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5, 4, 3, 1, 2 are lucky to have the license plates of my friend's new Mazda CX-5 move a bit further, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. And for the last time we have Also received a lot of suggestions to introduce about the 2018 Mazda CX-5 model. And in today's program please invite you and Le Hung to learn about this model.

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The biggest change on this new Mazda CX-5 is the front of the car. As you can see, this head looks a lot more beard. It designed the grille in 3D and it stretches outwards. In my opinion, this head part will bring more masculine features that men will prefer. And it will detract from the affection of the women who like it. Voting is round like the previous version. And on the Mazda CX-5, all lamp technology is full LED technology. I really like this lamp. The design is very beautiful and it looks sharp. Led phase, cos led, led strip lights and under lights are also led lights. Well led from head to tail.

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The CX-5, if we walk out the door and close the door only a few meters away, the car will automatically lock, quite safe. And this mirror with turn signal light and turn signal has been designed to look very beautiful. And this mirror is also equipped with blind spot warning system. However a bit unfortunate when we step out of the car to lock the car, the mirror did not cut themselves. It's not like models like Tucson. Usually Japanese cars like this are also rarely equipped with this feature, like CRV. But Tucson has Korean models equipped with so many gadgets just like that. And the assembly quality on the outside of the tire is quite sturdy.

I believe that if we run we will feel it. And CX-5 has not been equipped with a step pedestal, a step up and down. And if I had that equipment, I think the car would be much tougher. Unlike the front end, the rear end of the new Mazda CX-5 looks gentle, in general there is not too much prominence. It also looks neutral and it's round like that. And the back light is still the LED. The duo of rear sensors, front and rear sensors, in general, the sensor turns and the trunk opens with electricity. Unlike the previous CX-5, we open the engine.

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And the trunk space is quite wide. Looking at a space like this we can hardly imagine that it can hold up to 4 sets of Golf. Every time we went on the course with a CX-5 we loaded 4 sets of golf and added 1, 2 bags. There is another point that I find different from the previous CX-5 is that there is a storage compartment for storage. This partition is quite smart design. We can be that compact and we can pull up into the door. When this door closes, it automatically creates a 2-compartment compartment and the upper compartment, so we can let teddy bears or light things to say is quite convenient.

Next please Le Hung explore the interior of the BMW CX-5. Yes, I'm just kidding, but the design especially in the interior of Mazda recently made me think of the designs of the BMW quite a lot. And now we will open the door, the smart key will open very fast. The new CX-5 has a slightly wider opening than the old one, and I try to close it.

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The gate valve is pretty good, close harder like this. And right from the top of this door, we can see the design is a bit luxurious. Luxurious, I think not yet, but it feels more luxurious with very regular stitches. Because the entire interior of the Mazda CX-5 is black, so they have fitted brown lines that look quite nice. The quality, looks pretty solid. This door generally likes this door and even in this car space. The steering wheel is quite similar to both the new Mazda 3 and Mazda 6. This steering wheel is quite small and has a beautiful design that is similar to the recent designs of the new Mazda 3 and Mazda 6.

The Mazda CX-5 impresses me is probably the coherent design is generally very easy to use. And it also creates the feeling of being a bit luxurious when this leather chair with brown thread. The wood-lined stitching lines and the chrome-plated lines appear quite a lot on the details, even on this steering wheel.

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It has a sporty feel and the steering is very small for a car the size of the CX-5 I think this steering wheel is small. I try to steer to see how many rounds. 1, 2, two and a half rounds. Very good. Well designed very sporty steering wheel. On top of that, there's systems like Gear control, hands-free calling, and there's no speed limit. That is limited as Mez cars. And the chair as I am sitting here is bigger. It has been extended to the sides more than the previous CX-5 and the driver seat adjusts eight directions between the two positions right here. We can install what we can say now is very basic.

Sunroof, not Padaroma like CRV, it's quite small. On the screen, on this dashboard is quite beautiful 7 inch screen, LED touch technology and very smooth touch, very good quality. We can touch or turn a control here. We can go back to home, but navigation system we can use is very easy. And the CX-5 is equipped with an electromagnetic handbrake just like the previous version. But it added the Auto Hold function. We will feel secure when climbing up the slopes, we absolutely can use this function.

