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First Time Driver Excellence Volvo XC90 Price Only 5 BILLION

When you ride in a Rolls Royce at 80km / h, then you only hear the ticking of the clock, is that Rolls Royce's Pr savage? It was the same with us, he put the watch to his ear. Right.

The First Time Driver Excellence Volvo XC90 Price Only 5 BILLION 1

Hello everyone, today will not review the car but today I am very lucky to borrow a car that I have never been to drive. This is Mr. Hung, the sales manager of Volvo Vietnam. Why is the director Hung of Volvo because I used to build an Excellence version Volvo XC90, I couldn't go, the car was so good and there was no car. Today I knew that Hung had just bought a car from a giant in Ninh Binh, so I had to run to immediately borrow Hung for a test drive, thank you! Hello everyone. But, Mr. Hung, how can I buy this car owner and just go surfing and buy it? The owner of this car, my family has a lot of cars such as 570 and Range Rover, last time he exchanged more high-end SV car (full of huge goods) this car did not go to so he left just for me. I also have some big friends like that, but for me, when I play a motorcycle with a large displacement, they have a collection of cars, but if they can buy from them, it is very happy because The car has a few hundred trees with 1,000-2,000 trees like new, that kind of collection (this car almost does not come) the type of people buying, people usually don't go, like I come tell you I like you to sell me cheap, uh you like… it's so fun.

First Time Driver Excellence Volvo XC90 Price Only 5 BILLION 2

But this child is delicious, this child makes me feel smooth and quiet. It is Hybrid, have I changed to Hybrid mode yet, I am still leaving gas engine mode, gas engine is already very quiet. Because the Excellence car has better sound insulation, for example this suede ceiling, thicker floors, laminated glass. No wonder I drove this car for the first time, I drove a lot of Inscription, but Excellence didn't have the chance to touch the steering wheel to run on the road. Luckily, Hung bought this car today, but he never did, luckily he knew the rich man, ah today I know the rich man Hung. Where did you go in the company? I don't have a car yet. Ah, also a rich man can go, so this time you are determined to be a rich man to try, right? Determined, stop trying to do it for fun.

Luckily, I'm a big brother so I got to try it. How much does it cost about this one nowadays? If this car is new, the listed price of the company is 6 billion 490, and the registered price is about 7.3 billion. But I see this season when real giants can bring money to buy a car, like you are a giant but I see that a lot of people have difficulties. I go to a series of showrooms, you all share that the company is very difficult at this level, comes to sell a lot of cars, this guy is not sure, right? No, this real rich man, he has too many cars to go. How much does it cost to resell this child now? If it weren't for the translation season, he would sell around 5.6 billion, but for now, I just leave it reasonable for about 5 billion. Only 5 billion, is it cheap to go 2 billion? Sure.

The First Time Driver Excellence Volvo XC90 Price Only 5 BILLION 3

Barbaric, that's why I keep liking it, we play big displacement, as long as there are some super-giants who collect cars and just throw them at home, buy them from you guys Very happy, but buying the so-called extremely good price, I think this is also one of those, you must also buy a good price, I think. Not really, first of all, I have to say that I have a passion for used cars, I buy it for me to experience. The first is that I support customers (and I like cars too) I like it, I buy it. If you are lucky enough to sell, but you can get a can of milk for your child, it will be delicious, even if it is not much when you trade backwards.

The First Time Driver Excellence Volvo XC90 Price Only 5 BILLION 4

But now this child costs 5 billion so it is a good deal, Hung, because a car that can travel 1.8 thousand is different from a new car, but the Excellence version is not a normal version. There is still genuine warranty and maintenance. Genuine is always right, so easy to check, but these giants are simple to go from home to the golf course and back home. Almost the car did not go much, because when he bought the car at first it meant that the couple probably liked the SV version, but at that time there was no stock, then this XC90 Excellence When I just came out, I saw a very new product and I wanted to be safe, want to experience, but this car is a Hybrid car again, electric gasoline so people see there are many new and modern technologies to choose from. You know, giants are people only buy the best things, they don't buy bullshit. See you see, now is to buy SV and LX570 things, almost every giant must own a few like that. I also play with a few youngsters which means the kids of the rich are always playing that way. Cars of the line, whatever the most expensive you buy, the Volvo model too, you just have to buy Excellence, but the Inscription way you go into contact a little means many guys run, but if you run to Excellence, you will Vip. .

The First Time Driver Excellence Volvo XC90 Price Only 5 BILLION 5

Excellence, it's Top of the Life, it's the highest level, whoever ... But I have not discovered all the features above this Excellence because I have not run yet, it still Is there anything interesting, bro, you know but you don't know, I just let you play. You see an example on the display screen, this car has more modes, the first is this charger, this is the mode to charge, you use gasoline to charge the electric engine. That means I'm still running the internal combustion engine and the electric engine isn't on. And now you can switch to electric mode for you (let me see it smoothly). Wow it's like an electric car running on the rails, it's quiet, it's like a Tesla, I used to take some kind of Tesla electric car, it goes like a toy car, it goes smoothly like a ride on The magnetic cushion did not vibrate at all. This car is 407 horsepower combining gasoline engine with electric motor (I feel a bit redundant, running in Vietnam this road is a bit expensive), you can choose the driving mode here, it has all 6 modes steering. This is Caution AWD, I go on slippery roads or snowy roads, I leave this mode, and Pure is an electric mode, completely electric it will automatically adjust the undercarriage and the steering wheel. feel lighter?

