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Review Range Rover Evoque China Price 500 Million - Zotye Z3

Zotye Z3 with a 1.5-liter CVT gearbox, the car is very cheap, only about 500 million VND, it will be the rival of Ecosport of Chevrolet Trade.

Like Zotye Z8, the engine of this Z3 also uses Mitsubishi engine and chassis of Mitsubishi, a brand from Japan, also seems quite reassuring for a Chinese car. But all the rest, about the lights look pretty good, but this is just a normal lamp, even though it has a projecter glass bulb but it's still a halogen light, there's a led light here, but there's no transformer on the front. . the logo is still big so it doesn't look right, even though the steering wheel doesn't look bad, it looks pretty young. If you look closely, this car has a bit of a hybrid of the Range Rover Evoque at the rear, a bit of the CHR.

Review Range Rover Evoque China Price 500 Million - Zotye Z3 1

Each vehicle will be slightly modified to cover this Zotye Z3. The rims too, the rims are not too big but like this it is reasonable 17 inches, it is something similar to Mitsubishi and Honda, almost the same. Tires are also Chinese tire brand. But there is a pretty and nice mirror part, there is a twisted led light and the black part below does not know what it is in charge but it also looks quite personality like a leaf shape, the mirror is also power folding . The key is also the smart key but there is no touch button but still have to press, open the door and press.

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When you open the capo, if you look at the engine drill of this car really speaking, it looks very neat it is not like Japanese cars, this car was very clever to have created the cap. Covered, it does not reveal the nagging wires, look very neat like expensive cars.

Review Range Rover Evoque China Price 500 Million - Zotye Z3 2

At the rear of the car, the rear light is also equipped with an impressive looking LED strip, also equipped with a reversing camera, but there is a slightly inconvenient problem that is not detected the trunk opening button, You have to open the trunk when you are in the car or pull out the key and hold the trunk open button. This trunk is quite good for a small car, not so bad.

There is only one criticism is that it opens the trunk quite a bit like that. And you can see that the rear bumper still has that kind of pattern, actually, until now, I still can't be satisfied with this pattern, this pattern should fit into the area where the temple is. the pagoda is more beautiful, the wooden areas that are inserted into the car like this look a bit Chinese.

Stepping into the drive of Zotye Z3, you will see at first the clock is quite simple, of course, with this cheap price, it can not require much more but like this It's a bit simple, it imitates the Range Rover Evoque but it has not come, if only it were made with something screen would be more wonderful. But the screen on the right is very nice because it is not the module that is inserted into Japanese cars anymore, but it has neatly on the inside is very personal, very sensitive, Android and can install a lot of things in this. In the air-conditioned area, the buttons are quite similar to those of Honda and Mitsu. USB charging port, 2 12V charging ports, electronic handbrake, 500 million with electronic handbrake and Auto hold, the mirror is still a mechanical mirror. Steering wheel also has Cruise control, cold wind voice in Chinese

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Review Range Rover Evoque China Price 500 Million - Zotye Z3 3

That is pretty good for a small car and with prices like this. If you pay attention to the details of this car of course this skin is not genuine leather but the visual and feeling when touching it is quite advanced and especially when you look at the thread, Its articulated edges must be said to be very high class, not the usual high level. If we compare this to a Chinese car with a Japanese or a Korean one, we can say this skin detail is too good. The roof is the same, the felt is extremely swell, nothing can complain about the level of finishing. Leather seats, too, quite smooth. Only one thing is the language designed small details, the patterned line looks very Chinese. In short, it's okay with an interior drill like this.

The steering wheel is just ordinary high-class leather, but really not too good, it still looks a bit plastic. The panoramic sunroof is also quite good. The only thing is that the glass window here when it is pushed down will automatically go down, but when it is not automatically up again, we have to hold hands. Hopefully in the next version it will be a lot more nuanced and more, if it is similar to the Z8 car, it will be better, this car is still a bit lacking.

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Sitting in the second row, it can be said that it is not too bad, the head is still fine, the knee is okay, the seat is not upright but still has a degree of falling back, only the air conditioning door is not available. This is actually a pretty cool small air conditioner but there is a better air-conditioning rear door. And there is no handrest. Sitting between the head does not touch and knees do not touch. In short, the width is not complained, the finishing details on the doors on the positions are also very good, only that in Vietnam, the car should have air-conditioning doors, otherwise it will be very hot in the summer. .

