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New Vehicle Driver's License - Lost, Damaged Vehicle (with & without original documents)

Driver's License Lost, Damaged, Wet - WHAT TO DO?

Fees How to apply for a lost driver's license?

Procedures for re-issuance of driver's license when with & without original records ?

Depending on the specific case, the missing person can refer to the terms driver's license to carry out the re-issuance procedure as follows:

New Vehicle Driver's License - Lost, Damaged Vehicle (with & without original documents) 1

1. In case the driver license is expired (expired):

a) Past 03 months to less than 01 year, from the expiry date, the theory test must be re-tested to re-issue driving licenses;

b) After 01 year or more, from the expiry date, both theory and practice tests must be re-issued to re-issue driving licenses.

Cost Reissue or Change Of Driver's License

Motorbike: Only 650,000 VND

Car: Only 850,000 VND

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The Center is very pleased to serve you.

The application for re-issuance includes:

- An application for replacement or re-issuance of a driving license, made according to a set form;

- The original of the original file, suitable to the driver's license (if any);

- A health certificate issued by a competent health facility as prescribed.

When you submit the driver license re-filing dossier, bring your identity card for comparison.


New Vehicle Driver License - Motorbike Lost, Damaged (with & without original documents) 2
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New Vehicle Driver License - Motorbike Lost, Damaged (with & without original documents) 3

2. Cases of Losing a Driving License:

a) The driver's license is lost for the first time, still in use period or less than 03 months in use, there is no original dossier and its name is in the records of the agency in charge of testing. rescue of violations of drivers in the national unified driving license management database, if detecting being seized and handled by competent agencies, after 2 months from the date of submitting complete dossiers As prescribed, the driver license will be reissued.

b) The driver's license is lost for the first time, the expiry date is from 03 months to less than 01 year, and the original file is available when looking up the driver's violation in the License Management Database If a driver unifies the whole country, if he / she fails to detect that he is being seized by competent agencies, after 2 months from the date of submitting the complete dossier as prescribed, he / she must retest the theory to re-issue a driving license. .

c) The driver's license is lost for the first time, the expiry date is from 03 months to less than 01 year, there are no original records, whose names are in the records of the agency in charge of testing, when searching vi breach of the driver in the national unified driving license management database, if it is not detected that it is being seized and handled by competent agencies, after 2 months from the date of submitting complete and valid dossiers. As prescribed, the theory test must be re-tested to re-issue a driving license.

d) The driver's license is lost for the first time, expired for more than 01 year, the original record or no original record is included in the examination management agency's dossier. search for violations of drivers in the nationwide unified driving license management database, if failing to detect, being seized and handled by competent agencies, after 2 months from the date of full payment The required documents must be tested in both theory and practice to reissue driving licenses.

d) The driver's license is lost for the second time within 02 years from the date of re-issuance of the lost driver license for the first time, if he / she is on the records of the agency managing the examination, when searching rescue of violations of drivers in the nationwide unified driving license management database, without detecting being seized and handled by competent agencies, after 2 months from the date of submitting complete dossiers legally required, retest the theory to reissue driving license.

e) The driver's license is lost for the third time or more within 02 years from the date of re-issue of the driver's license is lost for the second time, if it is in the records of the agency managing the test , when searching for violations of drivers in the nationwide unified driving license management database, without detecting being seized and handled by competent agencies, after 2 months from the date of submission With all required documents, both theory and practice tests must be re-granted to re-issue driving licenses.

3. Cases of Lost Original Records:

The driver's license is still valid, but there is no original record, the name is in the records of the agency in charge of testing, if there is a need to restore the original file.

The dossier is made by the driver in 01 set and sent directly at Vietnam Road Administration or Department of Transport (where multiple driver licenses are granted), including:

a) An application for replacement or reissuance of a driver license or license according to the form in Annex 29 of this Circular;

b) A copy of driving license and identity card.

The driving license-issuing agency shall check, confirm and affix the seal, clearly stating: the number and grade of issued driver license, the date of testing (if any) and the name of the training establishment (if any) in the upper corner. The application for renewal or re-issuance of driving licenses must be submitted and returned to the drivers for self-preservation in order to replace the original dossiers.

The date of successful admission is shown on the back of the reissued (restored) driving license, calculated according to the date of admission of the old driving license. The time for re-issuance of driving licenses is the same as for new ones. When re-issuing a driver's license, the driver licensing agency must cut the corner of the old driver's license (if any).

