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VinFast Impes and Chinese Electric Scooters: Unequal!

VinFast Impes and Chinese Electric Scooters: Unequal!

Particularly this battery, the motor and the wire bundle have seen the difference is too much already. So I tell you a secret, these two cars are almost equal money, can you believe it?

VinFast Impes and Chinese Electric Scooters: Unequal! first

Hello everyone, standing next to me here are two electric scooters - a very popular means of transportation recently, especially at the age of pupils, students and housewives. Why is that? Because it is very convenient, reasonable cost only more than ten million only, smooth, neat and so on. But a lot of people question whether to buy a genuine car such as a genuine Vietnamese - is this Vinfast Impes or buy a Chinese imported car? How will it be? Which would it be more reasonable? So today we will compare the two cars of the same segment. Even if we were at a professional car repair shop, would we take apart all the details inside to see which car would be better?

After removing all the two Vinfast Impes and the Chinese X-Men, how can we see the most important parts that make up an electric car? Can Mr. Long share it?

VinFast Impes and Chinese Electric Scooters: Unequal! 2


First of all, we care about the engine hub gear, because the wheel behind the shaft is the most important. So with the naked eye, I also see that the Vinfast is the shaft that is larger in diameter than the Chinese car. I will conduct a test to see how much it is, how much diameter? This one is 25.42 mm, and this one only has 20.20 mm, yes. The main spindle under the load and the traction of the engine is on the Vinfast side which is much larger, not to mention other factors. This is the one I see with my own eyes, what does Long see? The coiled copper wire here, on the other side it is messy, it is not neat. Looking at it, we can clearly see that the processing quality is relatively not different between the Vinfast and the Chinese car, the Chinese car, the copper thread is big, very bad (yes), it is bad. going out a lot. And here they tie it with tin wire, it doesn't look good, doesn't look good. This power line goes neat. This is actually understandable because it comes from the German Bosch brand, and the other engine is the engine of unknown origin of the brand. This is the Bosch brand here. This is also a strong 48 V and 1,200 W, but this car, we do not see the parameters at all, do not see the parameters always, do not see what the parameters are on this engine always. I don't know how many volts and I don't know how many watts it is

VinFast Impes and Chinese Electric Scooters: Unequal! 3

Mr. Long saw that the engine is important, the second one I think is the battery, it is equally important. The battery is definitely an essential element for electric vehicles (terrible), almost like motorbikes' gasoline. Then we see the one at Vinfast is using Lithium batteries with the Klara S, this one is already eaten. Because I think this battery has to be 10 times more expensive than that battery system. This is the same as the high-end Klara is using Anod aluminum shell and branded Vinfast properly, in addition, there is a part to check the international battery or not? As for the car on this side, we see only 4 normal batteries, 4 battery batteries. Looking at 4 batteries like this is really a technology to heaven. A battery of this type, it is only equivalent to the battery of the scooters only (that's right), but sells somewhere between 150 and 200 thousand one outside, but lithium batteries are very expensive. Lithium batteries, the price is very different. So this is something you can see right through the naked eye, there's no need to compare. The one that this battery does not have, its safety is very flammable. Acid batteries have many disadvantages, and one of the relatively important ones is the impact on the environment because it uses acid to generate electricity, and the other two are its lifespans are not as high as Lithium batteries. . I also saw another one, what did Long see? This is the bone tray of this car (you see the wires zigzag and saw it terrible), this is a bunch of electricity. Here, it is impossible to be confused. It can be done outside, people do it maybe much better. I mean, there is no such a board (it's messy, since the mess is just looking at this department and describing it). Exactly.

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And this car like you see, it has very neat, simple power lines. This car is very well wrapped and also has QC Passed and has a trademark of a Vietnamese company manufacturing. This cord is neat like this, almost Lego children can also install it. Yes, this is also the jack type is also waterproof. So light? The seal is also from Bosch. Bosch always, in short, is always using brand-name goods (original products), all using branded goods. All are genuine, very good, very different. Particularly this battery, the motor and the wire bundle have seen the difference is too much already. But I tell you a secret, these two cars are almost equal money, can you believe it? Really? That is very affecting consumers, if consumers do not know, then they must buy the goods of poor quality, but sometimes not covered by warranty. The price of a Vinfast is only the same as this one? On par with this one, it's a few hundred thousand more expensive than this car. I did not expect it. Surprise right? Why is it that such poor quality, but now consumers do not know it would be very dangerous, because the things that poor quality does not have warranty. There is absolutely no origin, (no origin at all, not a bit of origin at all), on this car there is only a Vietnamese stamp that is an electric vehicle warranty, Vietnam Nam paste it.

