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Necessary equipment and toys for cars and exterior

Furniture, exterior decoration of cars

Welcome back to CafeAuto's channer, today I'm going to make a video clip to share with you the equipment you need when you've just bought a car, so first thing When we have just bought a car we need to equip the necessary equipment and tools for us.

Essential equipment, toys for cars, exterior 1

It's okay if we don't equip it, but for me, I think it is very necessary, and now I will show you how to equip it first, then I'll show you guys, the equipment in the interior after, first, the first one I want to tell you is this raincoat, how does this raincoat work? Its main effect for me is decoration and the second effect is that it is mainly used to cover rain, when we want to enjoy the air, the wind and the rain. there we have to lower the glass a little bit about the distance, the width of the rain cover this way this rain cover will help us limit the rain drops from outside it shoots at , and the price for a rain cover is about more than 1 million, the price is for items that originate from Thailand.

Necessary equipment and toys for cars and exterior 2

As for the items that are imported from China, it will have a position of less than 500 thousand a set for four doors and the second I want to share that is the cover of the rearview mirror, the cover. rain rearview mirror is mainly to cover the rearview mirror rain, as you have seen, for a car ginseng it will not have the function of drying the mirror, the rain cover of this rearview mirror, it will work This is to limit the raindrops that shoot back into this rearview mirror, to show us the vision behind it which is more comprehensive and it is clearer for us when we move in the rain, and next door. You can see that this is a blind mirror that erases the blind spot, this blind mirror erases the blind spot, it will work to limit the blind spots on the left and right mirrors, it will Gives you a broader, wider view like the video clip I showed you earlier.

And as you can see below this rearview mirror I have installed a little camera down here, how does this camera work? Just a little bit more, I'll show you inside the interior, I'll show it to you and on the outside there is a pretty important detail for me that is this handle, this handle when you open the door or when you use the car frequently, for some women often have long nails and these nails when you open the car door making paint here, the hatch here will have the effect of restricting us from scratching and limiting the condition of painting our cars.

Essential equipment, toys for cars, exterior 3

In the market, there will be many types, one is stainless steel and the other is plastic, and there are some that it will stick with clear glue, I use plastic, plastic I The price is that it will be more durable and beautiful than stainless steel, inox it will be shiny and beautiful in the first time, but the next time it will rust and it will lose even for one of our cars. And this price is about a few hundred to 1 million depending on the product you choose.

Just now, it was my share of the necessary equipment on the outside when you just bought a car, and about the interior I will share in the next video clip. , if the video clip today you find useful, please like and subscribe to CafeAuto's youtube channel to update the most useful information needed for all motorbikes in the Vietnamese market. Nam, hello and see you again!


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