Check the fees and how to reissue your driver license HERE

New Vehicle Driver License - Motorbike Lost, Damaged (with & without original documents) 4
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 Opinion Of Customers Regarding The New License Issuing Service Lost In Dong Tam

Nguyen Dang Huyen

New Vehicle Driver License - Motorbike Lost, Damaged (with & without original documents) 5

I took the exam in Phu Tho in 2004 and got my driver's license in Phu Tho, then I changed with a plastic card (PET) when I went to Saigon and lost it. Then I contacted the Dong Tam center - website: Truongdaotaolaixehcm.com then it is known that the center has a service to re-issue plastic driver's license to people in the province like me without having to return to Phu Tho. Service very fast, prestigious and punctual. After 3 months, I got it with a new plastic PET card (PET) in my hand. I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues in the company to take a driver's license or other driver's license loss cases.

Thank you very much the center

Mr. Tran Quang Vinh Hai

New Vehicle Driver License - Motorbike Lost, Damaged (with & without original documents) 6

My driver's license was lost with the wallet, so I also lost my ID card, thinking that I would not be able to do it again because without my ID card, but after careful consultation, I was told that if I only need a passport (passport) can be redone. Only after coming to the center and taking photos at the Department of Transport and Public Works did I have an appointment in hand and after 70 days I had a driver's license.

The service of Dong Tam center is quite good so I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

Newsletter: Buying a driver's license, fake cars: lost money - disability.

Watch the Video below to understand the dangers of using fake driver license services, buying and selling fake driver's licenses.

Watch the Video below to understand the dangers of using fake driver license services, buying and selling fake driver's licenses.

Subtitles for those who do not hear the video of the news of fake driver's license or motorbike purchase: Money lost - Tu Mang Mang

Crazy cars, the culprits of continuous accidents on the streets, they still appear on the road suddenly and leave unpredictable disasters, every day their hours sprouts still exist, still victims. cause can be anyone.

We often jokingly say that the road is the most feared for farming, but today the biggest obsession must be something called crazy cars, because with crazy cars, anyone can become a victim. By the way, it leaves no one, whether we're in traffic or even just sitting on the sidewalk café. The fire from crazy cars did not fall from the sky, it originated from the right and the right people ... allowed by law to control the car, a license is sufficient to reflect the level and skill. driving skills of each person or not? This is the question that we are going to find some answers this afternoon, and I'm Ngoc Trinh of 24h movement. Ladies and gentlemen, a week ago, a crazy car took the life of an old man and an infant in Dak Lak and this terrified society, which is worth mentioning. This female accident cause has just received a driver's license for a week.

This is the scene of a crash caused by a crazy car on the afternoon of October 20 in the market town of Ea rang - District Ea H'eo - Dak Lak Province, the car causing an accident only dented slightly but it has claimed the life of an old lady and a baby who is just over three months old, eight others are still injured. cure run. Ms. Nguyen Thi Lai from Ea H'eo District - Dak Lak Province was interviewed: “This accident was too pitiful for the child and the old lady, who crashed into people's cars, it struck people like so, I feel so guilty, too pathetic cry ". The initial results of the investigation agency showed that this accident was due to driver Luu Thi Thanh Tuyen awkwardly pedaling the accelerator pedal instead of the brake pedal when avoiding motorcycles in the opposite direction, the car 7 Tuyen's place, therefore, lost control and went to the pavement on consecutive pedestrians and many motorbikes nearby. It is worth noting that Tuyen had only received a B2 driving license one week before, the owner of the car, Luu Thi Thanh Tuyen, who was involved in a continuous accident, was interviewed: , when driving a car, there is a situation that should not be handled promptly. ” Lt. Col. Dinh Ngoc Xunh, captain of CA traffic police team, Ea H'eo district, was interviewed: “The last serious traffic accident was caused by a female driver, the first one was just tested and issuing a driver's license, the second is not controlling the driver, which leads to the fact that driving a vehicle causes an accident ”.

The accident not only caused serious injuries to the families of the victims, but also caused the people at Ea Rang market now to escape the obsession of traveling and trading on both sides of the road, because it is clear if Only one more young driver appeared like in the last accident, death can call anyone's name at any time. Ladies and gentlemen, when you hold a driver's license like this This means that you have been granted two things: First, you are legally allowed to operate a vehicle on the road because you are eligible for both driver health and ants. We are aware of traffic laws, but the fact that the truth is not so, join us in a driving test. Negative in the driver's license test has been and still exists in Vietnam, although most of the candidates spend quite a lot of time reviewing for the test, but it is not difficult to encounter unrealistic cases. The seriousness of this exam.