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It will support us better safer. And the CX-5 has a great sound system. 10 Bose speakers plus 1 Sup speaker. The sound quality must be said to be excellent. I like it, I really like it. However, when we were on the channel, I had to turn this music off. Because otherwise it will be reported copyright infringement. And we go back to the basic design. Chromed air-conditioning designs. The DVD player is right above it. This pedestal is beautiful, very strong, still enough for us to put things like this. Bottle of water here. Storage compartment. In this layout, the USB slot, the output 12 volts and even small compartments like this.

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Sure. However, there are details that I feel are not very satisfied. Let's take a look. Wow quality, it looks a little cheap in places like this, or the plastic, bezel to cover this watch and my friend said it looks a bit sida.

In the back seat of the Mazda CX-5, the fall is quite good. This is the degree of self that I have adjusted to the self as much as possible. This we can adjust the fall. We can let it stand like this for relief. However, it was impossible to adjust back and forth.

Vehicles also equipped with air conditioning system for the rear. The air-conditioning system of CX-5 is two independent areas already. A pedestal pedestal. We can put the water bottle here, the water bottle here and have more space for a small trunk like this. There is also a USB slot where I can plug in and charge the phone quite easily.

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And back to the sitting position for a bit. In fact, the gap of the knee you can observe a bit, observe like this. I'm tall, standard 1m72, weighs 71, 72 pounds or something, I should be 1m8 tall, but my legs are bowed, so I'm 10 inches lower. The headspace, however, if to create the feeling when we sit in to get the airy space, I think the CX-5 in the back seat is not. Of course we can sit about 3 people but the feeling of the space around it is a bit secretive.

Regarding fuel consumption, according to the information I refer to from the owner of this car, he shared the following: The average fuel consumption when walking in the street is about 9l / 100km and when going out its field is about 7 to 7.5 liters. But I still have to emphasize that its fuel consumption is a relative number. It depends on the operating conditions, driver behavior, etc.

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Lots of factors. In terms of safety equipment, the CX-5 is also equipped with systems such as ABF anti-lock brakes, EBD electronic brake force distribution, and BA emergency brake assist. DSC electronic balancing system, anti-skid system TCF. The system supports horizontal departure. And special motor encryption system against burglar alarm, automatic door lock and the car is equipped with 6 airbags. Following the current trend, small Cross over models like this Mazda CX-5 will often be equipped with turbo engines. For example, CRV or Hyundai Tucson, I would like to read some of the parameters so that you can grasp. It is CRV 1.5 turbo, maximum power 188, maximum torque is 240.

CVT drives the front wheels. Hyundai Tusson Turbo 1.6 engine, maximum power 175, Maximum torque is 265, 7-speed gearbox dual clutch and also drives the front. And the Mazda CX-5 uses a 2.5 Sky Active engine, 188 horsepower capacity equal to Honda CRV and 251 torque is slightly higher than CRV but lower than Hyundai Tucson. And the gearbox used is a 6-speed automatic gearbox. And the Mazda CX-5 comes in three versions: the 2.0 engine version, the 2.5-wheel drive version and the 2.5-wheel drive all-time version. And the version we're testing today is the 2.5-wheel drive version.

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We ride on miles, ladies and gentlemen, the CX-5's soundproofing ability, as well as the quietness of the suspension system when we go straight, is very flattering to the people in the car. And even when Hung drove this steering wheel, he could feel it very clearly. And the advantage of this CX-5 when walking in the street is the same. High driving posture, small and light steering wheel, easy turning.

And specially equipped with Istop system. And the system itself will automatically shut down when we stop the red light for more than 1, 2, 3 seconds or so, which saves us a lot of fuel. That's why we see the owner of this car share that this model when walking in the street, it is only about 9 -9.5 liters only. But since morning Le Hung driving in the street turned a bit off the road, the clock still reports at 9.3 liters / 100km. This is according to your car clock.

