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Compare The Difference Between Hand Taper and Automatic Taper

Hand clutch is like an automatic clutch?

Manual taper and automatic taper are not much different, mainly different from the clutch or so called the pot.

The car automatically, the pot father has 2 pots, the pot before and after the pot, the pot before the father 3 and the pot after the leaves. Principle of operation: the front of the pot, its shaft is attached to the upper elbow, when the bit is up and down, it will push the rotating shaft with the father before spinning when enough rotation, (normally father 3 more There is no arresting of the bell, but the springs hold tightly in the shaft), when the father rotates enough revs and the centrifugal force will appear to pull it away from the shaft, when the psychological force is large enough to overcome the pulling force. springs pull the sprung leaves out and catch the bell of the previous pot, and thanks to the force of friction, drag the bell of the pot before turning, the bell before turning the pot with gear connected to the rear pot pulling the pot back. Not when the rear pot rotates, the axle revs but it has to pass through the rear clutch again (rear father).

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The rear father is composed of fathers and iron leaves alternating with each other, when the second father rotates and thanks to the friction between the iron leaf fathers, it is possible to pull the rotating number axis, the number shaft rotates through the gears as well. it pulls the salamander, which passes through the back wheel. Pros: when a lot of 1, not yet on the gas to the anti-station, it still explodes, the wheel still does not go. Should be suitable for girls, or the elderly, or those who are new to the car that is easy to control.

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Hand clutch car: the pot holder of the clutch is simpler than the automatic clutch, the clutch has no front wheel and is replaced by a flywheel, it only has the rear wheel, so using the clutch bevel, then it will have a mechanism connected from the upper clutch with a cable downwards and there is a bevel under the engine block again, this clutch when it moves will have a push button in the clutch after, the clutch normally has a spring that presses the iron leaves tightly together, then the clutch is not cut, so the camcorder will spin; when I squeeze the clutch on the top, there is a transmission mechanism and the button will press on the rear clutch and the clutch after the braking force of the spring and separate the dad and iron leaves, then cut the clutch. smooth without moving, when the clutch is released, the force of the spring presses the iron leaf blades to make the cone connected and transmission from the concrete bits down to the gears to make the wheels spin.

Comparing The Difference Between Hand Taper and Automatic Taper 2

The two pot holders of the automatic clutch and the clutch are both wet clutches (immersed in viscosity) so must use the appropriate friction coefficient, especially when exposing the motor scooter viscosity through the gear motor. it will occur the phenomenon of power failure.

Car she automatically: Advantages: Firstly, the user does not need to squeeze the clutch, the operation is very simple, suitable for new drivers or women, the car is less off than the car hand, no need to increase or decrease the speed of the vehicle; The second is to be able to control the vehicle with one hand when necessary. Disadvantages: when it is geared up or up, it is not very flexible because it has a more automatic father, so I cannot control the car completely.

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Tapered hands: Advantages: the feeling of mastering the car completely, when using the car, all of your limbs are working (the left hand squeezes the taper, the right hand squeezes the brake, the left foot removes numbers, right foot to win) know which number is endless, whichever number is elegant; second hand taper cart is usually designed in a sporty, masculine and strong style so we will feel this sporty feeling when riding taper sleeve; the third is flexible gearing and numbering; Wednesday is when the car is stopped and the number that wants to lead the car, just squeeze the clutch to be able to lead.

Comparing The Difference Between Hand Taper and Automatic Taper 3

Disadvantages: firstly, it is difficult to get used to the number when dropping the number, when using an automatic clutch, the hand shift will be a little strange; second is to want to remove the number to hook so easily damaged shoes; The third is that a tapered vehicle that cannot operate in one hand is required to run in two hands; Wednesday is tapering hand drive a bit tired hand because they have to squeeze taper continuously.

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