"Let me ask: How many sentences is the theory?

Reply: Minimum must be 26 sentences

Ask: Good job, remember all?

Reply: Remember how. There is a support person. ”

This confidence is partly due to the fact that these people had to pay an advance called a non-slip fee.

"Ask: Did people mention in the examination room?

Reply: If there is anti-slip, there is a prompt. Anti-skid then 2 million. They already made it and I just hit enter. ”

In case of necessity, it is also easy to receive outside support.

"Ask: Please write me the number of the box you want to know the support line ... Leave a message. For example, sit number 20, 30, 32, 34 message to this machine of yours ”

Too busy three times but still skating candidates choose quite ancient methods is to use buoys.

"Candidates confided: I'm the 4th this time, so I have to make a photo.

Ask: But cheating is a bit risky.

Reply: risk, bro. I don't know anything. ”

Even if the practice exam seems to be difficult to interfere with, the candidate does not need to be too worried.

"Candidates confided: If you go to get used to a certain car and ask the teacher to book it, there will be only VND 200,000, but if you are not used to booking it, I will pay VND 500,000. ”

And if you have difficulty on the screen, just connect the phone directly to a mobile switchboard a few hundred meters away.

"Telephone exchange: Drive out freely ... Watch out for the red light ... "

When looking at the negative at this exam school is probably no different from a comedy, and if there is no problem these fraudulent students will get a driver's license so that when they go on the street they create another screen. another tragedy. Tragedy ... tragedy is that license, knowledge of fraudsters is certainly fake, but the accident is certainly true, perhaps the students who cheated as mentioned in the report also have not received. be aware of this, and the problem here is that we don't want to blame all the contestants completely, because these contestants are the victims themselves, and all they They want to get a driver's license to ride on the road, and sometimes a piece of rice. and of course these contestants never anticipated or thought that they would cause an accident ... I want to mention here at the moment that these are the people who hold the balance, the supervisors, because if If there is no brackets here, it is certainly difficult to cheat, there is an information we want to share with you that only a few days ago, the police of Thua Thien Hue discovered that there were 15 churches. the driver's vocational training center is called Tam An. The center uses fake pedagogical certificates and this number accounts for half of the teachers here.

And, of course, the fact that the bad teachers get into this center is because the landmark told the admissions officers and other teachers of the same center, and according to the police department's initial investigation is one thing that we cannot be assured of knowing the truth of a vocational training center called Tam An, and now for many people the degree is not a measure of ability, it is something to they deal with the law, and now, let's the audience with the 24-hour motion, see who are the drivers on the road, how are they aware of the law? first; 2; 3 ten different designs, ten different ego but the same thing in common, do not master the traffic rules when driving. With four very basic questions drawn in a traffic knowledge test for cars, but asking about the allowed alcohol content when driving a car or like a vehicle that is run in a densely populated area with 40 km per hour speed and the rules give way when participating in traffic, but 100% driver's number was asked no one answered the whole thing correctly.

Driver 1 was interviewed: "It's been a long time,"

Driver 2 was interviewed: "A little hard to understand, please."

Driver 3 was interviewed: "Quite hard"

Although the majority of the drivers asked took up to 15 minutes to think of the answer, but yes ¾ the question is only complete ... Especially the question about alcohol content when participating in traffic, no one pays. Correct words are absolutely forbidden.

Reporter asked to drive 1: "These are very basic questions when you get a degree and you have to know, you have to answer, very basic, why is that?" (Driver not responding)

Reporter asked to drive 1: "In an awkward situation when I am in traffic, I also lose my temper?" (Driver not responding)

According to the traffic police, many drivers of cars not yet due to the law, but because of low consciousness, they still deliberately commit basic errors. Lieutenant Bui Anh Tuan, traffic police No. 6, City police. Hanoi interviewed: "Those who walk on the road are obliged or obey the law well, but without us, they would violate the law without us." Deliberately or accidentally making a mistake, it all comes from the word "consciousness" but this consciousness is not entirely derived from the students or the recipients of the degree, it also originates from the mind. knowledge of instructors and licensees, practice 10 situations on the screen, answer 30 multiple-choice questions and run on real roads which are the tests according to national standards to get a driver's license. B class or C grade. Many people also realize that a single degree to the road is not enough. Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai Hang in Nam Dinh interviewed: "I want to be ... I will have more time to travel on the road, I will have experience." Mr. Le Xuan Thuy in Hanoi was interviewed: "For about 4 months when I go to practice, it also gets more."

