Driving a manual gearshaft

Experience driving a manual transmission. Pedal Thang first or clutch first?


Hello everyone, many people ask me if I drive, I brake when I want to slow down, I brake first and then pedal or do I pedal clutch pedal? Well, I also answered that when driving a road car, first you want to slow down, you have to step on the brakes first, then when the speed of the car it will decrease to a level that you feel is suitable. Then, at that time, you will simultaneously pedal and lower gear to prevent the car from stalling, avoid the case, you simultaneously brake and clutch at the same time, because when you pedal brake pedal at the same time, when you run fast, the car will be drifting, very dangerous.

Driving a Number of Floors Should Braking First or Con Before 1

And in case your clutch pedal accidentally slips, it's a more dangerous car to pull the car, but while you take the B and C driving license, the teachers teach you to pedal. at the same time letting the car do not stall, the teacher also taught it right, because why? Because when you run in the car, the speed you slow down is 30km / h, it is certain that you have to pedal the brake at the same time so that the car does not stall, but in fact when you you should not ride at the same time and you yourself will be drawn to the school automatically, you should draw the brakes first and check on the right speed for you. want to go, and then pedal and reduce the gear to the corresponding speed, then the new car will not stall.

So now I'm going to film a close-up of the road I'm running, so this side of the first one is the accelerator, right! the next one is the foot ... the foot wins and this is the clutch foot, then the foot of this alcohol should always be free or kicked or to freedom ha! Do not have to constantly, tired legs and the second is to follow his reflexes or pedal continuously not good, should leave his left foot free. And this right leg, you also have two options: One is to pedal, two to brake ... That's! To which do? So that you do not lose control, usually there are many people they lose control, often they have ready, ... they leave at the same time, they leave the left foot to brake, right foot to accelerate, they often lose control. ... That's it! In this case, you just follow my instructions, leave your left foot free only when pedaling only, to shift gear then you pedal clutch ha! Then right foot is pedal, pedal is brake, pedal or pedal and only this one!

Driving A Number Of Floors Should Be Braking First or Con Before 2

So now I test drive to show you the actual observation when I drive home! First I will pedal down to lower the gear, I pedal down at the same time my brake pedal must also pedal, so that the case its car is drifting right? Slip right? Already! Shifting to the 1st gear, I opened the turn signal and started to release the brake pedal and release the clutch pedal slowly then the car started to roll, that's…! When rolling, then completely release the clutch, continue to the right foot to muzzle the accelerator pedal to the permissible speed, Okay! I pedaled on my clutch, so I continue to pedal. Okay, then you noticed me running home! On the way we run! Right, I'm going number 2, I'll start pedaling, okay! I went to No. 3, and then continued to step on the brake pedal, and my foot will always be on the gas! Your right foot always put on the gas pedal, ... always put on the gas pedal! Already! I'm going to number 3, then now I take the turn signal to the outside lane and then I go to the outer lane.

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Already! If I continue to number 4 then I will kick all the way down, I'll down to 4. That's it! So now in front of the obstacle you find yourself kicking off, hey ...! The obstacles that I have decreased gradually and decreased when I got closer, then I pedaled, I cycled and I returned the gear to the appropriate number, if you go to reach about 10 to 20 you can go to number 2 or you go down dimly you go number 1, but if the car stops, you will go to 0, but now because the car is running slowly, I still slightly tapering a little bit, let the car muzzle it to continue. Already! The passenger car before it broke, it was seriously wrong. God! The bike was broken, it was too dangerous! …………. There, now I continue to let go of the clutches completely, so I step on the accelerator to accelerate, okay! kick the clutch to number 3, that's ...! When going up to No. 3, keep going to No. 4, I'll kick next, then I'll go down to No. 4. Let's go slowly! Well, now I am ready, I feel like I'm pushing the brakes now, I'm kicking the brakes! ……… .Standard is reduced, then! Win down to the speed you just pedal while reducing the number 2, there! After finishing number 2, I started to release the clutch, I stepped on the gas pedal, I increased again, increased, then I increased to the number 3 I continued running, there! If you run the automatic, it's fine for you guys, all you have to do is just win and throttle, win and ta ... and throttle.

