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Essential equipment, toys for cars, interiors

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Hello everyone, in the last video clip The world has introduced some of the necessary equipment on the outside and today The world will continue to introduce to you some equipment as well as the ones. necessary accessories in the interior part.

Essential equipment, toys for cars, interior 1

The first must-have item when we buy a car is the insulation film, the insulation film works to prevent UV rays and ultraviolet rays of sunlight. The sun shines directly into our eyes, and can be harmful to our health and can be harmful to our skin, if we are moving in the sun and are exposed to it by the sun. If I see it directly, it is very… causing an accident and it causes us to be dazzled, as you can see I have insulated and my sticker is darker than the mirror glass. normally it is a little clearer color, the product it has a lot of brands from the US, South Korea or China typically like the Ba-em or V-cun lines, the price it will range from a few hundred thousand to 1 million, or 1; 2 to 5 million dong when we stick our car depending on whether the model is a 5-seater 4-seater or a 7-seater car.

Essential equipment, toys for cars, interior 2

Also note that when we put insulation film on the front wheel drive, we should choose the color of the insulation film that is clearer than the other five doors, because when we move in At night, when it's too dark, limiting our vision is dangerous. The second accessory that you need to have is that we should insulate on the side of this hood, because this hood is made of steel, it will be very easy to absorb heat. and it is very hot and makes us very and overwhelmed and uncomfortable, and when we do the insulation we need to cover the ceiling like I'm doing here, when we remove all the hoods up here, we should do a combination of both, it will cool us down very well, and as you can see I am covering the ceiling here it is covered with nylon protect the long layer on the hood we will be better and it is more durable, it avoids getting dirty by the children and things that it fins dirty, then the price for both items above it will depend on the size and length of the vehicle, depending on the 5-seat car or 7-seat car, the price ranges from 300; 500 to 700 thousand, next to the position that is most susceptible to the sun's effect is the Taplo position here, then you see, Then bought a tarpaulin, a piece that spread on Taplo to avoid the sun from outside

Essential equipment, toys for cars, interiors 3

And this glass is very hot, and it is easy to damage the skin over here it will be…. time it will burn and it will stink and when we replace it we need to replace the Taplo cluster like this it is very expensive and its cost will increase very high, then So will equip a Taplo camp like this, then this cover you can buy on An Duong Vuong street in District 5 and the price also depends on the ... the version of the car you run, then you go there, you say what car your car belongs to, which version will sell you the right version of that version, about you just spread it out, it is very simple. Next to the floor cover, we should equip…. its main effect is to avoid dust as well as to avoid sprinkling the rim floor coverings and when we wrap this floor we spend 3 to 5 years, it's very durable and these are made of felt, guys You can go to the stores that make sofas or make sofas, they will design and sew for you on the spot, very fast, about 1-2 seconds ... 1-2 hours is finished.

Essential equipment, toys for cars, interior 4

Then you can choose a lot of colors, depending on the satin you make, it has the white, the brown, the black, the color ... So, choosing the black color makes it suitable for the black interior of The World, so that it is more powerful, and the price is about 3 to 500 thousand compared to the 5-seat car of So, then compared to the car 7 where it will be a bit more expensive, next, I want to introduce you to the steering wheel wrap like this ... So people are easy to sweat their hands and So need this steering wheel cover to protect our leather steering wheel will be more durable and it is more, and wrap this steering wheel on the market it is very colorful, there are many sports and it is very beautiful, and the purchase here is about 2… 250 is already usable, it is very durable, so it is the basic equipment that I think is very necessary, must have when we just bought the car, and now it will only you guys have some technological equipment that according to it is really necessary for that, for that, for some people it is not necessary, but according to it is very is necessary.

The first is the dashcam, which is the camera that records the distance in the front of the car and also the rear of the vehicle, and the dashcam also has GPS positioning. this GPS is very nice and when we move, we press the destination and the destination it will tell us the location is very accurate, then you can desire on very Many on the online website, the price ranges from 2 million to 5 million, depending on our needs is whether or not to integrate the reversing camera, have integrated positioning or not, and the brand each The brand has a different price, in the previous clip I introduced you to the little camera. The camera is located under the rearview mirror on the right, and this is the screen that shows that camera. and this camera you will see it gives us a better overview of the position of the driver's right hand, So we can see the wheel rolling over something and touching something So it is a very powerful support tool when So runs into a narrow road or crowded parking lots, the price that you own these items, it ranges from 1 million to 1 and a half million, the screen is big, small, so here on the phone So there's a phone rack like this, it's very handy when we both run and can get it Message or call.

Very suitable for drivers who run Uber, grap but want to make the car booking is very convenient and very easy to use, one more small but very convenient utility is a fragrant bag like This is, The use in here is pure coffee beans and for the market it has a lot of types of aromas or aromas that are all chemicals, so do not use chemicals. It is very harmful to health, and here So using a bag to put coffee beans in it is very fragrant and the properties of coffee have the effect of eliminating the fishy smell. It is very natural and it is very aromatic, naturally fragrant, and very safe for health.

That's just the equipment that So is very necessary, and so when we move safely and bring utility, if you find it useful, please remember to like and subscribe to youtube of CafeAuto follow the link below to get the most useful and useful information about motorbikes in Vietnam, hello and see you again!


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