First Time Driver Excellence Volvo XC90 Price Only 5 BILLION 6

In fact, electric cars like this not only bring comfort in the car, but I find it very humane, it does not have to be discharged into the environment. Actually, I realize that the people who buy Volvo cars are not a lot of money, they are not ordinary giants, but their range of thinking is beyond that, people think for the future. My life and my grandchildren's life, it's not like a mine, we enjoy all that much money, but people think about the future. I think it's very human, people kind of knowledge is very high beyond ordinary people. Because when you look at Volvo cars, you will see that it is very simple, those who like sticky rice will not like Volvo, probably BMW Merc, but people who ride Volvo they have a certain kind of demeanor they are like that Nordic, exactly that Nordic people are, they're more civilized than people.

The First Time Driver Excellence Volvo XC90 Price Only 5 BILLION 7

My brothers and sisters went to Sweden, you know, go to the museums you recognize, they always think of people as the first thing, the environment right? Does the museum you see all talk about garbage? Well then I see that people have thought of perhaps hundreds of years beyond our brothers, that's the problem. Volvo is both safe for this people, protecting the whole planet, a very humane environment, right? You think that is very good, right from the materials on Volvo, I have never met a car that is fitted with the equipment in the car with recycled materials like Volvo, Volvo has something The model of the car I go to exhibitions I remember is made of recycled material, which means that they always care about the environment, they are responsible for the environment. I think the people who own the Volvo must be the ones whose knowledge level has to go beyond the reach of the average person. But if it was just a giant selling land or something, people would not have thought like that, I think. 

First Time Driver Excellence Volvo XC90 Price Only 5 BILLION 8

You have contact with Volvo customers, you can see that people like you say that the way you say it is a little turned around, I don't like this car or many sisters come in and say it must be Audi, it had to be Audi, it had to be Mercedes, it had to be a BMW or a Range Rover, it had to be big, it had to be classy. Volvo is for the first people who must have this income, with this knowledge as I say people like the exquisite simplicity but extremely handy. Of course, it's not like saying that BMW Merc or Audi or all the other brands, I think it's also great kungfu, really great kungfu, but this is due to the segment of customers (yes and different types of customers) there are customers who like that kind of enthusiasm, there are customers who are like Volvo and they think about the future, I think customers who think about the future will choose Volvo.

Each brand will have its own target audience, for example Merc is now targeting young people, unisex, right? Young people like youthful sporty dynamism but the logo is still the brand, the Mercedes logo is Even the children can see it, right? Right. Then BMW is for those who like the feeling of driving driving excitedly Driving ..., and Range Rover is known as the king of SUVs (the king of terrain), like our brothers, the SV is doing push-ups. No but Volvo is also something that the next generation will have to remember because Volvo is thinking for the next generation I think.

The First Time Driver Excellence Volvo XC90 Price Only 5 BILLION 9

Going back to this Excellence was great, going well, going into this electric mode is so fun because it's like not having to ride, like driving something quiet. He recalled a quote from his brother who studied with the CEO with him, who said a sentence, "When you are traveling in a Rolls Royce at 80km / h, then you only hear the ticking of the clock. Come on, isn't that Rolls Royce's Pr? It was the same with us, he put the watch to his ear. Standard is always quiet, right? Hey, don't hear the engine. It's so quiet because no engine explodes, electric motors are completely quiet. Extremely fuel-efficient (with air suspension too) protecting the environment, right? That's right, this car is a car to choose from. But this child now that buys like this 1.8 thousand but 5 billion is almost only a little more than the new Inscription right? That's right, the new Inscription registered at 4.5 billion. After a few hundred more, this one is different from a new one, but the rest is already tested and is too delicious. If we can't sell our brothers and sisters, just go to test, sometimes when I go, I take my car and go, I borrow my Harley. Ok, now whoever loves Excellence or wants to try or buy, can contact Hung to force the price, how much is Hung's phone number, I forgot? 19001570, the phone number for emotional counseling and Volvo car consultation, just call to contact Hung to experience how Excellence is like, you just need to sit up and you feel immediately.

I have a video that has introduced very carefully the details of this car, if you do not know how well this car is, you can watch the video again. And this is probably the surf car model that is perhaps rare during this Covid season to be called a reasonable price like this, if through the Covid season I think it will be different, it will increase. That's why, this season, if anyone wants to perform, they will. But the people who buy a car this season are the rich people, but the real giants can carry cash to buy cars this season, but if only normal if they are rich. Or is it the kind of showy or rich, then this season, I don't have money to buy a car, do I have money to buy a car you recognize? This season also takes care of neglected employees, like our brothers and sisters, we are going to take care of this employee, but now that we carry money to buy a car, it is no different from a giant. In general, this Covid translation is quite influential. Affect, affect all that he.

The First Time Driver Excellence Volvo XC90 Price Only 5 BILLION 10

That's all, today, I ask for permission to ask for permission from Hung, but if Hung buys this car, I have the opportunity to experience Excellence, otherwise I will never have the opportunity to experience Excellence. Today I thank you, a wonderful car to drive for real, driving this electric gasoline engine and switching to this electric mode, driving terribly quiet, so happy. You can charge this battery in three ways like you said earlier, one is to press the charger button, the other is to switch to P mode, it will automatically charge the gasoline engine it charges to the electric motor, or I can go home and I plug in the household power (charging right at home) with only a plug like that of a phone, I plugged in for more than 2 hours and is full (it's convenient). I go around in the city, I just use electricity, extremely economical, everyone who is afraid of wasting gas just buys this car. Come back to me to ask your girlfriend for money to see if your girlfriend agrees, you will sell me 4.9 billion, give me 10 million brothers together. Agreed.

Oh that's all, today is also a very happy experience day, you see how this Volvo Excellence is, please comment below and if you want to buy, call the hero at the phone number they are I mentioned. For now, goodbye and see you in the next videos. Bye bye. Hello everyone.

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