Experience Zotye Z3

As soon as I sat on the steering wheel, I heard the uu, it was neither the wind nor the noise from the tires, from the road, it was not the engine, it was not the noise of things around. , it always has a uu sound like the sound of a breeze blowing through a slot.

Review Range Rover Evoque China for 500 Million - Zotye Z3 4

According to the dealers, they said it was the suction column, and they said it could be adjusted to tighten it, but actually until now, the sound was still there. And this sound is quite annoying, it's not the noise of the engine, the noise of the engine sounds more pleasant. This is the first drawback when operating this vehicle. Hope this car company will immediately overcome the noise of this car, but actually when sitting on the car did not like this noise.

Temporarily ignore the noise there, about the noise of the engine or the surrounding noise is not too bad, the car is quite quiet. This is a small car that, according to people, it will compete with Ecosport, indeed, with this size it will outperform the Ecosport a bit, about the same size as Trade of BMW, Chevrolet or CX3 of Mazda. . But the price of this car is a little over 500 million and with what it is equipped with, Japanese engine, Japanese chassis and many options, not too much but compared to the general level, at this price. Being like this is too much, it's not too bad.

Review Range Rover Evoque China for 500 Million - Zotye Z3 5

But just one thing to say is that this Chinese brand will be a relatively big obstacle, but if you have the opportunity and time, you should try to know. You only need to spend about half an hour or an hour sitting on this car, you will feel quite a lot of this car, its points are more than points that have not been. Actually, when sitting on this car, you will complain only one point at the present time is the air inlet column, according to the sales agent. If this bug is fixed, the car is not bad at all. Japanese engine, Japanese chassis is too reassuring.

With 1.5 turbo CVT gearbox, going in the city is very smooth. Mitsubishi today or the Japanese carmakers today use for the mid-range Crossover is down to CVT gearbox instead of the gearbox, it will optimize the ability to smoothly when traveling in the city a lot. more, and actually this car is still very smooth.

Review Range Rover Evoque China for 500 Million - Zotye Z3 6

Of course this is a new car we will still have to wait a few more years for us to know if it breaks fast or not, but with the most important belongings, both the chassis and the engine are both Japanese. one can believe that these two things will be very durable, good things take time to answer these questions. The steering of this car is even more powerful than the Z8, more compact but still very light, can control the steering wheel with one hand when traveling in the inner city.

Acceleration in the inner city, 1.5 and 142 horsepower engine is too good to go inside, the acceleration is also very emotional. Just that is not enough to be more monumental when traveling in the inner city. The engine roared very loudly because at this time, the pedal was accelerated up to 5000 rpm but the speed was already very high, then it was 80 km / h. and with that cry it was like Japanese cars or American cars.

Review Range Rover Evoque China for 500 Million - Zotye Z3 7

On the road and going at a high speed, it was really smooth, the uu it was drowned out by the wind a bit but overall it was quiet even compared to the other cars. The more expensive segment of Japan or Korea or America. A Chinese car that can do so is too commendable. Choose cruise control mode, it is better than some cars of the same segment of other brands not necessarily have cruise control, here only 500 million that have all, including the license plate. When it comes to the road, the noise level is noisier than the Z8, but with this noise level, it is perfectly acceptable even when compared to a Japanese car, it will be not much difference and actually it is also very stable.

Review Range Rover Evoque China Price 500 Million - Zotye Z3 8

You also have to give a compliment to this Chinese brand because it makes a car that can be said to feel driving a hard new car like this is too good for the price, of course. If we are effective, then Vietnamese people will be very concerned about this Chinese brand, people are afraid, even afraid of discrimination. But when you experience this car you may change your mind, but of course this is just a feeling at the current level is still a new car and if 3 years or even 5 more years to experience this car , and it was just as good as the Korean cars or the old Japanese cars that could be trusted at the time, actually the new car made like this was too good.

Review Range Rover Evoque China for 500 Million - Zotye Z3 9

Dimensions (D * R * C) 4,405 * 1,830 * 1,665 mm

Wheelbase 2,610 mm

1.5T CVT engine

Cylinder capacity 1,499 cc

Maximum power of 142 hp @ 5,600 rpm

Maximum torque of 215 Nm @ 2,500-4,500 rpm

Fuel tank capacity of 48L

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