But if you run the floor, you have to have the clutch to shift gears, and now I want to continue, then! Step on the clutch on number 4, ok! Because now I'm going like this, the road speed is so narrow that I can't get to the 5th, only the 4th falls back, then! I'm still going here is …… I'm still going here is number 4 of all of you, I'm running on the buoy and break the communication ... see which empty part I put the number on for you guys to see, okay! Now I'm crossing this middle lane! …… it's too crowded…. Still number 4…. There! Now I let go of the clutch, only kicking the pedal lightly ... yeah! Release the gas pedal, just a little, keep the speed, now I'm going at a speed of 40km / h ha! ... .. then you notice when I started to slow down, I stepped on the brake! …… and then I stepped on the tapered foot, you pay attention! Obviously the car does not turn off the engine, when the car starts to slow down completely but the speed you have not reduced the gear, not reduced the number then it will start to stall, .... already! I changed lanes to the middle lane so I passed the truck in front! Here, there I stepped on the brake pedal Do you see the brake pedal? At the same time pedal reduction immediately, there! Then continue ... then increase the clutch and continue driving the accelerator …… ..yah! I am changing lanes to the middle so I can speed up, I pass the car in front of me, ... that! Right now I'm still riding number 4, because the city streets do not have enough distance for me to run numbers 5 and 6. As long as I'm on the freeway, I can get to that number. Now I go, the speed is about 45km / h only.

Now the front is an obstacle so I switched over the brake nè, my right foot slowly triumphant ha! After winning it, the computer still runs at 34, 40, 45, so it still has not died yet! Nha! Do not be in a hurry to pedal and the bike is very dangerous, obviously you do not have to pedal. My clutch will only work when I change gears, there! Just imagine it like that, but clearly the car does not stall, completely different when you run in the car, .... There! Start reducing yourself nè! There, I reduced it, the car started to reduce it down to 30. Okay! At that time, I just started pedaling and reducing the gear to the number 3 to the number 3, so it won't stall now…. Already! reduced to 3 ha, .... There! Now I continue to relax the clutch leg, there is nothing to millet ... Then! Keep on winning! Step on the brake ... then! ... and then return the clutch to number 2, because it's slowing down, that's ...! Run to No. 2, now the car is still moving slowly, then at this time I released the clutch leg slowly and then began to accelerate again .... there! ... okay, speeding up now it is still going slowly at 20 so I don't have to shift ... ha!

Driving A Number Of Floors Should Be Braking First or Con Before 4

Already! I just let go of it, slightly shifting slightly to No. 2, it still goes 20 speed as the previous car ……. That! ... ..!! .... Now the road is crowded, there are about two dozen speeds, so I only have gas, so now I speed up! I stepped on the gas pedal then stepped on the clutch and I got to the third gear .... Ok! ... there! Then you can clearly see that my leg and clutch don't need ... no kick for a while! It is rare for me to use these two at the same time, only when I change gears, the speed is too slow ... that! .... then I go at the speed of 32km / h, then I hit the turn signal right I'm turning right, you are turning to the right, that's ... slowing down this speed ... ... slowing down the thing that I pedal brakes ... there's a car hit I braked the front engine first, and then accelerated again, I stepped on the gas pedal, my right foot has 2 tasks, one is to brake or throttle only, it cannot be cool to drive, I cannot pedal wrongly clutch, brake and accelerator pedal, and in some traffic accidents, the pedals are often mistakenly stepped on the accelerator, the majority of them run an automatic transmission, and the manual transmission is almost Little, that! Because now it has only 2 functions, 1 is to brake, 2 to brake, ... then! I am accelerating on the throttle and at the same time increasing the number I pedal this, ... that! Then shift to gear 4, release the clutch and continue pedaling again to keep it up, then! I'm going to turn the signal to the left to make a bigger road! there! ... then! I had a light pedal on my motorcycle, then I continued to step on the gas pedal, .... then! ... I hit the turn signal, which is changing to the far left lane, then! now I'm at number 4 I want to go to number 5, then I started pedaling down to number 5, then I dropped the clutch pedal to pedal, continue to increase, I'm running is 60km / h …already! I'm going down the slope, I'm going down the slope, I'm releasing the accelerator, I'm not pedaling, I'm just a little careless, then I'm going down the slope slowly!

The time when I dropped my brake pedal slowly down, it's obvious that I am slowing down, kicking the brake slowly but I am not pedaling tapering, starting the speed is decreasing to 50 ... already! its speed decreased to 40,…. Already! the speed started to drop to 30 so now I kick the clutch and I return 0, the MO number, the MO number then this time, well, the car floats slowly then I keep pedaling lightly , ... now that I have stopped the red light, I am already stopping the red light, then it is considered that I completely relax, I step on the brake pedal, then! If I stop at the red light, then I step on this brake. If I don't want to step on the brake pedal, then if I'm busy with my foot, I'll pull my hand on the brake pedal ... that's it!