The practical training time is about 3 to 5 months, the number of driving hours is not small, but not everyone can comply with these hours, and often not everyone can take one-on-one lessons with It is common for teachers to share practice hours with a group. Mr. Nguyen Thang Quan, General Manager of Vehicle Administration Department and Driver, Vietnam General Department of Roads were interviewed: “Under the direction of traffic, we have studied the amendment of Circular 46 on the regulations on training test for paper tests. The driving license is focused on two areas. The two most important things are the road traffic rules and the driving skills. The driving time in the vehicle will increase. ” Another point that is not consistent with the reality in the automobile driver's license is that the learner only comes into contact with the floor car during learning and testing, and until the actual driving time, most of them run automatic cars, Subjective psychology and lack of practice with easier-to-drive vehicles are also the cause of many new driver accidents.

However, according to many trainees and the management agencies, the lack of awareness, lack of cultural training when participating in traffic are the underlying causes of the accidents. Bui Duc Thai of Phu Tho was interviewed: "An accident may be due to each person's consciousness." Colonel Le Quang Four, director of the PDCC driving test and vocational training center, the Ministry of Public Security interviewed, “Everyone who wants to go ahead does not want to give way to me. called the traffic behavior culture, ”there are now about five hundred thousand new driver licenses issued each year, the percentage of people with a driver's license has also increased rapidly in recent years, but the percentage Proceeding to it is also the number of serious traffic accidents caused by new drivers. Crazy cars are mostly autonomous vehicles and the drivers of these cars are mostly new drivers, and especially fall into women this is the statistics of the 116 rescue, actually so far There are lots of irony accidents.

For example, if a girl tried to run to the end of the yard instead of stopping, she rushed to the wall, or in 2012, creating a motor show, a customer participating in a test drive of the car was seriously injured. one of my visitors, oh really I'm a lucky person, mistakes like this, the mistakes of new drivers after shifting from a manual transmission in the process of learning and testing to a real-time automatic driving car Internationally, the following mistakes are often made:

+ Firstly, for some women, women still keep the habit of using 2 legs on the car to automatically brake on the left foot and accelerate on the right foot, and when they encounter a pedestal situation according to the reaction. will kick both feet.

+ And women who have the habit of wearing high heels are also at high risk of getting the heels on the floor mat while operating or switching from the accelerator pedal to the brake pedal or vice versa.

+ Another common mistake is that drivers cause accidents when driving an automatic car in a crowded street due to the habit of driving a manual transmission when walking slowly at congested times or when the road has a red light. or slam on the accelerator to move slowly and there is no stalling, but applying this to an automatic will cause the car to suddenly accelerate and will cause a panic because the vehicle jumped suddenly, and the driver continues to press on the accelerator pedal or the brake pedal but the wrong accelerator pedal makes the car accelerate faster and cannot be controlled.

And there are many reasons, however, we would like to assure you that a traffic accident is something no one wishes, but small mistakes will lead to consequences that cost the life, not only the cause but the life of others..

After 2 months I lost my B2 driving license, today I have to do it again after 2 months of waiting so hard to be able to redo this B2 license and I made this video to share with you. Sister, when we lose our B2 license, what do we need to do and how can we get the earliest license so we can drive on the road,

As you know we drive a car differently than a motorbike driver, we may not have a license for motorists but with cars we have to carry it because it affects a lot of things with delivery. connected with the lives of so many people. Assuming traveling on a driveway without a car license is very dangerous.

There are two cases in which a B2 license is reissued:

First case: the person who has the pet card This, pet card is plastic card and the second case is previously made paper card, paper card is more complicated. If we lose the paper card, we need the original document and we need to retake the test when we do it again, and if we redo this pet card the original document file is stored inside the transport database database. and so we don't need to be the original anymore. That's the case I said I lost my pet card. Losing pet card we need to prepare the following papers, first the ID card, then photocopy a few sheets without notarization and then take pictures 3X4 standard license.

