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Lexus LX570 Super Sport 2020 vs Middle East Edition

Lexus LX570 Super Sport 2020 vs Middle East Edition

The 2020 version with the 2018 version pays close attention to the exterior, the difference of it is not at all.

Lexus LX570 Super Sport 2020 vs Bản Độ Trung Đông 7

Hello everyone, the situation is too Covid but the car still has to review for you so today is empty, no wallet, nothing, no money, nothing, only one. The most expensive right now is this mask plus this hat, my brothers and I go to a very big car showroom here to see how you guys sell to buy one? Come in, please come in here. I stopped working, but today you just come in, here in here there is a lot of alcohol, spray in full, wash hands and wash feet properly, wipe it properly, wherever we go, we must protect cleaning the mask for it to protect. However, when coming here, it has been disinfected and no one has only a car, so we took off our masks and talked to him politely, right? This showroom has already been closed, the Government will not reopen until the end of the Government epidemic, but today is my special way to break in.

We can see here mostly SUVs, only two Merc S here. These two Merc S, I have searched and then somewhere 4, x billion is nearly 5 billion, they are good, whoever needs Merc S, come up here. A used Land Cruiser somewhere seems to be 3, x billion, almost 4 billion something. This Range Rover ah this is this Hendrick version somewhere over 8 billion.

Lexus LX570 Super Sport 2020 vs Bản Độ Trung Đông 8

But here at most Lexus here are these two cars, do you realize what these two cars are special about? This is the 2020 car and this is the 2018 difference of these two cars that immediately recognize that this car is white and this car is black. It's fun to say, but actually the 2020 version with the 2018 version pays very close attention to the exterior, the difference of it is no difference at all, but this is a special version I will save for the end. the video I will recommend. And this 2018 version is being sold by Viet Auto for a price of 8.25 billion a price that can be said to be relatively loving for a large 5.7 engine like this. And this is the 2020 version but has been modified by the Middle East and has a price of up to 10.3 billion, it's not natural that it is so expensive, we will go in and see to see how it is. But before I went in to see, I came out here first, here the back is also called high-class goods. This is another Lexus, this Lexus is also 2020 but it is the original Lexus, not the Middle East, it still has 8 more seats than the other, the other has only 4 seats but but more expensive, this one only has 9.2 billion guys. 9.2 billion is 1 billion more expensive than 2018 is exactly the same, almost exactly the same, but a newer life is 1 billion more expensive, I will find out how it is different later. . 

And this is a full option BMW X7 with a price of less than 7 billion, so the two cars on both sides are called in terms of size, we can say that the segment size is quite the same, a car only There are less than 7 billion genuine brands from Germany, a car with more than 9 billion genuine brands from Japan which car will you choose? I will make a separate video on this issue after this video, remember to Subscribe to follow. X7 is just that cheap, it's still half a billion cheaper than the genuine ones that are selling somewhere, where genuine is selling 7.5 billion, yes, this child is less than 7 billion full. This is another Lexus LX570 2020 life somewhere 9.2x billion. This is a very terrible Range Rover, the HSE version has been used a little bit, and the price is extremely loving, only over 3 billion, wow, under 4 billion for a cheap but old Range Rover. .

Lexus LX570 Super Sport 2020 vs Middle East Edition 9

Stop the main video today, let's find out if the Lexus LX570 2020 life, it has something special let me go see. Firstly, the front of the car is exactly the same as the 2018 version that I just introduced to you, luckily without placing it next to the white car in front, you will not be able to recognize it. If you look at the front end of the car, there is still the grille, the same logo, the same lights, the same engine is no different. Move to the side to see if there is anything else? Ah here, on the side there is a word (carefully step on the altar, please) with the word LX570. Look at this recently, this is a bit plastic, if it was me I wouldn't like it. This detail is very good, but overall, Lexus is still something very delicious, very delicious, it's not natural that Vietnamese people like it so much even though it looks a little bit of something. It's a bit conservative, isn't it? From the turn signal lights on the mirror, you can see that Toyota looks a bit conservative, but Vietnam really likes it, don't joke. We'll have a door that doesn't breathe, never inhale. 

Move to the back of the car to see if there is any difference? Moving to the rear end, we will have the letter S here and two more stickers here, in short, it makes no difference. Look at this fake exhaust, look where the rear port has a fake exhaust and its real exhaust is here looking round like a water pipe, it looks a bit boring. The spare tire is under the underbody, placed under this headline, it will have the advantage that we will have a very large rear trunk to store things and place the seats, but if you need to change the tire removing this spare tire is also tiring, very, very tired. Open the trunk always, we will open the trunk open. This car is a two-door clamshell open door, but the third row of seats fold up like this, it also occupies a bit of space, can be erected on top but for me, the build of Toyota in general and for Lexus in particular, it still takes up a lot of space. Here the electric box is up here, push a button to see if it is up, probably in some mode, it is stuck so it will not be built. You wouldn't be able to close this if you didn't fold this mechanically, this one won't turn on the power, now you can close this.

