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Review Mercedes-Benz V-Class On Sea Road Full

Mercedes-Benz V-Class on Vietnam's most beautiful sea route Full


Hello everyone and we are catching the sunrise in Vung Tau. And now we are preparing for a very special journey, through the most beautiful waters of Vietnam from Vung Tau to the disc rocks. And of course our special companion in this program is the Mercedes V220D model. With a long journey to experience and work with many devices, we need a model that is both large and safe. And that's why we chose the V220D. A luxurious MVB model is like a mobile home.

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When the sunshine spread throughout the city, we also got in the car to depart. The Mercedes V220D rushed soaring, carrying 6 people towards Mui Ne. Follow the beautiful coastal road. During the journey from morning to now, one of the points that we are very impressed with this V220D model, which is the quietness of the suspension, is very smooth. At this driving position, I feel like driving an SUV or an MVB. As for the 2nd row of seats, I just need to look through the rearview mirror only I can see the satisfaction of my colleagues. They work, they move back and forth, and even they can sleep soundly while I'm still driving.

I'm using a pretty good ability of this V-Class. That is the speed limit function. That is when I set the speed limit to 50km / h, I stepped too throttle on the car did not exceed that speed. But it is also very safe for me to kick the floor when the bike opens that limit, which means that when we encounter oncoming vehicles or when we need to accelerate suddenly, we just need to pedal. If the floor is broadcast, the car will tape up. You should remember that this function is very safe. Of course, to set this speed limit function, we control this left hand lever right away. We also need to know that this lever has two features. One is the speed limit, two and we often call it automatic throttle, which means we only set a permissible speed range. For example, if we install 80km / h on the highway, we just push the accelerator pedal, the car will automatically. As for up and down we go on pushing this craving up or down. If we push it up, it will increase, and down, it will decrease. And the speed it will display on this information screen. Yes an extremely useful feature that I use very often on long journeys.

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After more than 6 hours of moving, currently we are present in Hoa Thang commune, just adjacent to Mui Ne beach. The places here are very attractive by the white sand, the straits and the prairie fields right behind me. When I arrived, I thought that I was standing in America. And maybe we will stop here for 30 minutes to take time to rest and admire the scenery before continuing the journey. A beautiful road like this is the reason why I do not try the speed of a vehicle with a tonnage of 2 tons. Now I try to accelerate, the current speed is 60km / h, step on the accelerator immediately. The car is great, isn't it? 100km / h this road is probably the speed limit is also 100 but the accelerator is still a lot of surplus. Hugging crabs, I'm hugging crabs at 90km / h. The 2.5-ton Mercedes V220D has a 2.2-liter diesel engine, but has an acceleration that is no less than any other SUV in the market. I just stopped off a very beautiful road, this road was just completed a year ago. It connects from Mui Ne to Vinh Hy, across the coast and most people who have passed here stop to admire the scenery. Yes, the road only has white sand, wind and here is the sea. In Vietnam, we have many wonderful roads and landscapes.

Although it is designed as an MVB model, at this driving position I can feel very luxurious designs from the air conditioner doors to the touchpad console quite similar to my mouse on the machine. the MacBook I still use every day. The whole panel is made of very luxurious wooden material, the joystick is great. I feel like I'm flying an airplane, not a car. As for the steering wheel, the 3-spoke design with chrome-plated leather is very beautiful. And over here I can connect the phone function, bluetooth, control the audio system as well as control all information about the car via the keyboard right on this steering wheel. Talking about bluetooth function, for a long journey like this, the function of listening to phone calls via bluetooth is very safe. We do not have to be distracted because of unexpected phone calls or messages that we can also connect to the car that we can communicate with others through this car is very easy and safe. Mercedes has equipped this V220D with an efficient Diesel engine, with a capacity of only 2.2, a capacity of 163 horsepower, it does not drown even when we go at low speeds, even at speeds of 80km / h. We should also know that Mercedes has also pioneered the design of advanced diesel engines. They overcame the disadvantages of diesel engines and took diesel engines to a new level. If before, the old engine generation is affected by the black smoke characteristics and is very inert when we accelerate quickly. But those disadvantages were solved very early by Mercedes. As a result, even small-capacity engines work very well. The V-Class weighs more than 2 tons and can carry 7 people along with luggage still ice on flat roads or even passes.

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So our companion is the Mercedes V220D that drove us over the 300km stretch. We only have about 70km left and will come to the first stop on that journey is Vinh Hy. We can see in front of the slopes that slope to 10%. One of my favorite features of the V-Class is the gear shift function behind the steering wheel. There are 2 transmission behind the steering wheel here, I can increase the number as much as I want when I feel a little below the momentum I will change the gear immediately very quickly. But when we parked the pass with a bit of speed, I immediately ran and shifted to low gear to slow down, obviously much safer. And when it is clear that if we use less braking, it is safer. There are many unfortunate accidents when we use the brakes too much on the pass to make the brake code get hot and it will reduce the ability to brake to cause unfortunate accidents. Gentle very simple when hitting the folding crabs. V-Class has an impressive level of stability in the fairly large range of MVB range.

I have to stop again because the scenery is so beautiful. I have just seen a flock of white storks and sheep herds grazing in the prairies. And the scenery is so beautiful, the atmosphere is so wonderful, I just want to breathe in my chest to fill up the fresh air for me. And on the journey we go, there are many beautiful spots, and this is Mui Dinh, one of the very famous tourist destinations from Ca Na to Vinh Hy. So we have come to the first point of the journey is Vinh Hy Bay. As you can see, we had a change of clothes after the morning due to the erratic weather conditions here. All of that does not affect our experience. And to reach this beautiful Vinh Hy bay, it is impossible not to mention the assistance of a good companion, the Mercedes V220D. Before joining the V-Class journey to discover the most beautiful sea routes in Vietnam. My view of the line where MVB is the 2nd and 3rd row is nothing special. However, that completely changed after I conquered more than 300km of road with V-Class. You can see the 2nd row with 2 independent seats, the armrest is also independently adjustable, with air conditioning, reading lights, adjustable air conditioning independently. The seat can be rotated 180 degrees to create space for communication with the rear seat.

