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Review Kia Assembly Car Sendona Standard Assembly

Review Kia Sedona car assembled, priced at nearly 1.2 billion dong

Review Kia Assembly Car Sendona Standard Assembly 1

Yes, I just walked through the immense space of a family minivain model 1 minivain. Has won the attention of customers in recent times. And on today's program we will learn about this model that is the Kia Sedona model. The Kia Sedona model that we introduce today is the lowest version in the family of Kia Sedona in Vietnam.

Currently, I am driving Sedona on the motorway to Ninh Binh a very nice and wonderful road to experience great cars at high speed. Yes, even though the Sedona I am driving here is only equipped with Kia's new 2.2L CRDI diesel engine technology that gives this Sedona the acceleration and soundproofing is very good. The sound insulation I want to say is the sound insulation of the engine. Yes, the acceleration of the car whether at low speed or high speed and in particular my speed is 100km / h I want to speed up it is also easy just press the throttle only the car can reach 110 120. This can be found right away.

Review Kia Assembly Car Sendona Standard 2

A weakness of the old oil engine if we go at low speed is also 2000 or more, the noise level is very large or is incubated, especially going in the city. With Kia's new diesel engine technology, those drawbacks have been eliminated and now I can control the Sedona on the highway as no less than a petrol engine that has a high capacity. The steering wheel size is very moderate, when I held this steering wheel I thought I was driving in a sedan or a luxury crossver because it was very small and compact. It is different from the old generation cars when used when using oil grenade assist or without grenade size it is very large. To ensure a real ratio with the steering ratio of selling bamboo and steering wheel. However, when I drove Sedona at 100km / h, I started to feel a little traumatic injury on the steering wheel a little bit and when we pushed it up, the injury was even more pronounced.

Sedona has a blind spot warning on the rearview mirror which means that for a car this big, the blind spot warning is very important and a slight negligence can cause a collision. Then with this blind spot warning, you need to glance at the mirror to receive the signals and can handle it safely. Sedona brings one that is quite good, 100km / h even 120 people still feel comfortable, extremely smooth. And it can be said to increase a little more the road is quite empty, the road surface is good. Soundproofing of the cabin is also very good. And the sound of the wind blowing through the mirrors is not much. There is a sound of the tires coming up from the road, but it is completely acceptable with a model that costs more than 1 billion one. So for a big minivan like this the aerodynamic way is always huge. Kia engineers have solved that problem very well. Especially the sound of the wind through the door sill through the mirror gap is very well eliminated.

Review Kia Assembly Car Sendona Standard 3

Just now, I ended the experience on the highway of Ninh Binh. And now we will go at a slower pace. It started to rain. The weather may not be very favorable for the situation, but the experience in the wet road is also a very good experience. We have now entered the more crowded roads that are no longer highways. I will use the driving mode is Eco Pro. In this mode, it will drive more fuel. Very suitable when we walk in the street. To be honest, I have been driving Sedona for 2 hours, running continuously but without thinking that I drive a minivan where I am holding an SUV.

Kia Sedona is equipped with a 6-speed automatic system. There mode manual shift means I can automatically switch to and can also plus and minus. Yes, I am going to Trang An on winding roads and through very beautiful ravines, the scenery here is great for us to take pictures. Although it rains a little today, it is not convenient, but when I go in, it will be quite high at 70km / h. Yes, the slopes are quite tight, but I can still hug it at an unbelievable speed of 70km / h with a car of nearly 2 tons like this. It was still raining heavily so maybe we would change our plans to return to Hanoi. Currently, Hanoi is very sunny and beautiful.

Review Kia Assembly Car Sendona Standard 4

I will head back to Hanoi to make the experience easier. Because recording in sunny conditions would be much easier. I will turn around. This mirror has not been equipped with a water-repellent layer so it is completely blurred. I'll stop for a moment to wipe it off. As soon as I entered this Sedona's cabin, I was impressed by the plastic materials. On the dashboard as well as the details, luxurious and delicate materials and create a very sympathetic look. Yes, one incorporates leather and wood steering wheel and it creates a very good grip. on the steering wheel is the built-in Control feature I'm using and can install it. And the throttle is a little regret that the speed of this Control tail is not displayed by the electronic number on this information map. But we have to look at the analog clock speed.

In addition, we can control by the function key ie function. We can interfere with the vehicle's operating mode sound system as well as the lighting settings. And this side is the volume control system. Very familiar on new models nowadays. There is a hands-free phone mode, yes it's very easy to connect. Sedona is equipped with the start of the Start Stop system with just a simple button. That is smartphone mode. Those are functions that are familiar in new Kia cars these days. A very large screen, but this screen has to be more than 9 inches, so it's easy to track all the information through this screen. This is the first I will try. Sedona is available on maps and maps in Vietnam as well. On a Sedonan model equipped with an independent 3-zone air-conditioning system and with up to 2 indoor units and 1 set of a minivan or a large emmivi like this, the equipped with a 3-zone air-conditioning system and 2 indoor units are also important.

The Sedona driver's seat is equipped with 6-way power control system even when moving, I can inch up and inch a bit to create a better driving position. Drive a Sedona model of this size with a very large space. Right at this driving position, I have a huge amount of space, guys. Armrest, gear lever, storage space, everything is spacious, very convenient. Let's have a look at the ceiling. There are 2 sunroof on the ceiling of Sedona. 1 sunroof for the front seats, 1 window for the 2nd and 3rd row. When we arrive at a beautiful place. Or go on a moonlit night, then we should open this window to be able to mingle with nature, enjoy the beauty of that natural scene. Sedona is also equipped with rearview mirror in anti-glare car. And here also appears a panoramic observation mirror. I opened it and I could see all the people in the 2nd and 3rd row. And the cameramen were still working.