Lexus LX570 Super Sport 2020 vs Bản Độ Trung Đông 10

Let's go into the interior. The interior of this Lexus is no different from the 2018 version at all, this is the 2020 model here, remember the full seats, all electric. Lexus has always exuded something very hospitable, it seems something very traditional culture. Of course, there are also some points that do not know what to call a weakness or what to call that it is difficult to criticize, after all, Lexus is still a very high level, although the General of Lexus had to say. that We still have to learn from Merc, it's still a long time to get to be with Merc, so I can't remember exactly where I read this in a certain newspaper, yes, I don't know exactly what this sentence is like. but the Lexus General had to say that, far from being able to match Merc, although it was very well-groomed. But in Vietnam, Lexus is very popular and very popular. Hey look at these buttons, your chin is the chair cooling buttons, seat heating, bridge types here look disgusting? All these buttons are made of plastic, the look of the palm rest to adjust the mouse here looks disgusting, the mouse here is very nice. We will not have too much difference, just normal windows, a very Toyota-style window, the ceiling is not made of Alcantara or anything genuine, with nearly 10 billion, we only the ordinary felt-covered ceiling, very very simple. The clock, we also do not have a genuine electronic watch, but it is still a traditional analog clock, very traditional. Leather seats, this leather material is very soft, genuine leather, genuine leather on a Lexus, don't joke around, it looks disgusting?

Lexus LX570 Super Sport 2020 vs Bản Độ Trung Đông 11

Here I show you another version of the zin car, the leather seat has changed a little bit, this aside, the leather seat on this version is a two-color leather seat, here You can see right here and look from my side, you will immediately see that the leather chair is also a little more refined and a little more tonal, two colors and only embroidery different colors, breathing things, the butt is very cool. On the side, you will see the word Super Sport here. That is the original Lexus LX570S version 2020, there is no difference compared to the 2018 version, there is no difference, but here I will show you the 2020 version but has been modified by the package from the Middle East brothers, please. You get in the car. Here you guys come up here, I will open I will go to the other side to introduce you. 

Look at the interior of this car, I will have to turn on the power to cough this car, it activates, I will go down to the back seat with you. This is a package from the Middle East, look at the quality, turn down a little bit. This car I have introduced to you before, the MBS package comes from the Middle East with the leather material, it is even more genuine with the way it is embroidered beautifully, as smooth as Maybach and the title Its head couldn't be quieter, the Maybach's headrest just stopped at this level. The ceiling is still the original felt ceiling without any change in the felt ceiling, the curtain is still adjusted, not electrically adjusted even though the car is over 10 billion, but the way they adjust the leather to embroider and then the wooden panel. The wood grain here is very beautiful, this wood is Shimamoku wood, the way to make Shimamoku wood I have already introduced to you, it is really fine and worth the money. The screen is full, the speakers seem a bit mundane, but the sound system is mounted above the Mark Levinson, the Mark Levinson speaker system is also extremely classy, sounds great. The wooden cover here is always attached to Autobiography like a Range Rover, open this, we will have a port to charge things, the storage compartment is not too called Vip at all. But the armrest of the sitting area here is good, please pay attention to these places, buttons here massage the chair, back massage, butt massage, back bulging, butt hugging, neck hugging all kinds of Full control and adjustable for this leg it falls off so that we can let its legs feel more comfortable. Many buttons here adjust the air conditioner in the rear of this car, cool this butt, here we will have an extra compartment here, pull this out, ah there is a cup holder for the charging port. Second, the HDMI port to see the screen above. Then now we go up and go to see what's cool, it's interesting below. Oh forget, this is just a wooden panel with Autobiography and a light ... that's all over here. Come on up to see.

Lexus LX570 Super Sport 2020 vs Bản Độ Trung Đông 12

Oh this car is so tall, really tall. Here on the upper row, you will still have such a genuine chair, look at the way they make the new chair so beautiful, the leather is so good that this embroidery is so beautiful, the armrest is also fine. embroidery like that On this version I really like the wood that the Shimamoku panel here does not know if you can see through the video camera clearly, the wood grain is really smooth, I like the wood grain it should be like this. There are forklifts under these types, the steering wheel is also covered with wood, fully. This is the Middle East MBS version with a price of 10.3 billion, which means that it is more expensive than the regular version about more than 1 billion degrees.

You see how the new Lexus LX is, reasonable or not, delicious or no comments at the bottom. If it is for you, will you choose the MBS version or choose the original version of Lexus with 8 seats cheaper somewhere about 1 billion, please comment below for us to discuss. Don't forget to Subscribe our Youtube channel and click the bell button to subscribe to the latest videos more often. And now goodbye and see you in the next videos. Bye.

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