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Test the airbags of Toyota Vios 2018

Test the airbag of Toyota Vios 2018 "NO EXPLOSION"

Tony Pham: Hello everyone, we are going to share it today Experience the car that caused the most market in Vietnam, the Toyota Vios and today I will invite a driver, a racing expert No. 1 in Vietnam: Mr. Nguyen Hong Vinh. Thank you for accepted to join the program with us. He judged How to prepare to drive a car can be said to be boring most boring in Vietnam.

Hong Vinh: I think from the past until now, the Vios's car Vietnam sells a lot of buyers but actually It is quite boring besides the element, it keeps the price and is very durable.

Tony Pham: Only durable and keep the price.

Hong Vinh: Well, driving it doesn't like it and its technology doesn't Nothing.

Test the airbags of Toyota Vios 2018 1Tony Pham: But today you will try a 2018 car changed. First it has an electronic balance, the second it has electronic traction control, the third it has airbags. And today I am will put you in a position where a road can be said It was very difficult for me to try. And what do you think of properties? Does this car's power work?

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Hong Vinh: I think we will try to see if it works and works how.

Tony Pham: I wish you success with this car. Wait, shake my hand I tell you one thing, normally you only test with one person only you But today he will have to return Family, how are you trying to get it right?

Then everyone buckle up. The first will be the post movetest. Turn off the electronic balancing system. He turned off for me Go to the electronic leveling system. This movetest post means the lane changes suddenly but on a road The ground has a lot of crushed stone and it is moist, it creates an extremely smooth if If it is out of control, the car will be thrown and now he will Turn off the electronic equalizer. I tried my best to run for Minh How could I not fly because your whole family is in the car this. That he ran carefully offline. Now the speed would be ...

Test the airbag of Toyota Vios 2018 2Hong Vinh: 70

Tony Pham: 70 70 always. Ok 70. You guys hold on tight. Ho ho ho Prepare splash out. Á á á á. He ran like that and hit the electric pole then, fall Bridge, pour the bridge. Obviously, without an electronic equilibrium is not good Not good, not good. And now for the second time there will be a balance of electricity death. He turned on the electronic balance for me. And still 70 km / h. Already. Then speed up 70. Wow, jammed jammed jammed on both sides always. I I heard it was jamming on both sides. No shedding at all. Congratulation the steering angle, the steering angle is very little, very little but the car goes Accurate, accurate, not having to drive too much to fix when there ride roundabout but which a car that CVT gearbox with both leads Previously, when I asked for a request from Mr. Vinh, I felt that it was also boring. Just go every day, save the fuel to go for it and go for it It's fun to drive this car.

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Hong Vinh: Actually, my point of view is that this is like everyone have a point of view and joy if we ask for it either a car it must have or it can do it all All of that, it's really hard. And here I can find one how to make fun in an existing car, for example a car Vios this.

Test the airbag of Toyota Vios 2018 3Tony Pham: But if you drive the front axle, how funny are you?

Hong Vinh: Here I try him to try.

Tony Pham: Ok, I try. Ok, got in the car. It's delicious. It's delicious. Glad there. Yes, so we have just experienced the Vios this over twice. For the first time, for the first time, Mr. Vinh blocked the scale electronically, all four of you are scared. How does it slip if If it skips then it can hit a power pole.

Hong Vinh: I don't remember basically there were no electric poles here, so I went If there is an electricity, then certainly do not dare.

Tony Pham: Actually, I put you into this terrain so that we can push on a limit it is slippery but normal that goes everyday at the road plastic including highways never us slippery Like that even rain, but I have to say go in This road is a lot smoother, isn't it Vinh?

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Hong Vinh: That's right. If you have a normal line, you can say 100 is here about 40 50 well.Test the airbags of Toyota Vios 2018 4

Tony Pham: That's for you to see when there is no electronic balance, it's dangerous How dangerous is Vinh's recognition? Which car most likely went Fast may have when flipping again.

Hong Vinh: Actually, when it failed, I tried hard to drive Let it not out, out of the way. But that must be said difficult to pull the car back. And while dragging, I stabbed know how many is the tip.

Tony Pham: But for the second time, we turned on the electronic balance. First, seeing him turn on makes me much more secure. But when I drive the steering wheel, how do I feel when I turn it on? Does it turn on differently?

Hong Vinh: In fact, the electronic balance on this car is quite sensitive. When the car if you miss it, it will interfere immediately. The lamp is in its peak flashes immediately and it cuts off the gas. I am not, I am or not is not…

Tony Pham: I heard the sound of it jamming was the sound of the brake brother?

Hong Vinh: That's right. That's the brakes on each wheel. Brakes on each wheel to manipulate the trajectory of the vehicle to put the car into it necessary direction and brake according to the points of each front or rear wheel. One by one, it is true that the human being is beyond his power people then have a fulcrum that can interfere.

