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Top 04 Things Not To Do With Floor Cars

Many people will think that now, no one uses the floor anymore, so it is not necessary to know what to avoid when using a manual transmission, but actually, you still have the ability to borrow a car. the floor of an acquaintance or relative on a certain occasion or if you rent a car to drive the manual for example, the things to avoid will help you avoid the nuisance.

Top 04 Things Must Not Do With Floor Cars 1

Top 01: Do not keep your foot on the taper table continuously

This action you think is harmless but when you put your foot on the clutch, the weight of its foot has already impacted on the clutch and it causes the clutch and flywheel inside the clutch it has. gap, and when there is a gap, it will friction with each other, and from that friction it will cause wear. The clutch is for a long time, the clutch is not worn when the clutch and flywheel are tightly attached, they are pressed together and they spin at the same speed. When you learn to drive, the possibility of being the guide will tell you to leave your left foot on the conical table for safety, but in reality, you only need to use the clutch when you touch it. The shifter is finished, the rest is ACC. You put your foot on the clutch to make the clutch wear out quickly.

Top 4 Things Mustn't Do With Floor Cars 2

Top 02: Do not stop the car with a stick on the ignition

When you are on the slope and you brake with the clutch, it will wear the clutch very quickly, when the flywheel continuously rotates and you stop the clutch, it has an opening and it constantly wears the clutch. and that is the fastest way to ruin a clutch of a manual transmission. So when you stop across the slope, you just need to pull the handbrake and then want to start, just enter the gear and release the clutch slowly until the time of catching the number, the car vibrates, then you add a piece of gas and release taper it slowly, it will only get on, it is very simple, you just need to practice this technique about 10-20 times to get used to it.

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Top 03: Do not hold your hand on the gear lever

You should not think that the gear lever is a place for you to raise your hands because there is a picker in the gearbox, when you put your hand on the gear lever, you might accidentally make the handle. This number touches the gears in the gearbox and it will erode the gear assembly details.

Top 04 Things Mustn't Do With Floor Cars 3

Top 04: Do not be countless, pedal when stopping red lights

because of this constant tapering action it will make the bearing pressed inside the clutch work and it will also be more susceptible to wear of this part. When you stop the red light, you only need to change the mode number and release the clutch, your right foot will hold the brake pedal.

When you avoid this bad habit, it will make your car more durable.

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