Welcome to Lotus Academy. Today in the driver training and testing program, whether you have passed or performed a driving job, you should know some catalogs. We will introduce through pictures and meanings of those cagtalo. According to statistics, about half (48%) of the drivers interviewed did not even recognize the brake light and more than a third (35%) could not understand the airbag warning, of which 27% mistook it as a warning. seat belt. So be the smart car user to diagnose the disease for your car you are using to know how to fix it in time.



So these are the symbols, then you look at the number 1 symbol that is the front fog lamp, the second lamp is the electric power warning light, the number 3 is the rear fog light, it is the opposite of No. 1, number 4 is the warning of low glass washing water, number 5 is the brake pads warning light, number 6 is the journey warning, number 7 turn warning lights, number 8 touch sensor rain and light, number 9 is winter driving mode warning light, number 10 is information warning light, number 11 is spark plug, diesel oil warning light, number 12 is fog warning light, 13 is an electric shock warning light lock key, number 14 is a key warning light is not in, 15 remote control lock warning lights are about to run out of battery, 16 distance warning lights.

 ON-SIGNAL LIGHTS 217 is the clutch pedal warning light, 18 is the brake pedal warning light, 19 is the steering wheel lock warning light, the 20-phase warning light is on, 21 is the low tire pressure warning light, 22 is the warning light turn signal information, 23 is a low fault warning light, 24 is a brake light, 25 is a diesel filter warning light, 26 is a pull-light warning light, 27 is a hang-light warning light, 28 is a lane departure warning lamp, 29 is a catalytic converter error warning lamp, 30 is a non-seatbelt warning light, this is frequently seen, 31 is a non-parking warning light, 32 is a battery exhaust warning light, an electrical fault, 33 is a parking assistance light, 34 is a car maintenance light, 35 is an adaptive lighting indicator, 36 a warning lamp adjusts the cospha, 37 indicators for the rear wing, 38 for the hood of a convertible, 39 for the airbag, you observe the 40 for the parking brake, 41 for the water in the fuel filter, 42 airbag off warning lights, 43 car error lights, 44 indicator light turns on CO led, 45 lights indicate dirty air filter, 46 drive mode indicator lights, 47 turn on system assist downhill, 48 temperature warning lights, 49 error warning lights brakes, antifreeze, 50 fuel filter warning lights, 51 open car door lights, this is very common or has not closed yet, 52 is an open bonnet lamp, 53 is a warning light that is about to run out fuel, 54 is an automatic gearbox error indicator, 55 is a speed limit indicator, 56 is a shock absorber, 57 is a low oil pressure indicator, 58 is a defrost indicator on the windshield, 59 car boot indicator, 60 is the light off electronic balance system, 61 is the rain sensor, 62 is the engine warning light, 63 is the melting warning light on the rear window, 64 lights auto windshield wipers.

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So we know all the lights, or when in traffic you remember or review the video so we can remember with certainty and clearly we timely manipulate. Warnings about closing or running out of oil or other vehicles, slippery roads or common warnings compel us to remember, and especially for those who are involved in the traffic, we should handle them promptly and safely. while driving. As for the driving test, then you know to take the exam, some of the signals are in the theory part when we learn at 450 questions in the B1, B2, C exams, we all meet this sign. , very attentive.

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