Expiry time, how old is the car's service life?

Expiry time, how old is the car's service life? 4

Legal dissemination channel, ladies and gentlemen, we will present to you today a content related to the vehicle use term, in particular, here we will present to you. about The shelf life of the cars, it will be used for many years and the time is calculated from when.

Expiry time, the age of use of cars is how many years?

In fact, nowadays in rural and remote areas between remote and isolated areas, the state of road vehicles has reached the end of their useful life, especially cargo cars and cars. People still participating in traffic are still serious problems and potentially leading to traffic accidents and environmental pollution.

This is due to many reasons, mainly due to the limited awareness of the vehicle operator about the service life of the vehicle, on the other hand, the people's life is still difficult at the same time. Due to the limited transport infrastructure, sometimes in the harvest season, if there is no timely transportation, it will lead to broken agricultural products and a whole crop loss, so people still have to take advantage of old trucks are too old to use to transport agricultural products, so how is the vehicle's service life?

This is also a question that many readers have sent to the legal dissemination channel for answers, ladies of the means of use of vehicles specified in Article 4 and Article 5 of Decree No. 95/2009 / ND-CP dated October 30, 2009 of the Government stipulating the shelf life for cargo cars and passenger cars are as follows:

- No more than 25 years for freight cars.
- No more than 20 years for passenger cars.
- 17 years or less for automobiles converted from other vehicles into passenger cars before January 1, 2002.

Those are 3 cases where the rule of age for cars is used, so the time is calculated from 25 years to 20 years and then 17 years from which milestone?

The period of time when the shelf life is calculated, it has 2 landmarks:

- First milestone: The shelf life of cars is calculated starting from the year of manufacture.

- Second landmark: A number of special cases when permitted by the Prime Minister, the service life is calculated from the year of first car registration.

So if we use cars that exceed the use term, which penalties will be imposed?

This will be based on point B, Clause 5, Point D, Clause 6, Article 16 of Decree No. 46/2016 / ND-CP of May 26, 2016 of a fine of between VND 4,000,000 and 6,000,000 for operators of automobiles (including trailers or semi-trailers) and similar vehicles driving cars beyond the expiry date for use in traffic.

Expiry time, how old is the car's service life? 5

In addition to a fine, the vehicle operator who commits the above violation will also have his vehicle confiscated and his driving license deprived from 1 to 3 months. So, ladies and gentlemen, the violation of the control of the vehicle beyond this limit is also dealt with relatively badly, not only was fined from 4,000,000 VND to 6,000,000 VND but was also confiscated. collection of vehicles but also deprivation of the right to use the driver's license from 01 month to 03 months.

Thus, through the work of ensuring traffic order and safety, if the traffic forces detect the car and expire, then the farm, tricycle and 4-wheel motor vehicle join in Traffic in the area will make a record and suspend circulation, temporarily hold the certificate of vehicle registration, license plate and handle in accordance with the law, and will notify in writing to the agency. the traffic police that have registered the vehicle know to carry out the procedures to revoke the certificate of registration and license plate.

In addition to being directly discovered, the confiscation of vehicles beyond the expiry date shall comply with the Circular No. 15/2014 / TT-BCA dated April 4, 2014 of the Ministry of Public Security on registration vehicle as follows:

Article 20 provides for the responsibility of the authorities to revoke the certificate of license plate and vehicle registration. It must be based on the list of cars after the expiry date of vehicles not allowed to circulate in accordance with the law provided by the registry agency, the vehicle management registration agency will review and carry out procedures for recall. vehicle registration certificate, license plate number and the second must coordinate with the police of the commune, ward or town where the owner of the vehicle resides to notify the request of the individual organizations whose vehicles have expired and then use the vehicle industrial workers, homemade three-wheeled and four-wheel drive vehicles to the traffic police agency shall carry out procedures for revoking the license plate registration certificate, and within 15 days after the notice is issued if the owner does not voluntarily come. procedures will be coordinated with the police of the commune to revoke the certificate of license plate registration, and the next thing is to notify the list of expired vehicles to the police of the local units. Services of ensuring traffic safety and order know to detect and handle in time according to the provisions of law.

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Expiry time, how old is the car's service life? 6

Ladies and gentlemen, so we have finished talking to you about the expiry date for cars, then over here we see that you and you also note that we see Considering the paperwork when we buy and sell a car, we base it on the place of registration of the first registration time of the vehicle we buy.

If the vehicle is out of date, we should not buy and ensure traffic safety for ourselves and for those around us, we recommend that you do not trade or exchange vehicles. vehicles have expired, used in traffic we will be both unsafe and possibly the authorities sanction and will confiscate the vehicle. Sincerely thank you and you for your interest in tracking.

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