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Comparing Bread Spices and Dumplings Which is Good

Dumplings and pudding. Which one is better?

Most motorcycles now fall in two categories, namely spokes and wheels.

From the 1960s and earlier, factory motorcycles were often equipped with spokes. From the 1970s onwards motorcycle wheels began to appear and until now, it is gradually becoming popular and used on the majority of new models launched today. However, the wheeled models are still used today, especially on the off-road locomotives, including the newly released models, and the classic motorcycles of the manufacturers. Motorbike manufacturers tend to be nostalgic, so the spokes are also equipped on their newly released cars.

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The first is that it has good durability compared to the wheels because it is made up of spokes connecting the hubs to the rim so it has a very good elasticity, it acts as a part of the suspension system for you. When moving on rough roads, the car will be quieter, the reaction from the road surface to the steering wheel will be absorbed by the rim, helping you to be quieter and less numb. hump. For this reason, most of the locusts and terrain bikes are equipped with standard spokes.

The second is that the spokes have a lighter weight thus making the third wheeler faster than the wheels, for this reason that short-distance racers often use a spokes to ensure the car has a good third thread. than.

The third is the spokes to create a classic, nostalgic style, the motorbikes of the recent motorbike manufacturers that tend to make nostalgic cars, often people will equip the spokes, it will create a The styling is very old and people who love classic cars will love it; The fourth is that buns are cheaper than cake chips.

Fourthly, when the plug is connected between the pole and the pitcher with so many pins, it is less likely to be distorted when running in rough roads because the spokes are split evenly on the rim so they will absorb less. and if it is dented, it is easier to rectify and the effect is almost the same, and if the chip is broken, it can be replaced.


Firstly, its structure consists of many plugs connecting from one beam to the other, making it difficult to clean the car.

Secondly, if you use a spokes without regular maintenance and maintenance, after about 5 to 10 years, it will start to have rust phenomenon which causes loss of aesthetics for the car.

Thirdly because the spokes are quite light, so when running on the road, it will not crash with wheels.

Fourthly, because the connection between the plug and the hole has a hole, it will be open so it is difficult to equip the intestinal shell (the intestinal shell will be safer when running at high speed when accidentally nailing the nail, the spokes has no page. If you have a shell without a bowel, it will leak faster).

Fifth is the color of the spokes is quite monotonous, it does not have the same colorful color as the cake, it has only one color of stainless steel, so it does not show the personality of the runner.

The sixth is that the spokes are quite complex, so the production process requires human effort into it, so it is difficult to mass produce than pie.

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The first is a large wheel to help the momentum of inertia larger wheel so when running at high altitudes, the car will hit.

The second is a cake that can be easily changed color, has many styles that show personality and sporty style.

 The third is that the cake is made of aluminum alloy so it does not rust much, if there is wholesale, it can be painted as usual.

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The fourth is that the cheesecake uses a non-intestinal crust so that it is easy to replace many different types of non-intestinal crust, because its structure is tight so it suits the non-intestinal crust and the intestinal shell is safer to move on the long distance when the tire is unfortunate, then it can run a section again, avoiding fast tire phenomenon that causes an accident.


The first is the large wheel mass that makes the vehicle heavier, when the third wheel is heavier than the spokes.

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The second is that the structure of the cake has fewer trees on the spokes so the spokes are not evenly distributed, far apart, the spaces that do not have a spokes will be weaker and when bumped into these spaces, it is easy They are dented or sometimes broken, if they are dented, the dumplings are very difficult to recover, if they are broken, they must replace a new one.

Each type of cake and cake has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is suitable for each purpose and different routes, so it is suitable to your needs. When using the road, you should use cake to eat, when using rough road, you should use cake. Can be combined when using the rear wheels are wheels to get large inertial toss forces and the front wheels are spokes to be able to reduce the reaction from the road surface to the steering wheel, then we can run on two types of terrain Asphalt shaped with high speed and rough roads.

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