+ Do not change lanes when you see a solid line

+ Must turn on low beam lights when entering the tunnel

+ Keep a distance of 30m from other vehicles

+ Maximum speed is 60km per hour, minimum is 30km per hour, must not be too slow

+ While driving in a dark tunnel and preparing to get out of the tunnel with light, blink to adjust your eyes

+ Note that when the tunnel is over, the lights can be turned off

+ If there are no other vehicles nearby, if you want to change lanes, flash your turn signal through the empty lane to change lanes if the road markings are broken.

+ When driving, the higher the gear, the faster the clutch


+ Pay attention to the road with many bends, it is easy to lose the steering wheel and run in the wrong lane, so there will be rough segments on the road to easily recognize if you run in the wrong lane, if you miss another lane, you will collide with these rough segments on the road and cause the vehicle to move in a slight bend, then it is a sign of entering another lane to promptly adjust the steering wheel.

+ While traveling on the road, if you see a sign of traffic on the running road, this is a section of the road that cannot be entered, at this time, please turn the signal to change lanes and continue to circulate.

+ In traffic, if you want to go left, turn to the left lane and then turn left

+ If you are entering a small alley, you should leave car number 2, if it is a large alley, you can use number 3

+ If traveling in a T-shaped alley, the front of the vehicle must be tilted in the direction of the T-shaped body, not 90 degrees straight to the T-body, so it is very difficult to handle for other vehicles traveling on the T-shaped body. T and cause danger to yourself and uncomfortable feelings for the occupants

+ Limit running into the truck lane, to avoid unwanted collision because the truck usually runs in 1 lane and runs quite fast

+ If running into small roads, you can use the trick to encroach on one-third of the lane for traffic and pay attention to look ahead to avoid danger, the purpose of this trick is to leave a space in the lane unless there is an accident. If a motorbike passes recklessly, there is still space in the lane to avoid danger

Additional Road Drivers

+ Concentrate at the ends of forks and intersections because often here, a solid line is often drawn, at these positions, the lane must be kept stable, only being flexible when the border is broken.

+ Pay attention to roadside signs and bad roads when traveling, need to sound the horn for rough vehicles if you want to pass these vehicles because these vehicles often do not have rear-view mirrors and are rough in part. the rear of the car, so it will be difficult to see the rear so that the baby can avoid causing danger.

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+ In case of traffic when there is fog, in the rain, at this time the driver's visibility is worse than usual, the brakes are often not as sensitive as in normal weather because of the flow of engine oil when it rains. , it is raining so motorbikes can run fast and overtake carelessly, so at this time, it is necessary to control the vehicle at a slow speed to easily observe, to be able to brake promptly in case of danger.

Blog Techniques for Driving Properly and Safely

+ Can turn on the lights when it rains so that the car in front is easy to see

+ pay attention to bends and places with many cars coming in and out

+ To save gas, you can brake the car slowly from afar when meeting the traffic light

+ Pay attention when passing another vehicle, you need to keep a distance before re-entering, do not get in front of the vehicle immediately.

+ When a car trumpets from behind, you can give way to that vehicle to pass, you should not give way if the car is in a group because your car may be run off the side of the road.

+ Should perform operations slowly, avoiding making a turn will cause confusion while traveling on the national highway.

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