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Test the airbag of Toyota Vios 2018 5Tony Pham: We have felt safe and secure from the beginning when we delivered the car to Mr. Vinh but clearly turned on the scales electronically, it feels a little safer and more Today when I turned on the electronic equalizer I saw it Is this car less boring?

Hong Vinh: Actually ... what ... when it pops up, it is a bit boring because it goes straight too.

Tony Pham: When turned off, when turned off it was more fun.

Tony Pham: When it was Toyota's technology, it was, to say it was safe prime go a lot already. Today it was better than the cars before. That is something that Toyota has listened to consumers and also I must admit that such a thing. Now with electronic balance, airbag presence. Oh wait, there's an airbag, man. Or now Now, let's crash into the wall to see if it explodes?

Hong Vinh: Air bags like it. If I take off the air bag and let it explode, it's fun very. But if I can do that, then I should do it So. More than that, even if I crash, I will lose a car, crashing into ...

Tony Pham: That was to remove the air bag to explode.

Hong Vinh: I took it off and I applied the electricity.

Tony Pham: But I don't know how to remove it.

Hong Vinh: Then I will undo it later,

Tony Pham: I can only count that.

Hong Vinh: Just rely on it.

Tony Pham: Ah. Or maybe we should try it out. Ok, got it Well, airbags seem to be very expensive. Test only natural explosion takes several million.

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Hong Vinh: Shelves.

Tony Pham: Never mind. I tried testing air bags.

Hong Vinh: Now I will remove the airbag in this wheel. Look at that bag On top of this is the easiest to remove, a small screwdriver like this is needed it can be removed.Test the airbags of Toyota Vios 2018 6

Tony Pham: Just kidding, bro.

Hong Vinh: Yes I have to poke

Tony Pham: Yes, I kept teasing you so hard. That's it!

Hong Vinh: There are 3 things. 3 pieces of this.

Tony Pham: Oh it's just a trigger.

Hong Vinh: 3 switches.

Tony Pham: Very easy. Then 2 pieces. Easy thanks. My airbag is here.

Hong Vinh: Slowly take out this plug now, take the airbag out.

Tony Pham: Operating the airbag, it looks as simple as this, bro? Air bag How does it work, thanks to Vinh?

Hong Vinh: Yes. The airbag is like a grenade. But there is what it does electric explosion. In here it has a fuse that people give electricity on is it exploded.

Tony Pham: Put on electricity and it explodes. Rather than holding it like this, it exploded.

Hong Vinh: that's right. Now I give you a plug the wire you inserted There and we'll stick the electricity in and we'll see how it explodes.

Tony Pham: Ok. Now I will try to connect it here. Plug in and then the other end I will connect the battery to the battery. Ok, got it Now we will put down The land. To give you a better view of the air bag it explodes it will be Come on, we have prepared a teddy bear to describe one people and this pot to turn upside down, to avoid it splashing everywhere. The airbag explodes very strongly, isn't it Vinh?

Hong Vinh: That's right, the airbag exploded.

Tony Pham: Then I'll cover up.

Hong Vinh: If you let teddy sit up later, I'll explode. It's a bit sad

Test the airbag of Toyota Vios 2018 5Tony Pham: Ok, right. So now I just need to fight this power cord in The battery will explode, will you, Vinh?

Hong Vinh: That's right. I have an anode, cathode.

Tony Pham: Now, I will fight.

Hong Vinh: Ok. I put the anode on the side, the other side always keeps it always.

Tony Pham: Ok. Now if you take this and leave it there, it will explode. Time to explode. Em explode.

Hong Vinh: Ok.

Tony Pham: Why must we cover our ears?

Hong Vinh: Big bang.

Tony Pham: Do you have to be covered?

Hong Vinh: not known.

Tony Pham: Can I explode. Doesn't it explode?

Hong Vinh: No explosion.

Tony Pham: Exploded. Explosive, but I don't know

Hong Vinh: It is a cannon, how can our brothers not know it? Make sure it's not exploding, check it again.

Tony Pham: Oh, not exploded. The airbag has not exploded yet. Oh dead wire rope plug into the. Okay ok. Now, let the bear sit and hug. Then Ok

Tony Pham: Yes, yes, finally the airbag exploded. Oh, so hot ...

Hong Vinh: Burns

Tony Pham: The airbag has finally exploded. And strong force thanks to you thanks? a boom.

Test the airbag of Toyota Vios 2018 8Hong Vinh: When the teddy fell out, the video showed everyone watching the airbag explode How it affects the surrounding is also hopefully when riding Should buckle up.

Tony Pham: That's right.

Hong Vinh: Children are never allowed to sit in the front row because many When it explodes, it creates a huge shock

Tony Pham: I see the picture that people describe to never give to children I sat upside down and pressed into the airbag.

Hong Vinh: That's right.

Tony Pham: That's correct. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Vios airbag 2018 has exploded.

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