Then go to the location where we change the license, usually in Saigon there are many places where you can change the license you can ask Google, and in the provinces you go to the Department of Transportation immediately, we will ask for one. called the application for a replacement of the GPLX, then we buy a few sheets and fill in the correct and standard information there. In this section, we ask us to fill in what is the license number, so we don't remember the license number, but when we enter the ID number, the location they will look up and fill in for us, so we have to enter the correct number. ID card, correct information, there will be a license number.

Once we have the form, paste it in there. Next we go to a district hospital to have a health examination, then within 20 minutes, the examination will be full of information papers that will go to the location of the exchange to submit and wait for people to check the license. In Saigon, you should go earlier in the morning to change for fast because many people often register to change the license to transfer pet cards, so if you are late, you will run out of order. Many people wonder how much it costs and time to change the license.

I would like to say that we can always reissue this B2 driver's license, the expenses we have to spend are buying the reissued license, taking photos, photos, licenses and all that, but the most cost is medical examination and B2 driving license re-issuance fee. Its renewal period is 2 months 10 days, 2 months is for people to verify at the Department of Transportation whether there is an accident that has any effect when road users or their vehicles are confiscated, and The remaining 10 days is 10 days of printing the license for me, they print this certificate and then they transfer it back to us, so we take 2 months and 10 days to issue this license again.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a driver's license in Kim Phung's hand and this can be considered as a physical unreasonable to Kim Phung as well as to all of the audience when participating in traffic and if in case If the GPLX is lost or damaged, do we need to retake it or do we just need to apply for a reissue, and if we apply for a reissue, what about the application file, let's find out about this story with Kim Phung right now. following you

Procedures for applying for a LPL when it is lost or damaged see through the following conversation:

  • Hey, the inn doesn't have customers or how to take notes and take notes like this
  • Well, the customers are sparse now, so why come to me now
  • Oh my god, it seems like I have a lot of free time, this morning I have a frustrating situation that I want to die
  • What happen
  • Well, this morning I said he was taking the car to the street, but my hat was hanging on the car clearly in front of me, but whoever caused the person who jumped into the car to go without a helmet, running, guys. traffic police blew a fine, then I was wrong to send a blow, that's right, I just took the wallet to the file, oh my god, I'm very weak, I told my grandfather he was pickpocketed, then I I lost all the license, so I was fined up to 2 crimes, I told him that it was okay to be unlucky, I'm just afraid that now it takes a lot of time to take the test again to get the driving license, very tired, man
  • So you don't know, you don't have to retest
  • There is no retesting at all
  • Here I am researching. if the valid license is still valid, it will be lost in the case of a natural disaster, fire or something, must be certified by the local, his case is mugged, stolen, it must be certified and certified. of the police department, a new one will be reissued to him, but in this case, his license will not be held in custody or under trial by a competent authority, then will be reissued to him.
  • What about in case of expired license?
  • After the expiry, they also check the two cases above, after 2 months he will be retested, theoretical exam, they will issue a license for him, which in case his license expires. If there is no original document but the name of the testing agency is checked, the license will be checked or sanctioned, then after 12 months, he will be allowed to retake the theory test. After practice, he was granted a license
  • So simple is not it, but the procedure why he
  • The procedures in here are all written, I read to him "application for re-examination of the driving license, driving record, health certificate, 5 3 × 4 photos, broken copy of driving license, copy of ID card , exam fee of 30,000 for the theoretical test, 80,000 for the practical test and 30,000 for the production license
  • That's too simple, isn't it, but my case is pickpocketed, and I have already reported it to the police, in that case I don't need to retake it.
  • Right
  • So today in the unlucky it has a lucky, unlucky punishment but lucky to come here to meet you then I know so clearly, tomorrow free time I have to be like him so, learning these rules also sometimes need Sai came

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Manh's share has helped him not to retake the License because in his case, he only needs to apply for a reissue, the file includes: an application for testing reissue of the driving license, driving record, health certificate, 5 3 × 4 color photos, broken copy of the driving license, copy of ID card, theory test fee + practice exam + fee for reissuing a new license.

Ladies and gentlemen, hopefully through the story of the driver today, will help those who unfortunately lost or damaged the GPLX also know the necessary procedures to apply for reissuance or retest each part of theory or practice in each specific part, here, the time for the program is also over, thank you for your attention, goodbye and see you again in the program. after.

Thank you for watching this video, hopefully if you lose, you will get your license and drive safely soon!

