Airbag test of Toyota Vios 2018

Airbag test of Toyota Vios 2018 "NOT EXPLOSIVE"

Tony Pham: Hello friends, today we will experience Experience the car that causes the most controversy in Vietnam, the Toyota Vios and today I will invite an expert driver, racer No. 1 in Vietnam: Mr. Nguyen Hong Vinh. Thank you for accept the invitation to join the program with us. I rate What about when preparing to drive a car can be said to be boring? The most boring in Vietnam.

Hong Vinh: In my opinion, from the past to now, my Vios car Vietnam sells very well, many people buy it, but it's really It is quite boring other than that it holds the price and is very durable.

Tony Pham: Just get a durable one and keep the price.

Hong Vinh: I don't like driving it and neither does its technology Nothing.

Test airbag of Toyota Vios 2018 9Tony Pham: But today I will be able to test a 2018 car changed. First it has electronic balance, second it has electronic traction control, third it has airbags. And today I will put you in a position where a road can be said to be very difficult for you to try. And what do you think about the attributes? the function of this car will it work?

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Hong Vinh: I think we'll try it and see if it works and works how.

Tony Pham: Good luck with this car. But wait, shake my hand tell me one thing is that normally i only test with one person you alone. But today I will have to return family, how do you try to get it right.

Then everyone fasten your seat belts. The first time will be the song movetest. Turn off the electronic leveling system. You turn it off for me the electronic balancing system. This movetest means abrupt lane change but must be on a road the ground has a lot of crushed rock and it's moist, it's extremely slippery if like out of control the car will be thrown and now you will turn off the electronic balance. Minh, you try your best to run How can I not fall because your whole family is in the car this. There you run carefully. Now the speed will be…

Test airbag of Toyota Vios 2018 10Hong Vinh: 70

Tony Pham: 70 70 always. Ok 70. Hold on tight. Ho ho ho ho. Prepare splash. Ah ah ah. If you run like that, you'll be thrown into a power pole, falling bridge, bridge. Obviously it's not good without the electronic balance not okay, not okay. Then now will be the second time with electric balance death. He turned on the electronic balance for me. Then it's still 70 km/h. Already. Then speed up to 70. Wow, stuck stuck stuck on both sides. I I hear jams on both sides. Not spilled at all. Congratulation the steering angle, the steering angle it is very little, very little but the car goes accurate, accurate, don't have to drive too much to fix it when riding with roundabout but that a car that CVT car gearbox with both manual The previous bridge movement, Mr. Vinh, I found that it was also boring. Just go every day, save gas, go persistently and go smoothly but it's not fun to drive this car.

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Hong Vinh: Actually, my opinion is like this, everyone Everyone has a point of view and joy if we ask for it A car must have everything or it can do it all All these things, it's very difficult. And here I can find one how to create fun in an existing car, for example a car This Vios.

Test airbag of Toyota Vios 2018 11Tony Pham: But if you drive the front-wheel drive, what kind of fun would you say?

Hong Vinh: Here, I will try you.

Tony Pham: Ok you try. Ok, get in the car. Delicious, dear. It's good. Have fun there. Yes, that's how we finished experiencing the Vios this passed twice. For the first time, for the first time, Mr. Vinh, he turned off the scale electronically, all four brothers were afraid. How did it slip if If it slips, then it might hit a power pole.

Hong Vinh: I don't remember basically there are no electric poles here so I went like that If there was an electricity, I probably wouldn't dare.

Tony Pham: Actually, I brought you into this terrain for us to push too up a limit it's slippery but normally go every day at the road Plastic, including highways, never we slip like that even in the rain, but let's say go in This road is much smoother, isn't it, Mr. Vinh?

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Hong Vinh: That's right. If the road is normal, you can say 100, here it is It's about 40 and 50.Test airbag of Toyota Vios 2018 12

Tony Pham: That's for you to see when there's no electronic balance, it's dangerous How dangerous does Vinh admit it? But the car is very likely to go fast can sometimes flip again.

Hong Vinh: Actually, when it slipped, I tried really hard to drive let it not come out, out the way. But I have to say it's pretty good difficult to pull the car back. And while pulling, I found out how much is the top.

Tony Pham: But the second time, we turned on the electronic balance. When I first saw him turn on, I felt much more secure. But how do you feel when you turn on the steering wheel don't turn it different?

Hong Vinh: Actually, the electronic balance on this car works quite sensitively. When the car If you miss one, it immediately intervenes. The lamp is in its shape flashes immediately and it cuts off the throttle. I'm not gas, am I gas or not are not…

Tony Pham: I heard it jam, is that the sound of brakes? older brother?

Hong Vinh: That's right. That's the brake on each wheel. Brake on each the wheel to correct the trajectories of the car to bring the car to it necessary direction and brake according to each front or rear wheel. One by one, it's true that a person is beyond my ability people then have a fulcrum that can be intervened.

