+ Do not change lanes when seeing a solid line

+ Projectors should be turned on when circulating into the tunnel

+ Keep a distance of 30m to other vehicles

+ The maximum speed is 60km / h, at least 30km / h, not too slow

+ When driving in a dark tunnel and preparing to leave the tunnel with a light, the blink of an eye blink so that the eyes can be adjusted

+ Note that after the tunnel is over, turn off the lights

+ If there is no other vehicle nearby and want to change lanes, flash the turn signals to the lane to change lanes if the line is broken.

+ The higher the circulation, the higher the number used to enter the clutch


+ Note the road with many bends is very easy to lose the steering wheel and run in the wrong lane, so there will be arranged rough segments on the road to easily identify if running in the wrong lane, if accidentally encroaching into another lane will collision with these rough layout segments on the road and cause the vehicle to move in a slight state of jiggling, at that time, it is a sign of recognition that it is encroaching on another lane to promptly adjust the steering wheel.

+ Being on the road if seeing traffic signs on the running road, this is the part of the road not allowed to run in, at this time please turn around and continue to circulate.

+ In circulation, if you want to cheap left, turn the turn signal into the left lane then cheap left

+ Traffic into small alley should keep car number 2, if it is a large alley, you can use number 3

+ If traveling in a T-lane, it is necessary to put the car's head diagonally in the direction of the body of the T, not straight to the front of the vehicle 90 degrees to the body of the T, so it is difficult to handle for other vehicles that are circulating on the body T and endanger yourself and uncomfortable feeling for people in the car

+ Limiting running into the truck lane, to avoid unwanted collisions because trucks often run 1 lane and run quite fast

+ If running into small roads, you can use the tips to encroach one third of the lane to circulate and pay attention to ahead to avoid danger, the purpose of this tip is to leave a space inside the lane unless there is reckless motorbikes still have some distance in the lane to avoid danger

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+ Gathering at intersections and crossroads because it is often here to draw solid lines, at these locations, you must keep the lane stable, only be flexible when the line is broken.

+ Pay attention to road signs and bad roads when passing traffic, the horns of rudimentary vehicles should be honed if they want to pass these vehicles because they often do not have a rearview mirror and are rugged. the rear of the vehicle makes it difficult to observe the rear so that the baby can avoid danger.

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+ In case of traffic when there is fog, in the rain, at this time the visibility of the driver is less than normal, braking is not as sensitive as in normal weather because of the flow of engine oil when it rains. Because it rains, the motorcycles can run quickly and recklessly so they need to control the car at a slow speed so that it is easy to observe and can win in time to avoid dangerous situations.

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+ You can turn on the light when it rains so that the car in front of you can easily see

+ Pay attention to bends and where there are many vehicles

+ To save gasoline, you can brake the car slowly from afar when you see a traffic light

+ Note when passing another vehicle to keep a distance and then re-drive, not be allowed to drive in front of the vehicle immediately

+ When a car pulls a horn from behind, it can be given to the vehicle to pass, it should not be given if the vehicle is in a group because it may be driven out of the curb.

+ Should perform the operations slowly, avoid doing one turn will cause confusion when traveling on the highway.

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