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Look Up Vehicles Violating Traffic (Cars, Motorbikes, Electric Bicycles) Through Number Plate

From June 1, 2019, the website of the Traffic Police Department has provided information on the means of violation detected through the surveillance system.

After information about the violating traffic safety violations detected through the surveillance system is updated on the Traffic Police website (You can go to: https://truongdaotaolaixehcm.com/tra-cuu-vi-pham-giao-thong or csgt.vn) From June 1, 2019, a large number of people are very interested, sympathetic and supportive. However, some newspapers published this content inaccurately, such as "the system of providing all violations, including acts of drinking, using drugs ... are updated", the Traffic Police Department asked for specific information. as follows:

For Traffic safety violations are detected through surveillance camera systems (faults are recorded through photos), besides direct penalties, sending notices to vehicle owners, notices via the registry system ..., the traffic police will notify these TTATGT violations on the Website. Traffic Police Department. Everyone can access to look up information about their license plates on the list of infringing vehicles.

The system will provide information about vehicle license plate, time, location, violation detection unit and contact phone number.To contact to deal with the handling at the police units where violations are detected.


Look Up Vehicles Violating Traffic (Cars, Motorbikes, Electric Bicycles) Through Number Plate


When entering the license plate Please note the letters and numbers immediately, without accents Enter the security code, press the button Search and see the result.

This is one of the activities of applying information technology in state management, administrative procedure reform and linking traffic polices with people.

Refer to lookup now: https://truongdaotaolaixehcm.com/tra-cuu-vi-pham-giao-thong or csgt.vn.


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