VinFast Impes and Chinese Electric Scooters: Unequal! 4

This snail is exactly the same as the one on the flea market, and even worse, the frame is very thin, which can be measured directly. You can measure the frame. Here we will try to measure the frame! Measuring the diameter of the frame tells you, this frame is 2.78 mm, it looks thicker already, but we want to know for sure how it is. 2.31 mm half an inch apart. That means not too much difference, but about the frame that is also already a lot. The steel frame that the pipe is the same diameter and the thickness is greater than the load capacity is much better (load capacity is much better already), not to mention the diameter. When the frame has been peeled off like this, many people will misunderstand that by looking at the same appearance that will look like, how the quality? So today, I took it off and saw Long, did you see? I am also very surprised with many things of the Vin, the first is the screen compared to the car screen motor, this mechanical watch is so much different. This one is very smart, this one is extremely intelligent, it is an electronic screen that connects all the technologies that are integrated on this screen. The second is a safety factor, the brakes of this car is definitely much better than the other car, squeezing it bouncing like a motorbike. And this one is indented. That's why when the overall chassis engine, two children with equal money that a genuine Vietnam full warranty, prestige, engine and everything is a firm. And this one does not have a brand at all, run on the road to know immediately, sir, running on the street once or two is a heaven and a day. One was very lucky and ran around, and the other one was smooth. This motor is the same engine used on Vinfast Klara, the battery is the same, looks exactly the same, so you see? Not peeling off is how to know. It is very optimal.

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Here now, next I want to test this previous frame to see how it is doing. The front frame, I, I think about the structure it's quite similar. The texture is almost similar, but let's see if the thickness, the texture is similar, how thick? This is the width of the frame is 36.2 mm, this car is only 35.7 mm only, the difference is also 0.5 mm. 0.5 is not too much but a little smaller, right?

Here I continue to measure the thickness of the lower neck. The lower neck is also the bearing type. The main bearing for the whole head frame is, the thickness of this neck frame here they make is 2.88 mm, 10.13 mm. Oh it's a whole lot different, which means this is very thick. I feel very thin here, it's just a thin tube from here to the top, and this one is a Vinfast reinforced with a thick bottom up to 10.13 mm, which is 1 inch thicker than iron. here, consist of two classes. The upper tube is probably about 2-3 mm, but this is the main bearing structure in the neck is here, and this is completely welded only. That's why when we drive two cars one is sure and one rickety.

VinFast Impes and Chinese Electric Scooters: Unequal! 6

Not to mention his brothers to see how the casing goes? Is this the outline of the Vinfast? Right. Here you see? Plastic is the standard dentistry. Plastic has a code, there's a production date of 8/2019 (and it's definitely this), there's a code (crackable). How about we see a Chinese car? Where is the shell of the Chinese car? This plastic, I think it will not be ABS plastic. Hard plastic is not ABS, there are still production dates but not stamping, oh no here dated 2018. This is about the senses, the normal sense is different, this child is not flexible. Yes, it's not flexible), let's go to Vinfast's plastic, it's much better (yes), that plastic is hard. The paint of this child is also more standard, the plastic orchestra has seen a difference already.

Can we see a little more about snails, Mr. Long? Well, here we have the two screw trays of the two cars, so let's see how the screws fit? This is the screw tray of a Chinese electric car, it feels very normal, looks very normal. In short, it was assembled, I still see the certainty, assembled. I don't see the problem with this pile of snails, but let us see this side. But this one looks a lot nicer, a lot nicer, looks a lot more definitely. The whole snail here from the small to the big is marked with this mark, this mark means that in the production process when you finish this snail, someone has to check it again. People put one color here so it's OK, so all these cars have been tested. But the Chinese did not see any colored bars at all. I also see some snails with glue. Yes, this green color is anti-drift glue (yes, it won't slip off), the finish of the Vin is very good. Edit from the smallest details like that. Here, all the snails are all color marked, no one is not found, here are all. Standard only always. Yes, the investment is very in depth! Not to mention is the outside of Mr. Long seen? For example, the lights cluster things have seen the difference already.

VinFast Impes and Chinese Electric Scooters: Unequal! 7

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In a nutshell, after the video that we took apart like this, you probably imagine a car without a brand floating on the market, how it will be different, in particular. with a car that uses a lot of branded goods. This is probably you will make your own comments only, after this video. And whether or not to buy or not, please comment below for us to discuss more.

Thanks to Mr. Long once again for helping us make this video. Yes, thank you Hung Lam and his friends Hay Xe for creating favorable conditions for me to open the electric car. Mine is really curious, and doesn't know that the Vietnamese electric car it produces does not think it is so good. Hopefully, in the near future, we will dissect many other cars, scooters, large displacement vehicles, missed motorcycles, right? Well, that's my favorite. Thank you for watching the program. Goodbye and see you in the next video. Bye.

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