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Test airbag of Toyota Vios 2018 13Tony Pham: We felt safe, safe from the beginning when we delivered the car to Mr. Vinh but obviously put on the weight electronically makes me feel a little more secure and when you turned on the electronic balance today, did you see Is this car less boring?

Hong Vinh: Actually the.. the... when it's turned on, it's a bit boring because it's neat too.

Tony Pham: When it's off, it's more fun when it's off.

Tony Pham: When it was Toyota's technology, it was, I have to say, it's safe The player has gone a lot. Today it's better than the cars prior to. That's what Toyota has listened to consumers and also must admit that such a thing. Now with electronic balance, airbag is present. Oh wait, there's an airbag. Or is it now? Now I try to crash into the wall to see if it explodes?

Hong Vinh: I like the airbag. If I remove the airbag and blow it up, I'll be happy very. But if I can do that, I should do it position. Better, better than if I hit and lose a car, hit it...

Tony Pham: So the airbag can be removed to explode.

Hong Vinh: I took it off and then I plugged it in.

Tony Pham: But I don't know how to remove it.

Hong Vinh: Then we'll take it off together..,

Tony Pham: It's okay to rely on it.

Hong Vinh: Trust me.

Tony Pham: Ah. Or you guys should try it. Ok. Well, air bags are expensive. Just test it, but it explodes naturally, it costs a few million.

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Hong Vinh: Shelves.

Tony Pham: Never mind. Brother, let's test the airbag.

Hong Vinh: Now I will remove the airbag in this steering wheel. Look at the side pocket This is the easiest to remove, a small screwdriver like this is required can be removed.Test airbag of Toyota Vios 2018 14

Tony Pham: Just make fun of it, bro.

Hong Vinh: Yes, I have to poke fun

Tony Pham: Yes, you can poke as hard as you can. That's it out.

Hong Vinh: There are three things. These 3 pieces.

Tony Pham: Well, it's just a paddle.

Hong Vinh: 3 paddles.

Tony Pham: Very easy. Then 2. Easy thanks. And here's my airbag.

Hong Vinh: Slowly now pull out this jack, take out the airbag.

Tony Pham: Manipulating the airbag looks as simple as this, isn't it? Air bag How does it work, Mr. Vinh thanks?

Hong Vinh: Yeah. Airbag it as well as a grenade. But there's something that's big electrical explosion. In there it has a fuse that people give electricity in and it explodes.

Tony Pham: Put electricity in and it explodes. But not holding it like this, it explodes.

Hong Vinh: That's right. Now I'll give you a wire that you put in there, and we'll plug it in and we'll see how it explodes.

Tony Pham: Ok. Now I'm going to try the wiring here. Plug it in and the other end I will connect the power to the battery. Ok. Now we will put down land please. so you can see more clearly the airbag it explodes it will look like Come on, we have prepared a teddy bear to describe one people and this pot to keep it upside down, to avoid it blowing up everywhere. The airbag is very powerful, isn't it, Mr. Vinh?

Hong Vinh: That's right, the airbag explodes very well.

Tony Pham: Then I'll cover it up.

Hong Vinh: Let the teddy sit on it and then I'll explode. It looks a bit sad

Test airbag of Toyota Vios 2018 13Tony Pham: Okay, okay. So now I just need to deal with this wire the battery will explode, won't it, Mr. Vinh?

Hong Vinh: That's right. I provide a positive pole, negative pole.

Tony Pham: Now, I will fight now.

Hong Vinh: Ok. I put the positive pole there, the other side always let it keep .

Tony Pham: Ok. Now take this and leave it here, it will explode. Exploding now. Em explode.

Hong Vinh: Ok.

Tony Pham: Why should you cover your ears?

Hong Vinh: Big explosion.

Tony Pham: Do you have to cover it?

Hong Vinh: I don't know.

Tony Pham: Did you explode. Did it not explode?

Hong Vinh: No explosion.

Tony Pham: It's good to explode. Or did it explode but I don't know

Hong Vinh: It's a firecracker, how could my brothers not know it? Make sure it didn't explode, check again.

Tony Pham: Oh, it hasn't exploded yet. The airbag hasn't exploded yet. Ah, the cord is the cord plugged in into the. Then ok. Now I'll let the bear sit and hug. Ok

Tony Pham: Yes, yes, finally the airbag went off. Oh, it's so hot...

Hong Vinh: Burns

Tony Pham: The airbag finally exploded. And strength thanks to you thanks? a hum.

Test airbag of Toyota Vios 2018 16Hong Vinh: When the teddy fell, people watched the video when the airbag exploded How it affects the surrounding, I hope is when riding seat belt should be fastened.

Tony Pham: That's right.

Hong Vinh: Children are never allowed to sit in the front row because there are many when it explodes it creates a huge force that stuns

Tony Pham: You see the picture that people describe never let children I sat upside down and pressed the airbag.

Hong Vinh: That's right.

Tony Pham: That's correct. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Vios . airbags 2018 has exploded.

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