As for the feeling when we drive, step on the gas, we also had introductions about used Mazda models. That program introduced a direct comparison between the CX-5 and Honda CRV. The figures are also quite clear. However, there is a bit of something when we change the emergency lane of this car or we turn quickly, actually, Hung still likes the steering wheel of the CRV. Of course when crabs, in direct confrontations, we get accurate results from the meters, from the same steering wheel, for example. But on the CX-5 or there is a lot of remarkable technology.

Review Mazda CX-5 2018 9

The first is the Heap Up display. When we sit in a driver like this, we don't have to look at the steering wheel, we look at the steering wheel, we can see the speed. And Navigation system navigation system is also available. Speed alert for us.

Now Hung running at 80 km / h 90 km / h the highway can use Gear control. Then we will use Gear control. On, Set 90 km / h. The highway let go. See that, steering wheel. Woa was a bit scared but it did not matter and the lane support was very good.

The speed of 90km / h even pushes up to 100km / h. However, when traveling on highways, it only helps us when we are in the situation of drowsiness, or there is a situation where there is a sudden phone call or there is a situation where we lack observation. Well, if we get a little bit off, it supports this very important. And for lane keeping assist systems like this, if we let go of the steering wheel too long, the system will alert us to hold the steering wheel back to ensure safety. Please note that for those who are not used to operating because they do not turn on the turn signals, we can change lanes like this easily.

Because the car will warn off, it will alert the headline. And at the same time it will reverse the steering wheel. Means like this. Hit this side without a turn signal and it will headline and the steering wheel will fight back. Maybe it would startle and stagger. For those who are new to driving, especially at high speeds it is likely that such situations should be noted. And completely this function if we are not used to it, we can completely turn it off because many times when we make clear lines it is very safe. But if on a traced road, it is blurred, the sensor does not receive, it cannot read, then we can not, should not drop the steering wheel very dangerous.

As you can see, now the speed of 100km / h is very safe. These systems have to be said to bring great value and greatly reduce the risks. And especially one of the functions that Hung feels very important, although it is small.

It is a blind spot warning system. When traveling on the highway, a lot of cars fall into the blind spot and then the system. For example, now there is a truck behind him, Hung turned on the turn signals, the lights on the rearview mirror were blinking and the warning signal in the car was squeaking to warn us that a car was falling. to the blind spot and we shouldn't change lanes. With high-speed systems being opened up a lot, these systems are very safe.

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At 100km / h, the cabin noise level is significant. The sound of the wind and the sound of tires on the road surface is much clearer than the speed of 80km / h. If 60, 70, great soundproofing. But the higher the noise level entered, the more. The 2.5 188 horse engine accelerates quite well. That's right I'm using mode D, but on the mountain pass, we can use mode M, adjust it up and down like this. There's even more Sport mode here. Wow higher engine revs, higher performance, more sensitive gas pins and acceleration, acceleration.

In the Mazda CX-5, it is also equipped with a Kick down system, it is quite similar to the BMW, Mercedez or Audi. When we pedal close to the roundabout, push to 5000 6000 and the car accelerates very fast. This mode will be used when we have an emergency. Overall, the 6-speed gearbox we can use with cars like this.

It is not too smooth however it offers quite good acceleration. One of the systems that I want to try on the Mazda CX-5 is the warning system for drivers when backing out of a park. If someone were to cross it, how would it warn. Now Le Hung will test this feature. Of course, Le Hung will ask Mr. Long to come from the rear of the car to cross. Of course I will go slowly, going is very dangerous, always fasten the seat belt when driving. Slow start, slow back. Well, there are two exclamation points on the screen along with the fact that there will be a headline warning to alert the driver that there are pedestrians crossing. However, I still want this system to still have more intervention, which means it will have to support our brakes. That would make it a lot safer.

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And the last information that Le Hung wants to share for you is the price of the 2018 Mazda CX-5 versions in March. This is the latest price list, guys. CX-5 2.0 L2WD version is: 899 million this is the lowest version. Version CX-5 2.5 L2WD: 999 million is the version we have today experienced and the most advanced version CX-5 2.5L AWD 1 billion 019 million.

And if you have ever driven or experienced any CX-5 version please share your opinion, share fuel consumption, and share your feelings right away. below our clip and now hello and see you again in the next shows.

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