Summary of Notes When Using Automatic Transmission

And now Big Thai would like to share with you a button, and a button that many people ask is the gearshift lock button in position P, its name is shift lock button.

What is this button for? This button is for use in case my car runs out of battery, then even if I step on the brake, I can't move this gear lever to position P. Here Thai assumes this situation. And now the key is in the hand and there is no key to the lock. Then I was sitting in the Camri.

Summary of Notes When Using Automatic Transmission 6

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In case my car runs out of battery, it's like if Thai didn't turn on the switch, even if I stepped on the brake, I wouldn't be able to move the gear lever out of the P position. Do you see? And the peculiarity of the automatic transmission is that when the gear lever is in position P, it will lock the two active wheels. So even if I release the handbrake, I can't move the car. The situation is assuming my car is parked here with a full tank and behind it blocks a number of cars that people want to get out. Am I parked in the parking lot? If people want to get out, what should they do? Do people wait for their car to have the power back on and then have the battery back to get out? Then in a situation like this, I have to have some way to move my car. I pushed my car aside to avoid obstructing other people. So any automatic transmission must have this mechanical lock button or this shift lock button. In those situations I push it down and I move the gear lever.

Summary of Notes When Using Automatic Transmission 7

Please see! Press to the N position. And now we move the gear lever to the correct position N and then it will no longer lock the 2 active wheels. We release the handbrake we have to move to let the car go elsewhere as we please. The type of shift lock button that Thai recently shared with you on the 2008 Camry and some automatic transmission models from 1 and earlier that you often ask. Currently, the shift lock button does not protrude like this. Big Thai will continue to share with you.

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And now Big Thai will share with you the most popular form of shift lock button today on new cars like the Vios car that is on the showroom here. Similar to the last case. Now we can't move the gear lever because we assume the car is out of battery and won't turn on the key right? The current shift lock button on new cars makes it more charming. It's down and it's not pressed. This case is rarely used, so in case of need, we use it by having a screw or a sharp object equivalent to this screw. And carefully we wrap the end of the tape over the screw like Big Thai is doing here. To prevent scratches. Here. Lift it up. Very simple.

Do you see? This is its cover. We pry the cover up and stick this screw in this hole and push it down. Do you see? And press this down and then we stop moving the gear lever to N. Remember to go to N guys. There. Do you find it simple? And after we move the car away we return it and we push the lid back.

Summary of Notes When Using Automatic Transmission 8

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Speaking of this shift lock button, I repeat to you guys, this shift lock button is always in case the car I need can't run and have to pull the car, I bring it to N to pull the car. And also by the way, when talking about towing, pulling an automatic car is different from pulling a manual car, but you should note 1 of the following 4 solutions:

  1. The best way is to call an ambulance and bring your car to the dealer.
  2. The second way, you pull the car, but ask the rescuers to bring a special rescue base for towed vehicles as shown in the picture. That is, they put their car on that base. That base it has 2 wheels that land and they pull away, the wheel itself does not have any wheels to roll along.
  3. Some rescuers don't use this stand, but since they're quite professional, I know how to observe. They will only put 2 passive wheels on the ground, and 2 active wheels, it will still be hooked up. Thus, the drive wheel does not rotate, so it will not transmit the traction back to the gearbox and do not affect the gearbox. You see the picture, you will see that there is a car that pulls the front 2 wheels, and the rear car turns to the opposite direction and pulls the 2 rear wheels because the 2 wheels that are pulled are 2 active wheels.
  4. And finally in the case that I can't find the 3 options above. Forced to drag his car, ie his 4 wheels landed and was pulled by another car, in this case I brought it to N. And with automatic transmission cars, you should remember the speed limit Running speed should not exceed 1km/h. Remember not to exceed 50km/h. Because if you drag like that, the wheels will turn and it will transmit the rotation back to the gearbox. And the gearbox at this time does not start the engine and does not work, so there is no lubricating oil, so if running at high speed, it will burn the father and damage the automatic transmission of his car.

Summary of Notes When Using Automatic Transmission 9

And now are some common notes encountered by first-time automatic transmission users. For example, the engine cannot, the engine does not explode or the key cannot be removed with an automatic transmission car. Although it's not bad at all. The first mistake is that the key cannot be removed. Suppose Big Thai just drove home and parked one car and turned off the key and couldn't get the key out. If you take out the key, you can't open it. Completely non-retractable. When you encounter this situation. You look down and look down at the Thai dial to see where it is. And it's clear that the digital hand is in position D. Is that right guys. Because it is located in position D, you cannot remove the key.

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When you encounter this situation, you do not have to worry or have to call for help to pull the car back. Many people think their car is broken. You observe the gear lever before Thai. And return to P position and remove the key. Do you find it simple? And now Big Thai would like to simulate the situation that he just pulled over to a gas station. Turn off the engine, step out of the car to get gas and go up. Machine thread. Still can't win. In this case, you continue to look down at the gear lever. Well, our gear lever is located at position D. Position D is the position with the number. Therefore, if we can start the machine, it will be dangerous, right? That's the designer's rule. That's why it is not possible to start the machine.

Thus, we draw one thing that in the case that if the gear lever is in the positions with the correct number, we cannot start the machine such as position D, position M, position R. Question The question is, there are a few positions where we can place the machine. The answer is we have 1 positions. 2 is that we leave it at position P ie the bean position. 1 is the N. Ok position. As you know, we leave it in position N, position P is 2 positions we can start the machine. However, quiz you guys, do we have to step on the brake? The answer is that with an automatic transmission car with a mechanical key, we do not need to step on the brake. As long as the gear lever is in position P and position N, we can start the machine. However, the usual Thai operation, every time you climb into an automatic car, you will step on the engine brake countless times. That is a habit. This is a good habit. Because there are some customers because of this habit, when they buy a car, they return. A customer asked me if this car has something wrong, but I can't brake but I can still start the engine. Thought the car was faulty.

Summary of Notes When Using Automatic Transmission 10

As for smart key cars, automatic transmissions and smart keys, you have to step on the brake to start the engine. One more tip for you guys. Hope this clip also shares some small things with you. Thank you for supporting the big Thai channel during the past time. In case you have a need to buy a car, please contact the big Thai sales manager Toyota Asta Fukushima. Hello and see you again.

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