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In addition, the door on both sides is a blanched door, you just need to press the button, the door space will be able to open. And now I want you to join me in discovering the third row, whether it is really spacious and comfortable as the second row. Similar to the second row, the third row of Mercedes V220D gives me a pleasant feeling, about on the immense head. That's thanks to the square design at the tail. The seats are also adjustable.

Usually like the other MVB lines, the back of the back seat you can not fall, but on the Mercedes V220D is different, you can fall, I will fall for you to see. The position of the seat on the right, I will sit in the middle, I can also fall the position of the chair and of course on the left seat too. Right next to it is a high-end speaker that gives you an enjoyable audio experience. Above is the door, reading lights. In addition, there is also a 12V power source to charge some necessary electronic devices. Pedestal for 2 people sitting on either side. With luxurious wooden pedestal. And a very special detail in the 3rd row with window space. It is true of the immense message of life that this Mercedes V-Class. You can see the scenery, admire the beauty through this very wide window.

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Tonight we will stop here. Of course tomorrow we will continue to introduce you to the kung scene here as well as more details about this luxurious MVB. In part 2 we will continue to take you to the new emotional framework. That is the feeling when admiring the beauty of Dam Mon, catching the sunrise at Dai Lanh cape or watching the sea at the disc rocks. Especially, you should not miss the second row experience when you have rotated 180 degrees on the V220D.

Hello everyone, last night we had a very good night sleeping with the companion, V220D. And now we are having a beautiful sunrise at Vinh Hy Bay. I also invite you to catch the best moments here. Vinh Hy belongs to Vinh Hai commune, Vinh Hai district, Ninh Thuan province, this place is about 40km from Phan Rang city. Anyone who comes to Vinh Hy is overwhelmed because when he looks down from the top like a beautiful painting.

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And this part, I will continue with you to experience when the seats rotate 180 degrees to create extremely friendly communication space for the third row seats. When traveling on mountain roads like this, I love the 7g Control It gearbox equipped on the V220D model. When going uphill, the gear shift is very smooth, but when going downhill it is very safe because the gearbox automatically returns the low gear so I do not have to use the brakes much. In case the slope is too big, I can combine with the shift behind the steering wheel and I will lower the gear, I have to downhill safely.

Of course, this Mercedes-Benz model competes with the brakes as well as the very optimal safety systems. We also do not have to worry too much about the problem that is my experience when running long distances. We always use low gear when going downhill. When going uphill let's try to create very good momentum. Creating momentum to cross the slope and downhill we will use numbers reasonably. When we travel on steep roads like this, we will sometimes meet the very heavy truckloads and they have to brake in the middle. That I also need to brake, but V220D has a very nice feature that is support for steep departure. Currently, I am moving on a fairly empty street, there is a slope here. I will stop and will try how this feature works. Now I will release the brake pedal within three seconds. 1, 2, 3, I'm throttle now, it's very safe.

Review Mercedes-Benz V-Class on the Sea Full 7

After half a day of travel, we arrived at a beautiful road in the peninsula of the lagoon through the desert with long stretches of white sand. Dam Mon is attractive by sand dunes running with more than 20 large and small islands in Van Phong Bay, Khanh Hoa Province. And it is even more wonderful when the second row has been turned to give the most comfortable position to admire Dam Mon. At the same time create communication space for people sitting inside. Well welcome to you and wish you and you a good day. I am currently at the first sunrise spot on the mainland. That is the Dai Lanh lighthouse. When I arrived here, I was extremely surprised at the beauty of this land. Now I have reached the point of cheap access to the road leading to the Rock Disk. The Da Dia Cliff is one of the natural wonders not only recognized in Vietnam but also in the world. The shape of stone blocks in the shape are stacked to create a very special architecture. This place is visited by tourists and also often when they visit Tuy Hoa.

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As shared with you from the previous day, today I will introduce more details about the companion with us. Sample luxury MVB Mercedes V220D. Similar to the new products, in the Mecerdes family, the V220D is also following the sexy pure design language and above this MVB model is designed very sophisticated and skillful. Grille, two large horizontal bars, 3-pointed star logo in the middle. The full LED headlight cluster is sophisticated and attractive. Comes with it are two G-shaped lines that run down the front from the front of the rear belt. All created for the V220D is a typical Mercedes model. Other than the soft at the beginning, the rear of the V220D is designed quite square. And the reason for this square design is to create more space for storage as well as for passengers. And now I would like to invite you to explore the storage space of this MVB model. Very interesting details, electric door opener. And these are all of us with seven adults on their journey across the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

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We loaded a lot of furniture, but as you can see, the V220D can fully fit the things that remain neat and tidy. Of course closing is also very simple. There is also convenient anti-jamming function. And one detail that we would like to introduce in the rear of the V220D, in this section, you can leave the necessary belongings. Like us, we leave the guitar because we use it often. When we stop thinking we can bring it down and sing it to each other. Very interesting right? So we have finished the journey to conquer the most beautiful sea routes in Vietnam with the luxurious MVB model Mercedes V220D. The point I'm standing here is the area of Ghenh Dia and a very beautiful place of heaven and earth is immense. In the sun the wind and the sunset rays. So you and I are preparing to set up camp to stop tonight. We will hear the sound of the wind, the waves and the whispers of the sea. Please experience with us.


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