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Experience the Luxurious Interior Mode As Maybach S600 Pullman

Experience a luxurious interior as Maybach S600 Pullman

Hello everyone on today's program, please join me in discovering a Maybach Mercedes Benz -P250 model powered by a 2.1L diesel engine. Actually the Mercedes Benz -P250D version is too familiar with the Vietnamese market and opened the door to see this class is a model imported in Vietnam market in 2016 and all the interior are completed in Virtue


Above is the chandelier system is no different from home, the cigar box has an inner compartment made from wood to store the fragrance to retain the moisture, under the cigar box will be a refrigerator of about 15 liters. It's amazing to have amazing drinks or snacks.

Stay in your seat at this time, even though it is a chair for the assistant and the secretary is no longer comfortable to experience the utility chair that can adjust the power back of the chair if it is boring and boring without a boss in front of you is a monitor, in addition to the system of USB connection ports, the charging port for the top of the computer with the small DVD player above and the sound system on this car, you just rest assured that on the vehicle equipped with an entire amplifier system, of course, is not comparable with the top-notch sound, but on this model, I feel very ok.


Here we will have hidden behind this is a system of coffee machines around the seats of the assistants that have a lot of utilities to serve, to come in here and have a cup of coffee to enjoy. It is so great that only the buttons on the screen, the control system is closed and opened gently, and the side is the storage of wine bottles or bottles of champagne for the boss to invite VIP guests. mine.

Experience the Luxurious Interior Mode As Maybach S600 Pullman 1

Next, I would like to introduce to you that these parts are made of beautiful and luxurious wood with materials that can be seen a bit of a system of open blinds for manual use, but I feel suitable. If you put the electric motor system here, the location learning here will increase a lot of area to accommodate the electric motor system, the first ps4 system on the model car in the Vietnamese market. ps4 players we have AMS VIP DESIGN stamp completely made of velvety velvet.

Experience the Luxurious Interior Mode As Maybach S600 Pullman 2

And now I will sit in this position to feel how it feels very different, different even the experience chair design sitting on the back is very hugging the headrest falls smoothly. If compared directly with the luxury car in Vietnam market S600 Maybach BMW 760LI is really leather material as well as the headrest, it is not equal to some parts we can feel it if the this model has 10 points, this model gives me 8 points.

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Can completely adjust my chair system all German and English, the screen design is quite nice backlight wallpaper everything design standard, raised footstool though this motor is a bit slow but Standard, it's great that you can adjust the back of the seat or enjoy the massage right here on this car.

If there is a special guest sitting with us to discuss business, this is the system that helps us to cool the bottles of champagne, on this side we also have a lot of places to store glasses. The toad has a tool drawer, all of which are beautifully made of wood and the leather sits on the seats and the upholstery is a suede felt felt to touch the coffee.

We will experience this VIP car when the table is brought up very smoothly, the heart is completely free to let ipad or loptop to work very comfortably, heated and cooled seats are always available. The air vents sit very smoothly.


Smart TV system with 3D view mode can see youtube.vv..Also we will be able to activate the camera view around the car 360 camera outside the camera in the speedometer part of the car, the camera in The front compartment, if you like more, you can lower this TV to talk to the driver above.


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