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Experience buying a car without having to see the car


Hello everyone, my name is Manh Ooto. During the last time, my phone kept ringing and there were many customers who always came and asked me why is it online I say one type, but come another, please share with you and your friends like this: what we don't want is that we have to go very far, that's why The systems on the Internet now if we talk about it are completely virtual.

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Why am I saying this, this is one of the things that business people never tell the truth and always cause us to lose time, take a lot of time in such a period. And a lot of doctors came down from Lao Cai to ask me to go to Hanoi to see the car but in fact a car, this is a story that I tell you and you are like this: a car vios in 2011, it was said that it was confirmed that they delivered only 300, 310, so it is too cheap compared to the market.

And when he rushed down from Lao Cai and asked me to come here, I finally got the limo. Such thing and we are a completely dishonest business person. The world has changed, all business people, for those who, in recent times, our business is based on honesty and must be based on truth, what is it that people You have to do it, it's for profit and for money.

So today I'm going to show you and you guys a few questions in five minutes, then we can know if that car is a real car and if I can show you Within a few questions, a few strategies that use technology, we can completely become people without spending too much time, not costing on the road. So how do we ask. So today I am a workman myself and I only need a few questions. At first I was going to leave and I went a few trees, and I was not sure so I will use it. Using a few questioning techniques, I could totally tell that it was a completely dishonest vehicle and it was said to be a kind of vehicle.

Today, I was offered a black vios, Hanoi sea 30A by a person, and this consumer absolutely had to buy that car for 360 million, but the car was actually sold on the market. only 240 and 230, that car is a forklift. So I asked if it was the real evios e, they were told that I sold this vios e car for 310, the 2009 model. So I said that the 2009 life at the school it was at 370, 360 then at Why is there a 310 car I didn't buy. The first thing I asked people was if this car was actually purchased from a family member and bought from Hanoi? I told you right, so I asked if I was really vios or not, then they were still right. The first thing I asked was if there was a balloon, they were told that there was a balloon, then the balloon was a balloon, so I asked for more criteria, so on what basis did you know it was vios e, then she said she asked someone to go and see, so I asked to continue, so if the car has abs or not, people still say it has abs, but in fact, people lie, so I'll show you guys A technique for you to ask. This question is a deadly and important question that you do not need to waste time, if so then you move on to the second question: sorry sister, I am a person who does not know anything about cars but they all go yes thanks to the mechanic brother and me to a really good mechanic in that field and people can't deceive people, so if my car is real I'm saying e, and if it's If not, then tell the truth to me so that I will not spend the time I go to you because if you lie, I'll know where you are so if I buy vios limo and then she told me the truth to let me know the true price that I bought, if I buy it at the price of f and limo I buy at the limo price, or else give me time to go to my place to save my time and your money.

The second thing is that if you keep using a technique that is someone who is really good at cars, someone who is really good at cars then people will have to tell the truth. Secondly, we have to send pictures, send papers, but if we send papers, we don't know, rarely know and so, we have to ask other questions so we can save time. space. But one technique that I repeat to you and your friends is this question: I am a person who doesn't know anything about cars, but when I have determined that I am going, I will bring a worker and Bring along people who are really good at cars so instead of that, you should tell me straight away if that car is always a limo or not, if it is a limo, it will save you time. you and save my time.

Immediately when we hear the person answering our questions is muddy and answers us questions that are not clear, clear and without affirmation, we do not go away for it. time. For this reason, it took me many times to go from Thai Nguyen to Hanoi to see a car for some people in Thanh Hoa, some people in Lao Cai, some people in Ha Giang, even some people in other provinces come to Hanoi and they go to Hanoi every time and it is completely impossible to buy a car, and so we both lose money and lost money thanks to the people who lost money during that time. It takes a lot of time and if we do not ask because there is confusion, it costs tens of millions because of the wrong purchase. So those are the times I go, so I just let you and your friends and brothers know that such questions let us become experts to be experts in questions, experts expert skills; so we don't have to spend money on our own and don't spend our time and other people's time. Plus and if we don't know about that then we have to ask about some negotiation strategies.

Today I have a brother recount like this, I have a friend who sells a car, so I'm very afraid to bargain and if you like it, should I buy it or not. Then a few strategies in negotiation, I would like to share with you, brothers and sisters like this: to do business, we must know how to negotiate and to do business, we must know the strategy. marketing, doing business we must know the skills so that we can be businessmen who have money. So the business skills, the marketing skills are difficult, this requires guidance, it takes time to learn before we become good marketers. We often work but sell what we have and don't sell what the customer needs so to sell what the customer needs we have to measure and we have to know the negotiating skills are how. And if I'm just like this, then we can't negotiate and bargain, then we'll say like this: well I'm the one with no money.

Well then, I won't bargain, but for example, people say I have 280 million and I'm lazy to not bargain, I don't have money to give you a few million, five million 3 million. Either you give it to me so that I can return to you for business or you can get something for me to go back to do that, or get it out for me to return to you to do this, we can completely ask. fortune. Of course it's not a lot but a few million, these are some of the things that a lot of customers have negotiated with me and I've also negotiated with others so that you know the techniques for us to be people who have a little extra money, that's that kind of skill.

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And if any of you want me to tell you how to interact with me, then you can completely come to me, I will show you about them and so you know some questions and time. next time I will also point out the follow-up questions so that when we go do not waste time. I also have a phone number below, and if you want me to advise on something you can call me from 7am until 12pm and from 2pm Until 7 pm, I can give you a free consultation. In addition, if you want me to be something, you can comment below. And I based on that there will be new ideas, make the next video and I have two fanfage pages, that website is Le Manh and strong cars.

And you can go in there and text and comment below the things that I need advice, if I have free time then I will advise you and in my free time I do not answer the phone I have I can text you up there so I can text you up there, that's what we use to communicate with each other and let us consult with each other and let us save the money and the time and especially if I advise you then you will save. 

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If you buy a good car, it will save a few tens of millions, millions or even 50 million, so those are the things for us to connect with each other and if you want me to make videos, I certainly think that in the near future I will also be streaming in June, to livestream and to have some questions that customers ask, I will livestream directly so you can go in there to comment and I can also answer the questions on it or my teammates answer those questions for you, you. Yes, if you find it interesting, please subscribe, like and share it for everyone to see. Thank you and you and see you again in the next video Hello and see you again.

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