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Review Details Mitsubishi Xpander Price 550 Million Is Worth The Money

The Mitsubishi Xpander was imported from Indonesia with a temporary price for the most advanced version of the automatic number is 650 million and the floor number is 550 million, many people think that this price is "love right away". And can it "love right away" with this appearance, this engine, this gearbox?

This is a 7 seater car so firstly check whether it is sitting comfortably enough 3 rows of seats or not, if sitting in 3 rows of seats is not comfortable, it should not be called a 7 seater car. The front row position is very good, the legs are comfortable, this is probably the best position in the car.

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In the second row, you can move up and down comfortably, the seat does not touch the knee to the front row, the back is still comfortable, the head is also very comfortable, the air conditioner is on top It can cool both the 2nd and 3rd row, very good in the second row. In the third row, headroom and legroom are very good, do not have to sit huddled, have 12V port, with cup holder, the headrest can move up and down very suitable for many sizes of people sitting .

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It is a bit surprising to look at this car, it looks a bit small but it is arranged too scientifically to sit enough 3 rows of seats and comfortable, perhaps at the front of the car tried to design for it shortened to increase the distance between the seats and the interior was wider so it was just like this.

Sitting in 3 rows of seats, then surely it must have a drawback, maybe it is located in the trunk of the car, maybe the trunk is too small to hold many things? After 3 people sitting in 3 rows of seats, the trunk of the car is a bit small, it has a height but width is limited can only allow the suitcase to stand up, and with a short trip for 7 people, the trunk This is not too bad, but if you go to the airport and go to many people, you cannot go crowded and cumbersome, this is also quite good for a 7-price soft car that is as beautiful as like this.

Drill the interior: firstly, when sitting in, you will immediately recognize this is a felt and according to the company, this is a high-quality felt, when looking at the interior drill, we feel it is a bit small but when sitting When you come in, you will see that it is really wide, not confined and it is not as secretive as we imagine a small car, actually it is wide, it gives a feeling of airy. The material is all plastic but very high-end, especially the areas are assembled together such as the leatherette area grafted to the plastic wood fake area then up to the black leatherette area, it is very tight and It has a very high-end feel rather than being too cheap, not superficial, really the ability to perfect these details is very beautiful.

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I wonder if the imported cars are so new or not? Probably not so, because Vietnam assembles very well. There is a leather-wrapped steering wheel and the car has an automatic version that includes Cruise cotrol, Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls and buttons to control the functions arranged on the steering wheel. In general, it is quite good, the air conditioner looks quite simple, it does not show the number only in blue and red to adjust hot or cold, regulates an area and is an electric conditioner, not a mechanical conditioner. .

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The screen is a small touch screen, we can fit a bigger, sharper screen, this screen is not bad compared to a car with a price like this, USB is plugged right into the screen. It's a little bit less aesthetically pleasing. And there's a lot of slots where you can put your stuff so handy, it's true that a car is made to be handy, there's so much you can take advantage of.

When looking at the watch, if it is a normal car, it is simple and harmonious but in this car the watch has to say that it is beautiful, it has 2 chrome edges and it looks very high-class, yet Even the color screen in the middle, for a price like this, this copper is really beautiful. On the left side, there are mirror adjustment buttons, this mirror is an electric folding mirror, and there is an electronic level off mode .

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In short, it is okay to drill inside such an interior but there are still some bad points. Firstly, this car only has 2 airbags, if 6 airbags are safe, The second is that the handbrake looks very big and rough, maybe it is for masons and masons rather than actually it looks very bulky. The armrest is also a handy storage box, but it's quite low so it's really uncomfortable to lean on. And another special point is that the mirror is not attached to the A axis, there is still a gap that will help the view is extremely open.

The exterior is so impressive, Mitsubishi is too busy when it comes to carrying a model that can be said to be launched in 2 or 3 years because it is very futuristic and energetic. The front of the car seems to have never been able to see any car in Vietnam that has a fancy and bunker like this, still with the Dynamic Shield language but has been upgraded to a new version and it is really a pit.

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If a car with a price of just over 600 million, even a low-end version of more than 500 million has a design like this, it is really impressive, because if in Vietnam a lot of Crossover-style cars or MPV like this, it can be very gentle, too simple. This car does not look too simple, but even it is very cool, not all, the other cars are often thought to be used for taxi, service car, and this car is not When it comes to service, at first glance, especially the front end is extremely impressive, even if it's only for people who want to assert their own ego to buy this car, Really very beautiful and youthful.

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At the front of the car, the led light is pushed upwards and the cod headlamp is pushed downwards, completely different from the previous basic design. This LED is very beautiful even on the low-end version, it is also a very sharp and beautiful line of eyelids, one thing is that the headlight cluster still uses halogen lamps for yellow light, if this lamp uses Using white light as a xenon lamp or as an LED light is really perfect with nothing to complain about. The edges, ribbed stainless steel very beautiful. On this car, it creates a lot of different planes, intersecting at the folds, looking at the head of the car, it's extremely muscular, overall the car seems but it is actually very strong and hard.

On the body, too, the creases make the car not boring and it looks sturdier with the ribs, the ribs here it makes very thick and deep but it is not superficial , if it were a plane, this car would be really boring. In addition, you can see, the mirror on the premium version is covered with stainless steel and the turn signals are mounted on the mirror on both versions, electric folding mirrors. 16 inch rims are also quite beautiful. With a car like this, this money and rim like this is too good.