Pull the brakes up or I drop down, then like me, only when I stop long, I will pull the brakes and I am waiting for the red light, I do not have the brake, but I still keep this foot brake, that! ... Well then now I continue, the green light will kick my foot, ... yes! I slowly hoisted on ... there! .... Already! Slowly, okay! turn left ha! I'm turning left, turn left, hey, I'm going at the speed of 2! No. 2 and now I'm going this speed is 10km / stop, that!….

So you see, now I'm going at a speed of 10km / h and then pour it back to manipulate it like in the car then, like in the car when you learn the exam, then most of the time and the clutch You guys pedal at the same time, ha! There! Now I'm walking slowly in the street, this road is in this market, very slowly, notice ...

I'm going number 2! ... Okay! win and win, it's at the same time, there! Winning insects at the same time, I am going at a speed of 10km / h as in a market, it goes through the market already ... there! I'm still going number 2, guys! .... I'm going like this only 10km / h, I'm going number 2 but I let go of all the accelerator to the car it will still float itself, still rolling home! ... there! sometimes I just inched slightly on the accelerator pedal, my foot is on the accelerator pedal but I got a little push.

Okay! ... Now the front is a red light, now I win and taper at the same time and at the same time the green light I turn this left, ... ah, right turn .... What you notice, drop the ... now I completely release the brakes, I control the car with the clutch completely ... this! Right now, I control this car with the clutch completely, ... okay! ... done, now I've just got to the drive a little bit, so start this, I don't ... then ... pedal ... increase to number 3 ... right! ... step on the accelerator, ... then ... done again ... now I want to increase the number 4 on the clutch ... then! ... to number 4, then! Release the clutch ... right! ... now if the speed you only have the clutch ... eh ... win with the throttle, ... that! ... don't use the clutch anymore ... There! Only my right foot, it only has 1 throttle, 2 is the winner.

I'm going number 4! Because it's not a long road so I don't, ... it's not a long road, so I can't reach 5, ... already! in front of the obstacle now ... you see? There…! Reduce the number now ... Depress the clutch and simultaneously reduce the gear then release the clutch pedal to accelerate again, pedal again to increase the speed, ... to increase the speed, .... Going at the speed of 40km / h, guys ... ... already! There were obstacles before ... See it? I stepped on the brake pedal, ... that! there are obstacles that I stepped on the brakes first, reduced to 30 but I did not pedal, where the car stalls? But as long as under 10 under 20 the car will die, it is imperative that you pedal right, that ...!

Now that I pedal this, I'm down to No. 3, walking slowly, going at speed 20 ... already! Increase it to 30 ... That! I am keeping the accelerator steady, I am at 30, I go by number 3 ... narrow roads, east roads, can only go at speed 30 guys, go 30, I'm going 3 ... my legs mainly just check the accelerator pedal, that's ... obviously I don't use the clutches, .. when driving like this, the little bit was using the clutch, guys, in the image of your classmates, whenever At the very least, you use the clutch to keep the car from stalling, but in fact, you don't go to school on long journeys.

Therefore, when you drive a familiar number, I think it is the same as the automatic number, it is no different, nor tired, only tired at first, tired too much, using too much clutch. I'm tired, if I use the clutch cone properly, I won't get tired at all, now I'm preparing this red light, I slow down this speed, reduce the vibration of the car, kick the clutch, cut the clutch to a lower gear. , then returns the MO number, that ... stop, brake, stop, wait for the red light ... ok ... already! ok ... you guys wonder, please comment below for answers, I will answer you in the free time!

And I also tell the fact that I always drive a car with my experience, I show it, but I'm not a driving teacher, I'm not a driving teacher. car, I am just a regular driver, so I see what I describe so surely the way I present it will not be as easy to understand as the teacher already, there is no method like the teacher, so you do not compare with the teachers in the school doing something, because it is good that they have a lesson that their friends instructed, and I just said great fun, I just made fun clips ... there! ... ha! ! But ... but you can not compare with the other teachers, because I can not be equal to the other teachers ... .nha ... clearly stated like that ... .nha. And compared to those who have long experience, I'm not as good as, say it clearly, so you guys drive well and see for fun, I don't have to dance ax through the eyes of workers or anything so you sympathetic ha!

Already…. stop it I wish you health, safe driving!


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