The first is to fasten the seatbelt and the vehicle used is Ford Ecosports automatic gear to climb up the slope normally leave the D number, in case the ramp is too high or want to pass quickly, remember the rule when using a manual transmission is to number S and then to number.


Many cars will have a gear shift lever on the steering wheel, there will also be a gear shift gear with the plus and minus buttons, there are other automatic cars that are L numbers ... Always be aware of going on steep mountain roads. overtaking.


In case it is really necessary to pass with cars going very slowly, then you should choose a wide empty area and really ensure safety and no spaces and take a look very far ahead after a distance. clear road overtaking the vehicle.

There are also cases of high uphill but heavy loads with experience showing that turn off the air conditioner to open the door slightly down to make sure the inside of the passenger is cool so that when climbing up the slope, there is no need to load additional air conditioners, for now the vehicle goes uphill slightly and is safer and stay in the right lane with limited crossing.


Except when entering corners, it is necessary to open the steering angle wider so that it is easier to observe when the corner is completed to re-enter the lane and when crossing the line, it will also be encroached when the broken line. When going uphill or mountain pass, there is a limit to following for many reasons:

  1. Maybe the front car brakes quickly, but the car is on a steep climb, hitting the rear of the car ahead.
  2. The car ahead of the engine is drifted off, we will not handle it and crashed into.

Therefore, always keeping a safe distance or farther away from a safe distance if we do that we will avoid the situation of emergency braking because if the brakes are urgent, the cars behind the handle will not be able to hit the tail in time. my car.

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There is a mnemonic that do not turn off the engine and drift down the slope because there are people who go to N. Turning off the drifting device, saving fuel is a fatal mistake and there are tragic accidents caused by unable to handle the situation in time. Because when turning off the steering wheel, the steering wheel will not turn, the brake will be only a few times and hardened, and then we have to use the parking brake, the folding brake below will hit the rear of our vehicle.

Also do not put N gear on, turn on the engine and let the small number go downhill or go up any number of downhill then do not let the big number go down quickly, it is also very dangerous because fast drifting is required to use the brake so many times Very hot will easily happen the situation of braking, braking and if the brakes are lost, it will be in a dangerous situation for small manual transmission vehicles quite easily.


Thematic Proper Driving Techniques Safety Rules

As for automatic cars, you must return to the F gear with the number 1 gear or the plus or minus button on the steering wheel or gear lever, at this time you can brake when necessary but to brake your gearbox, never Now go fast or join each other.

There are people who wonder when going downhill for a small number, the revs will be very large, the roar will have an effect on the machine, otherwise it will not affect anything but it will bring safety for yourself and the engine noise will follow. reason must be roared because it is coming down very fast and the engine has braked and pulled the car backwards so the revs are forced to release the brake slowly, step on the brake when necessary never go fast and step on the brake continuously.

If you have to stop when going downhill or downhill, choose the roads with a clear view of the front and rear and pull over slowly, now go to P and pull the brake and turn on the rescue light. .

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One of the actions of experienced riders is to find stones or bricks to insert the wheel so that in case the brake is broken or the number of P is broken, it will prevent the car from drifting. And if you want to turn, also find the parts that are really safe ahead, behind very far to be visible, no vehicles rushed and turn signals on the number immediately turned, not turning or stopping on the segment has a blind curve so it is very dangerous to cause accidents by other vehicles because of downhill at high speed or on an uphill step to accelerate the engine. 

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