Change Of Driver's License

 Video of fines for driving without a driver's license

Disregarding the law as the mother of a traffic accident, so learning law and getting a driver's license to avoid troubles and traffic accidents is essential.

Disregarding the law as the mother of a traffic accident, so learning law and getting a driver's license to avoid troubles and traffic accidents is essential.

Ladies and gentlemen, the driving license is both a passport and a mandatory requirement for drivers participating in traffic to ensure safe traffic participation. However, there are still few people who are indifferent to this problem, the following story is a fact

  • Okay, let's go, open the trunk, open the trunk, climb up
  • Of course, I carry it
  • Oh my god, I'm about to go spraying
  • But she doesn't have a driver's license yet
  • I don't have a driver's license yet, this is my car, I can run with my eyes closed
  • It is indeed her car, but without a driver's license, she doesn't know what the rules are.
  • this woman is so funny, she doesn't trust her friends at all, now I say, 1 is that I take her away, 2 is my car I run her on foot, choose which one
  • Why are you pressed together?
  • go no
  • Run slowly
  • What a difficult situation, she is too difficult to take care of the elderly
  • Hey, to that turn
  • What are you doing?
  • Do you see the sea turning
  • I turned but did not go straight
  • Oh my god, she turned around and she ran so fast, she didn't even turn the turn signal
  • If anyone laughs so hard, no one else, then I'll just make a turn and run
  • so I said I didn't know the traffic rules and it was dangerous to drive like her
  • now I say this, my car is running, 1 is her with me, 2 is her walking
  • Why force me so
  • Now what, let's go
  • slow down
  • Going out to meet her is not fun
  • Run slowly
  • This road is empty, there's no car, I can run away
  • pull in, turn in, don't go
  • What the hell is going on, the car is calling to stop
  • Do you know what it is to drive?
  • My dear sister, who doesn't know what to drive, runs the engine, revs the engine, runs
  • Running that kind of network day, what do you think about running a motorbike into a car lane?
  • The road is empty, there is no car, look, if there is no car, we go, hurry and hurry to the place
  • What if there is a lid on the back
  • at that time later
  • not over yet, each turn, turn into a never turn signal
  • Turn signal, there is no car behind where turn signal
  • Turn signals to let people know
  • she was annoyed with me too, going out and not happy at all
  • What a pleasure, I recommend to you this time about studying traffic laws to get the driving license
  • Only close to home spraying, I go around the neighborhood à, learn traffic laws do, take time
  • It's a waste of time huh, I asked this lady when the accident occurred, if she could calculate the distance from the short distance
  • I tell her, she doesn't have a license, first she doesn't know anything about the law, it's very easy to cause an accident, for example, see, just choose a huge road for people to run. when she turned to what I had to do, I had to slow down, the signal turned inside, someone like her hugged me and crawled out, what if someone touched me then, the second one was no GPLX So whenever I was worried, the police would blow a lot, I told you, the story of punishment or not is a small matter, more important than my life and for others too.
  • I know that, but the reason why I didn't take the exam is that every time I took a law book, I slept
  • This time around, I will help you to study the law of not sleeping, but definitely give you beans
  • I promise you, if it's that easy, I'll take the exam immediately
  • But in front of me, I carry it
  • She has not had a license to take care of the car, lost the car right now
  • What, the car is locked

Dear friends, not having a driving license means not learning traffic laws, so Ms. Phuong keeps driving according to her feelings even though she knows it is dangerous and violates the law.

According to Point a, Clause 5, Article 21 of Decree 46/2016 / ND-CP stipulating the sanctioning of violations of regulations on conditions of motor vehicle operators, a fine of between 800,000 and 1200,000 for operators driving a motorbike with a cylinder capacity of less than 175 cm3 and the like of a motor vehicle doing one of the following acts of violation: without driving license

Dear friends, there is a saying that “disregarding the law is the mother of a traffic accident, so learning law and getting a driver's license to avoid accidents and traffic accidents is very necessary.

I wish you and your friends a happy weekend and drive safely, goodbye and see you again in this time frame next week



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Comparison of Driving License Types - How to get international driving permit in Vietnam: We are one of the major training centers in Ho Chi Minh City, specializing in the field of Driver Training and Slaughtering teaching and taking a Motorcycle Driver's License (A1, A2), a 4-wheel drive license from 4 - 9 seats (class B1, B2 and C).
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