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Find out quickly "hot goods" Honda Accord cost more than 1.3 billion at VMS

Find out quickly "hot goods" priced at more than 1.3 billion at VMS


Hello next to me this is a very traditional but also very attractive Sedan. Sedan is a bit entrepreneurial. We are now accustomed to high-rooftop cars that overwhelm sales of low-ground cars like this.

Confident people are still choosing a Sedan, the ones they love the feeling of driving and want to have a little entrepreneurial image. They are having the tenth generation of a line that can be said to be Honda's traditional line of cars, which is about 43 years old. This is a line of cars with the highest age in history of Honda after Civic. 


The tenth generation Accord has a lot of changes, especially in the capo. We do not need mechanical struts anymore. Under the capo is the familiar engine block, which is still the horizontal layout of the cylinder block, if anyone observant can realize this is exactly the engine block of Honda CRV 1.5 liter, increased technology pressure.

With turbocharged technology, only 1.5 liters of capacity is burned, this Accord will produce 188 horsepower and 260 Nm at very low revs from 1600 rpm. The advantages of the turbocharged engine block are low revs but can reach high torque equivalent to or better than the naturally aspirated 2.4 or 2.5 liter engine blocks. 

We have an engine made entirely from aluminum alloy, from the lid to the body and made from aluminum alloy like this, which is lighter in weight and makes the engine operate less noise. Such an engine block compared to non-turbocharged engines, the main competitor of the Accord is the Toyota Camry, obviously the acceleration and the sensitivity of the accelerator will be different from the Camry.

The 1.5-liter engine block, unfortunately, is provided by Honda Vietnam to select the Honda Accord's 2.0-liter engine block in foreign markets. If the engine is applied, the car can achieve 252 horsepower equivalent to a Merc E300 AMG or BMW A30i, equivalent to a luxury car that costs twice more expensive, too great. With a price of just over 1.3 billion, a bit more expensive than the opponent, maybe we will agree with this 1.5-liter engine block it will save more gasoline, suitable for the segment is still a bit popular than the German cars of the Accord.


It can be seen that the head of the car is very sharp and that point is done on this light, the typical Honda light is divided into many arrays, full led. The wing of this Honda stretches, connected to the lamp cluster with great beautiful design.

The design of the Honda Accord is not only beautiful and edgy, but also optimized aerodynamics. At the bottom we have the undercarriage parts made like a luxury car. Such design will increase the aerodynamics of the car up 10% better than the previous generation. The car can accelerate better and save more fuel. 

The fan-shaped lazang, different from the Accord's lazang wheels, is on sale in Europe or America. Very nice design, the car is arranged relatively fine tire, tire size is 235 is also better than rival Camry. 


The mirror is also made with a bit aerodynamic design, tapered than the mirror of the Camry. The door handle has a sensor and no longer has a black button, creating a more luxurious car. 

The body has a rather special detail, which is a fastback design like the Audi A7, which gives the feeling that this is a 4-door coupe rather than a traditional 3-chamber Sedan.

The rear end has very nice led strip. The boot has a capacity of about 473 liters, we can fit a long set of golf clubs here, we also have enough spare tire. Think of a Sedan that can hold a weekend golf kit to hang out with, and the storage space is so good. 


The interior of a D-class car is incomparable in terms of headroom. The reclining seat is great. In terms of area, the Honda Accord is not inferior to the Camry, but the Camry has a dashboard in the armrest that looks more classy.

Anyway, the Accord is a car that emphasizes steering more than the Camry, the Accord that the main position to experience the car is ahead. We have two relatively stable USB ports and the air-conditioning system can also adjust two directions, basically having all the features you need. 


With the front seats, the first improvement we observed was the thin A column Much more than the 9th generation Accord, this A column is thinner than 20%. Column A is a bearing element, so reducing 20% area is very good for the viewing angle here better than the previous generation. The sunroof above is also quite good, the Accord's opponent for the first time has a sunroof and the same size. The center console can be called the smoothest infotainment screen of Honda I've ever experienced, the interface is easy to get used to.

Air vents are designed quite well, nothing special. As we know even Honda's low-priced cars have moved to the dashboard here with an electronic control display that with the Accord the car is still more expensive and a bit more oriented than City. or Civic, we have mechanical buttons here. There is no wireless charging here and it still has to be mechanically charged, the charging port is okay but we have a pretty deep drawer that can hold a few phones or wallets. 

A good point of the Accord compared to the previous version is that we have eco mode to save fuel and sport mode. When switching to Sport mode, the ECO mode is a different instrument panel that combines mechanical hold and an LCD screen full of sport mode, looking at the LED strip around can be changed, very beautiful. 


The feeling of holding the steering wheel is like a BMW, the thickness from the rim of the steering wheel, the position of 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock is very good, fits in the hand, using the best leather in this car, the steering is better than Camry even the watch behind the steering wheel, the infotainment screen, even the fake wood-paneled look looks better than the Camry.

We also have electronic handbrake, the brake holding mode, which is generally very complete. Spending more than 1.3 billion to buy this car must be worthy of the small experiences here, from the subtlety, the engine block to the small equipment such as reading LEDs to The sunroof, all of which outperforms all vehicles in the D-segment.

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