Review Kia Assembly Car Sendona Standard Assembly 5

Hello, I am sitting in the second row of this Sedona model, I have just changed the drive for my colleague. Let me experience this second row. Yes, there is only 2 seats in the second row on Sedona. Very spacious, isn't it. Yes, a large sized vehicle is equipped with very comfortable seats. The space between head and ceiling, legroom and front seat with my knees. A rear-seat car like this can't afford gadgets like this. Like a sun shade, this sun shade is manually operated, but if it is electrically adjustable, it is much more luxurious and much easier. An air conditioner for 2nd row seats. Adjustable here. The temperature, the inlet and the blowing mode, and right here there's a separate window for changing the wind,

I want to talk more deeply about this chair and I can adjust the recline greatly. The armrests of both sides can be folded and opened. And when I folded it, I'm sorry, I have to open this wire a little bit and you can manage very comfortably. If this seat can be reversed, it would be nice to have the 3rd and 2nd rows of us sitting and chatting or enjoying the meal right here in this car. And now I have to fasten this seatbelt to make it safe because the car is still in operation. This chair is only mechanically adjustable and it only adjusts up and down and there is no footrest when I stretch my leg and when I recline the seat back. Because I am experiencing the lowest version of Sedona in Vietnam, the DAT version is sold for 1 billion VND 180 million. More advanced versions using gasoline engines like 3.3 will have more advanced features.

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A very useful MPV template. Utility from the location that stores the hangers for the phone chargers. Even the little storage boxes below. I can hold this box, phone and other things. Very convenient, right? These water trays in the center. Or is the side of the door very convenient? But there's something I'm still not happy about the sound of the wind coming through this door. Yes, if it is better soundproofed, I will be more satisfied. However, my level of use space is excellent. Yes, the car is going slowly, how can I take off the seatbelt I'll experience in this third row? Moving in the car is very comfortable. Honestly, with a car like this, it's great for a family when we travel.

Now I'm sitting in the 3rd row. Yes, a row of seats for 3 people and Sedona is equipped with 3 headrests. This is the headrest, the person sitting. 3 people sitting is still very ok. Yes, I can adjust the headrest. It's okay for us to leave it out. Besides, there is still a sunshade curtain, I lowered it a bit because it is cool today, it looks better. I have a pretty good view out. Different from the small emmivi model from the sitting position, the space for the front of the car and the legroom is very good. 3rd air conditioner door here sir. We can adjust a little bit. I am going to adjust this backrest, right? I have to pull this string to adjust.

Right in this third row is the storage compartment. For 2 bottles of water and some small applications. In the third row, there are also 2 speakers on both sides so we can listen to the music. Yes, the front of the Kia Sedona is more like cross-over or SUV models than dull minivans. A very strong front end from the large grille, headlights and lower bumper combine in a very harmonious way. And I want to talk more about this grille.

This grille is designed in the language of a tiger nose. Yes, this tiger nose has created huge leaps and bounds for Kia product lines. From KIA Morning to large luxury cars such as K9 v ... v ... and who created the breakthrough is Peter Straighter. Like the big minivan, Sedona's body is very square and quite large with a large adfi model of more than 5m, this is not a small size. However, this model is quite flexible when running on both roads and in urban areas because it has a very nice steering system in front of the steering wheel.

Review Kia Sendona Standard Assembly 6

But one thing that is very different from other minivan is this tail. If the other minivan models have this part like the crossover model, Sedona sacrifices that it is more square to create a space inside which is more comfortable and especially has a window. Very lovely. When you sit inside, looking at the outside scenery is very attractive. Access to the rear seats is also very convenient because this is an electric door, it has all the necessary safety features. For example, it is against jamming or when we go, if we do not go back to the countryside, it will not open. There. It is extremely dangerous to sit in the back of a moving vehicle and open it, Kia engineers have carefully calculated to help the occupants of the car always be as safe as possible. Yes, I will step into this cabin. Yes, just a light touch on the door will allow this huge door to open automatically. And I just need to be clever, the door will automatically close. And of course, it has a jamming system. Then when I stop and touch, the door will automatically back up very safe, right?

Access in the 3rd row is also very easy when the 2nd row is equipped with a switch. Currently, I am pushing this row to the last but I can still get in and out easily with just one switch. Here. The chair immediately, the seat surface will be folded back straight, I entered. Very neat. And now we will open up this trunk and explore the space of the third row as well as this trunk. Yes, to open this trunk is very simple, just press one. This is an open electric trunk. To close this trunk I just need a very simple operation, press this button only. Yes, this trunk also has anti-jamming function. We will try, we have to resist with a little more force. So we should take care of this as well.

The rear of the Kia Sedona is very wide, it is not a normal flat form, it is still concave. Well here I can put a foot and come in like this close to my knee. Very wide and comfortable, yet deep and of course this third row is running out in the end which means pushing it all the way. And we still have a lot of space. In the trunk later still has 12V output, 12V output. When we go on picnics or picnics, this function is very important. We can charge like electronic devices. Next I try to fold this row of chairs, see what the space is like? Very simply dragging, so first I have to fold the back of this chair. Then very simply very gently now I try to fold up this 3rd row and it will fill the depression below. Yeah to try it out, quite heavy. I think Sedona must have a function, yes, the wide flat space that Sedona created when we folded this third row.


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