large sedans in the E-class segment, the high-floor cars also have a corresponding segment which is large SUV, large SUV is rarely seen in Vietnam market because of its huge size. Its common characteristic of large SUVs is that it can accommodate 8 or 7 people in a really comfortable way, equipped with big equipment, engines, costly to operate.

Top 05 Steps for Choosing a Preferred Model 3

+ F-segment, these are large luxury sedans, where the luxury automakers focus on the entire elite, focusing all their technology on so the operating costs in this segment are high. compared to the E-segment segment.

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Step 03: Popular car designs: In Vietnam, there are 5 popular car designs

+ Sedan car styling: a Sedan usually has a 3-box design: engine drilling, passenger drilling and rear luggage drilling are completely independent of each other; Sedans usually have 4-door designs; Inside the drill, there is usually space for 4 or 5 people. Conventional sedans have the advantage of being more luxurious compared to other car models, but the inside of the vehicle will be suitable for personal use or for a small family. people sitting.

Top 05 Steps for Selecting a Car Model 4

+ Hatchback styling (folk name called tail-tail design) for the reason that the hood extends all the luggage to the outer edge of the tail and the passenger drill is connected to the luggage drill in The rear has a more spacious internal space, which is suitable for operating, carrying many people, and carrying belongings while the Sedan is more focused on the purpose of personal service.

+ Crossover car styling: this is a term that many people will confuse with the term SUV, the cars are built on a monolithic chassis and in addition to being able to operate somewhat on bad roads. capable of going on the terrain, the Crossovers are more oriented than moving in urban areas with good ground clearance and turning radius is not too big as true SUVs.

+ SUV designs: SUVs are different from Crossovers in that they are built on the removable chassis of pickups, besides SUVs are also more oriented towards terrain. with large ground clearance and equipped with 4-wheel drive system part time, not all-wheel drive as the popular Crossover models.

Top 5 Steps for Choosing a Preferred Model 5

+ MPV design can be understood as light trucks for carrying people, the common feature of this vehicle is that it has a high ceiling, the interior design is usually for 7 people and the seat has flexible arrangement for you to have the option of carrying people or carrying goods.

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Step 4: Select specific models: you can also consult the user of the car you are interested in, thanks to social networks, we now have a lot of user clubs on Facebook. It is possible to refer to very authentic factors related to common diseases or operating costs or to compare other models in the same segment. Besides, the Youtube channel of vehicle reviews is also a source to help you get very specific references about the vehicle's performance.

Top 05 Steps for Selecting a Car Model 6

Step 5. Choosing a dealer: in Vietnam, the price of the car is published on the website of the car manufacturer, which is not the final sale price because of the reason that dealers will have separate incentives for each model then the price of the car will also depend a lot on other factors of the dealer, such as investment level, after-sales regime, etc. If you search carefully between dealers to find the most suitable price for you, it is possible that you will find a dealer that is not really near your home but has a better price.

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