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Review Webvision Multi-Function Journey Camera N93 Plus

It has been a long time since the dashcam has become the trusted companion of those who travel frequently by car.

Compared to a black box that records the entire incident around the vehicle, the dashcam is the fairest and most impartial judge, thanks to this device that many drivers find fairness in the traffic collision situations as well as avoiding unnecessary disasters. However, choosing the right camera for your needs has never been an easy one, the compact dashcam has too few features, the type of dashcam replaces the rearview mirror in the car. become a star when driving.

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Webvision N93 Plus is one of the intelligent journey cameras, has many features and is compact, less occupying the driver's vision. Webvion N93 Plus is one of the most advanced dashcam cameras available today. Webvison N93 Plus is a smart cruise camera with Android 5.1 operating system and many features, many drivers often drive on the streets of crowded streets.

The first impression with the Webvision N93 is that the screen is very bright, the colors are bright, even the viewing angles are quite good. The salient features of the N93 Plus: Bluetooth connectivity is very common but its difference is the ability to support 4G LTE, and 4G is not only for this N93 but it also has the ability to broadcast wifi for all car equipment; next is the video recording feature first and foremost; GPS location, we have a GPS port attached to the chip arranged in column A to give the most accurate positioning; Google application support; CHPlay; Google map; Navitel's new map is a bright spot, it is a map that is updated every 3 months and is greatly updated in Vietnam market.

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Plug into the power port, USB, GPS. And there's also a magnet base to connect the N93 very firmly to the car's tablo version. And it can be adjusted up and down, which is very good because many cars of different low altitudes, SUVs, will certainly be higher than the KIA Morning for example. With the N93 Plus, when you need it you can turn on the screen, when not needed you can fold down neatly.

Webvision N93 plus is not only a journey camera but also very smart, its smart point that many people like is GPS navigation, it is smooth enough when zooming in and out, can be said by a Android phone, and much smoother than the map of a Japanese car. The interface of N93 is very well Vietnameseized, without a single word.

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Another feature, even luxury car companies make you pay for it is wifi. With Wi-Fi using 4G technology, all passengers can access the network, which is especially useful. And another feature that really shows the intelligence of Webvision N93 Plus is the ability to transmit audio via FM radio, thanks to 4G technology you can see what you want and through the car audio system, very Great. We can see that the N93 Plus can replace a DVD player, because a DVD player can only contain a limited number of videos or music.

Thanks to 4G LTE technology that supports the N93 Plus, you can go to youtube, you can go to mp3 to enjoy billions of songs and billions of videos very quickly. Another good feature of Webvision N93 Plus is that when you enter the reverse gear, the rear camera automatically activates, we easily get information on the back of the car through images and voice from this N93 plus. There are a lot of cars that do not have rear cameras and Webvision it fills that void, it is a sharp rear camera and it is smart enough when you enter the reverse gear it automatically activates, when you go to the The main screen is displayed again and we have a map, which is very convenient.

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When you lend someone a car, you don't need to worry about anything, because the tried location software connects your phone to the N93, which is a great feature. Click on surveillance mode, you can track in real time where the car's borrower is going, in live mode you can watch the front camera directly, even you can talk to them easily. like making a phone call. If the car were at risk of an accident, even if they had turned off the camera before, but at the moment of a collision thanks to the G load sensor, this smart journey camera could automatically turn on and record the image at the time of the collision. And that emergency recorded video will be marked with a key that cannot be erased.

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Visually, this software demonstrates the intelligence of this N93 camera. If you have a regular camera, you have to remove the memory card and plug it into your computer, you have to edit and rearrange the video. But with this super smart N93 Plus, you can directly download the video you just recorded, even you can download without having to be with the car.

Webvision N93 Plus uses Navitel's navigation and navigation with the most accurate road database available today, including 63 cities and provinces maps that are constantly updated every 3 months. Besides the standard 2D display mode, Webvision N93 Plus also displays a map with 3D images of typical works to help you quickly find your destination in both unfamiliar areas.

Thanks to GPS navigation device this device can calculate the distance based on the speed of travel to navigate for you if you go wrong the device also automatically calculates to find the shortest path. And yet, Webvision N93 Plus's GPS navigation also supports lane and intersection warning and uses the gray arrows to know your appropriate lane to help you navigate the most accurate. Finally, an advanced lane departure warning feature, when you move in the wrong lane, the Webvision N93 Plus will immediately be reminded only when you move to the right lane. All directions and warnings are standard Vietnamese accent very close and easy to hear.

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Experience the journey camera in the street. The three things that you should equip when buying a new car are insurance and a good glazing system, and of course a good dashcam. Using the 6.8-inch N93 Plus dashcam, it feels like you're attaching a small tablet to the tabloid desk. At first experience, we can see that the image quality is quite good, according to the manufacturer's specifications we have a full HD 1080p front camera, ultra-wide 140o projection angle to cover all, even on children. quite wide it can also cover the sidewalk to the left, can call this 140o projection angle is quite impressive. And the rear camera is not full HD, but I feel quite good, in terms of brightness and color balance it is similar to the front camera. And we can also let the mode display both cameras at the same time.

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Lane departure function is very standard. When stopping at a red light, when the vehicle in front of them moves but they have not moved, immediately there will be a sound alert, any driver who negligently does not move will be reminded immediately. It can be said that when walking in the street, the alert system of N93 Plus is quite useful. On the highway, the screen displays the distance from your vehicle to the vehicle ahead, when approaching, you can see the display distance is quite standard, and N93 Plus not only monitors one vehicle but two vehicles even. even more cars. The green notification indicates you are in the right lane, if you are in the lane you will receive a notification through sound and red image on the screen.

For example, you do not notice the car first and so on, you will get a prompt from Webvision immediately. This is a journey camera but not just a journey camera, it has many features even the features of N93 Plus that many cars over 1 billion do not have. It can be seen that if you own a car that does not have the technology you want, a smart toy will make your car smarter, help you drive more safely and of course will be more interesting.

Webvision N93 Plus smart journey camera has a relatively strong configuration with Ram 1G, 16Gb internal memory equipped with mediatech chip MT6735 and runs Android 5.1 Lollipop. The camera is equipped with a 6.86-inch multi-touch screen with smooth response and optimal brightness. Webvision N93 Plus has a 7-day free trial policy, with a 16Gb memory card, 24-month warranty, and 1 exchange for 12 months if there is an error from the manufacturer.

Policies on purchasing Webvision N93 Plus

7-day free trial

Comes with 16Gb memory card

24 months warranty

1 for 1 within 12 months

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