And there is another utility on the high-end version, which is the smart door lock that opens the door, just press the button. One more thing is when closing closed back sound pretty good. When the manufacturer announced the provisional price, many people were surprised because the price was relatively good, many people also revealed that the price could be even better when the car officially sold in October. . When the button is pressed, the mirror also folds itself, letting us know the car is locked, very convenient.

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In the rear of the car, you can also find the sharp, winding lines looking sporty. But there are things when looking at us will not see the reverse sensor and front sensor where - a characteristic of Japanese cars. Of course, many cars have improved but this car is not, that is also a small problem because it has a reversing camera here. The rear light cluster has 2 extremely beautiful led strips, even on the lower version, with this led strip it makes the car really more premium, it is not too cheap, too popular as the price that it is bring. If you look at the front and rear of the car alone, you can't consider this car to be an MPV car, the company says this car is an MPV Crossover but we can see this is a true 7-seater Crossover, Looks very nice and energetic.

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Perhaps under the capo will be something that many people are interested, curious and most puzzled about this car. Drilling the engine, firstly, it is very neat and small

1.5 liter engine

Maximum power of 104 hp @ 6,000 rpm

Maximum torque of 141 Nm @ 4,000 rpm

4-speed AT gearbox or MT

Review Details Mitsubishi Xpander Price 550 Million Good Value 6

Speaking of numbers, many people think that maybe it's a bit weak, if only listening, this is clearly not a strong car, but the manufacturer has said that with a 4-speed gearbox it will be optimized for dynamic. This 104 hp engine makes the car go smooth and not weak and if you compare the power ratio to the weight of the car compared to Toyota, Inova, this car is even a little bit better. it is not a weak car, it is a convenient vehicle carrying a lot of people, we do not need to accelerate quickly do anything.

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There are 4 people in the car with the luggage combined, weighing about 5 people. If you go in the city, go slowly, there is no problem to complain at all because in the city you can not speed up fast, if going family in the inner city, there is nothing to criticize in a car like this all, spacious and comfortable especially this car is very quiet.

The manufacturer announced that it is still very soundproof because the front windshield is thick, thickest in the segment, soundproof too, not to mention that the ceiling also has 2 layers 1 layer of sound absorption and 1 layer of sound insulation, it will make the outside noises naturally smaller, actually have to go on very crowded and noisy roads to experience it clearly. The steering wheel is very smooth and light. A Japanese car, imported and at this price, has a high roar, plus 2 seats are 7 seats, but also 7 seats that are really spacious but still can store and go inside the city like that This is no other car.

Turning is easy, the steering wheel is very light when you walk slowly, it can be said to be fine, quite flexible when traveling in the inner city. Visibility is very clear, A pillar is not blocked by a mirror.

Fuel consumption goes in the inner city, the manufacturer announced is about more than 7 liters, but that can be more than 8 liters when traveling in the inner city, and when traveling on the road, it is more economical about 5 liters.

On the road, the acceleration is not very fast, actually the 1.5 engine is not strong, but it was born not serve the purpose for us to accelerate very quickly to pass. This is a family car, a car suitable for carrying a lot of people, like convenience, like utility, so the sudden passing or sudden acceleration is not in this car, but who likes to increase sudden speed, I don't like to choose this car.

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If a family of 7 people uses this car to go to the countryside or go on a picnic, it is really okay, because there is a comfortable seat, if everyone is uncomfortable, the trip will be unhappy; The second is that it is very smooth, this car is very good soundproofing, but only when you accelerate suddenly, the sound of the engine bellowing is relatively loud, whichever car will have it. The shock absorber, the soundproofing system are very good, it is smoothly beyond the expected range. The engine is not so weak as we usually think and the 4-speed gearbox is not as bad as we think but it is still very practical, very good and moreover it is economical.

Review Details Mitsubishi Xpander Price 550 Million Good Value 7

When you sit in the third row, you will really rest assured that everyone will be cool even when it is hot, the car with many air conditioners will be so beneficial. About the smoothness when walking on straight roads is very good, when going on the road that needs a little more steering, you will feel a bit overlapping. If going on bumpy roads, the car's suspension is smooth, but the ability to eliminate after the shock of this shock absorber system is not really very good.

Of course we won't be asking for too much with a car that's both spacious and beautiful and reasonably priced like this. The third row is usually for children, or people with slightly lower height will sit more comfortably. When driving back and forth, it was still very good. In short, the third row is still cool and very good.

The manual version of the Xpander is 100 million cheaper than the automatic version, on the outside it's almost no different from the automatic version, only a few small details, for example. such as without a smart key and some stainless steel cases, it is not too significant, there is no reversing camera.

In the interior, the steering wheel is usually not leather steering wheel, there is no button on the steering wheel, no screen, the chair is still felt, in short, not much different, just a few small details. painted in a beautiful shade like the other car. Number of floors 5 levels. In fact, when you first drive this car, you will feel more like the automatic because it gives a more escape feeling, if the other vehicle accelerates it, it does not jump, then on this car it has tackles because it has a floor, and the soundproofing is fine, you can get over it quickly and you can even ride like a sports car in terms of feel, and in terms of loading it fits the engine this.

We can reduce 100 million when buying this car, this is really a small number. More than 500 million for a car like this, if anyone is very fastidious and wants to add equipment, they can spend about 20 million or who likes more then 30 million, they can fully equip toys without missing nothing. If anyone wants to be cheaper, more economical, more practical, the floor number is very good. If compared to this price in Vietnam market, there is rarely a beautiful car like this, run this good, run high but sit 7 people spacious, really Xpander is a The competitor is too heavy in the segment and in the price like this in Vietnam.

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