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Effect Of Answering The Phone While Driving

Effects of Answering the Phone While Driving 1

We all know traffic accidents are the No. 1 killer. According to statistics, nearly 9,000 people died from traffic accidents in our country in 2014. Today we will talk about one of the bad habits when driving. the vehicle that can cause a traffic accident is "HEARING YOUR PHONE IN THE TIME OF DRIVING" which is very dangerous even when you are "Hands-free". So focus entirely on driving while in traffic.

Hand-Free Talk Is Not Safe

What is hands-free calling?

Hands-free calls are phones that use the built-in car control system, use headphones or even external speakers.

Deadly distraction

Up to 90% of traffic accidents occur not due to technical errors, not due to weather conditions but because of ERROR ERROR.

According to statistics, there are: 

+ 9% driver talks on the phone while driving

+ 26% car accident involving the use of mobile phones - including hands-free conversations.

Doing many things at once: It's just a retirement story

+ Focus on driving: The brain can quickly switch between tasks - but can't do two things at the same time.

+ Driving while listening to the phone: The activity of the brain that recognizes motion pictures is reduced by one third when listening to a phone.

+ View area is narrowed when talking on the phone: Drivers can miss up to 50% what happens in front of the windshield when they answer the phone of any kind

Three important things when driving

+ Eyes on the road

+ Hands on the steering wheel

+ The spirit of concentration

When listening to the phone, it is difficult to perform other thinking activities. Both will not work when done at the same time. For example, listening to the phone while reading books will make you have to read them again.

Good Technology Or Bad

A number of recent studies have shown that text input by voice is more distracting than typing by hand.

+ Collision avoidance system, stability control body, GPS are the driver assistance technology

+ The entertainment features on the control panel (talk, text, check mail, social networks) are cturmeric causes distraction

Behind the driver seat: impact of passengers

So is talking to the passenger distracting? The answer is no if the driver is an adult.

Because of:

+ Passengers are like your 2nd eyes

+ They can recognize the traffic is having problems and stop talking

+ Passengers can observe and indicate dangerous places

Now you know what you should and shouldn't do when you drive, right? So please practice seriously to have a safe journey. Do this to keep yourself and your family safe.


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