Top 10 Common Mistakes New Drivers Make When Using Cars

Before being allowed to drive cars on the road, the new drivers have all gone through a tough course and exam. However, when you hold the plate in your hand, Car driving license, new drivers still cannot avoid some mistakes because they do not have much experience in using cars.

To help new drivers protect their vehicles and drive safely, here's HCM Driving School please go through the Mistakes that new drivers often make when using cars. Let's follow the article.

10 Common Mistakes New Drivers Make When Using Cars

1. Change the lubricant ahead of time

Car maintenance centers often advise drivers to change the lubricant every 4.800km/time. However, you need to change the lubricant in accordance with the periodic intervals in your car's owner's manual. Because each type of car will have a different time.

Common mistakes new drivers make

Change the oil before the due date

Changing the oil before the expiration date of the car practically does not affect the car. However, this will cost you unnecessarily, isn't it?

2. Using gasoline that is not suitable for the engine compression coefficient

Gasoline used for cars has 3 types: normal - medium - high-grade gasoline with octane values ​​of 87 - 89 - 92.

Common mistakes new drivers make

Using inappropriate fuel

The type of gasoline used for cars will depend on the compression coefficient of the engine.

  • Compression coefficient < 8.1: use regular gasoline
  • Compression coefficient > 8.1: average gasoline use
  • Compression coefficient > 9.1: use high-grade gasoline

If the vehicle has a high compression coefficient but uses regular gasoline, it will easily encounter premature detonation, affecting engine power. At the same time, using high-grade gasoline for cars with a low compression ratio will not increase performance, but will only cost you useless costs.

3. Regularly use wax to polish tires and dashboards

After a period of use, the tires will be less shiny, and the dashboard will also be dusty. However, if you use too much polishing wax, it will cause no small consequences.

Top 10 Common Mistakes New Drivers Make When Using Cars 3

Regularly use tire polishing wax

According to car experts, polishing wax will make the dashboard glossy, causing glare for drivers when driving. In addition, the panel will also degrade quickly if you wipe it with wax regularly.

For car tires, too, the protective layer of tire rubber will be removed by the chemicals in the polishing wax. This can lead to tire cracking and dangerous driving.

Therefore, you should only wipe these parts with a wet cloth, soft brush with clean water or mild detergent.

4. Return number to “N” when stop at red light (with AT number)

Many drivers often think that leaving the car in "D" (drive) gear when braking will waste fuel and wear out the gearbox. However, in fact, if you regularly let the car switch from N to D every time the traffic light turns green, the gearbox will be worn out.

5. Use a headset to talk on the phone while driving

One of the main causes of traffic accidents while driving is driver distraction. Many drivers think that using a headset to talk while driving will ensure safety (because two hands can still be used to drive). However, this action will cause the brain to be distracted by something else (on the phone) rather than focusing on driving.

Common mistakes new drivers make

Using headphones while driving

6. Thinking that not locking the door will make it easier to rescue in an accident

If you think that leaving the car door unlocked will make it easier for rescuers to access in the event of a traffic accident, you are wrong. In fact, the driver can be thrown out of the car in a collision if the door is not locked.

Besides, even if you do not lock the door, many cars will still automatically lock when the airbag is activated. And even if the door is locked, the rescuers will still break the door easily to rescue you thanks to their skills. Therefore, lock the car door to protect you and the people inside.

7. Put your hands at the 10 o'clock - 2 o'clock position on the steering wheel

Perhaps many new drivers still do not know that the position of hands on the steering wheel is really important. Many drivers have the habit of placing the steering wheel at the 2 o'clock and 10 o'clock positions on the steering wheel, this is a very dangerous habit.

If there is a collision and the airbag in the car is broken, the force of the explosion will hurt your fingers. Therefore, the correct position for the fingers on the steering wheel will be 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock.

Top 10 Common Mistakes New Drivers Make When Using Cars 4

Place your hands at the 10 o'clock - 2 o'clock position

8. Can see my face in the rearview mirror

This is quite a common mistake among new drivers. If you do not adjust the rearview mirror properly, you will encounter a lot of blind spots when driving, which can easily lead to traffic accidents.

And the correct way to check that there are no blind spots when driving a car is: the driver can't see his face in any of the rearview mirrors. Therefore, if you can see your face in the rearview mirror – then you should understand that you are making a serious mistake.

9. Just stare at the car in front

If you only focus on looking ahead when driving a car, you are wrong. Because the accidents that happen when driving a car come not only from the front, but also from the sides of the road and behind as well.

Therefore, instead of just looking ahead, scan the entire width of the road, and at the same time observe the rearview mirror to know the situation behind the car.

10. Use headlights in foggy weather

Don't make the mistake of thinking that using car headlights when it's foggy will make the road easier to see. The fact is that the light from the headlights will be refracted by tiny water droplets and make visibility even more limited.

Common mistakes new drivers make

Use headlights in foggy weather

Therefore, you should not turn on the headlights, but turn on the low beam or fog lights. This is enough to keep an eye on the road and let drivers on the opposite side know your car's presence.

Information about 10 mistakes that new drivers often make được HCM Driving School presented here is very important. Be careful to avoid making these unnecessary mistakes. Good luck to the new drivers.

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