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Buy used cars under 200 million VND - 2005 Toyota Vios

Buy second-hand cars under 200 million VND - Is the 2005 Toyota Vios an option worth considering? | 4K | Baby Driver

Well welcome to all of you, standing beside me here Toyota Vios 2005, the car that I will introduce in the second part of the program "Under 200 million you can buy a car?". My colleague praised the Vios as the best-looking car in the B-segment at the time and I suddenly remembered that at that time, it seemed that the B-segment car was the only Vios.

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Referring to the amount of 200 million to buy a car, surely all of us think of the car from Japan Toyota Vios. And the car standing next to me here was produced in 2005. Of the first generation launched from 2003 to 2006 production, then transferred to the next car. The most outstanding point on Vios that I want to say is that the engine. 1.5 L engine, capacity of 107 horsepower at 6000 rpm. Maximum torque is 142 N / m at 4200 rpm. What I don't like about Toyota is that they haven't changed this engine until now. In the latest generation, they have upgraded to Dual VVTI instead of VVTI as before. Of course the engine of the car was still very commendable at the time extremely durable and economical.

After debuting for some time, Vios has a rival that is Gentra. A car with small appearance but also quite eye-catching. Or like Gentra's elder brother, the Lacetti, a rival of Antis. But of course it cannot beat the position of Vios in the hearts of consumers. A large headlight cluster with halogen technology. And of course we can't ask much for this car, a cheap car is only equipped with the right technology. A large indicator light comes. And the most outstanding feature of the production car in the next generation is that this grille has been equipped with a chrome bar and the Toyota logo in the middle here. This chrome plated bar is only available on the G version. You may notice this feature, along with the fog lamps. If the original limo will not have this fog lamp cluster but the car owner has also installed it. This can also be considered as two highlights to help consumers distinguish between G and Limo versions. On the side of the Vios, bring a set of 175/65 R 14 tires.

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Many cars from the Limo version to the G version have been upgraded to 15-inch rims but this car retains the rim 14. However, the wheels of the car have changed a bit, instead of using the company's gaskets, the This car has been using 10-spoke wheels. The original G version is a 5-spoke rim. Another difference of the Vios G version with limo is this brace. This plastic splint was added by the car owner. The splint of G version is similar to this one but with a little more chromium plating. The word VVTI here has a turn signal. If you pay close attention to the G version has a turn signal light. Of course, the I here is already flattened, so it's a pity. If you are wondering about looking for more details and know more about the Vios Limo cars that used to make taxis and then reimburse ordinary cars sold to consumers, you can see the clip in the link. below.

Speaking of the hips, overall the hips of this car are quite simple without many lines. The limo mirror set is not electrically tuned, but the owner of the limo has cladding here an unknown cladding. But a strip of turn signals using the LED light looks quite nice. Vios only equipped disc brakes for the front two wheels and the rear wheel is the familiar anti-brake cluster. Toward the rear of the car we have a fairly large taillight that looks plump, consistent with the overall vehicle. A relatively large trunk can hold all the items we had on the shoot today. I don't remember the specifics but it fell into the range of 500 L. Now, what are you waiting for? Come and join me inside this car to discover the interior of the car up to 4285 in length. mm width 1695 mm and what is 1450 mm high.

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Stepping inside the first vehicle that I want to say is the key. The key of the car, there is a control cluster on the key, and unlike the brother Jay of Vios, is the private key and private control. I'm not sure if this is the original key or not but it looks pretty good. Adjust the seats a bit, the car seats only adjust but it is also quite easy to control. The most impressive thing for me is that this central information clock cluster has been moved from the front of the driver to the center. Of course, this impressive feeling has been happening for over 10 years. Now I am not very impressed because there are many cars designed like this in the world. The advantage of this move is that the view in front of me is very spacious. Of course, it took me more time to glance at some of the vehicle specs here. Parameters of the car is also quite complete with a display of revving speed. Of course, this small small LCD screen is also a technology called praiseworthy for Toyota. And what do we have below?

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An entertainment cluster with Chinese screen. It will basically be an identical CD player on the Jay with some green buttons. You can also recall, rummaging through memories to remember that CD player, it has a space where I used to stuff tickets and bridges here, back then. But this CD player has been replaced so it can fit a reversing camera. Up here we have a journey committed by the owner. At the bottom of the entertainment system is the air conditioning and mechanical adjustment system. As you can see, the function buttons are still quite responsive, the knobs are also very durable, just like Japanese stuff is different, extremely durable.

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Of course it was worn out as you can see, the plastic here no longer has a certain roughness but is already glossy. Another point I want to say in the air conditioner system is the air conditioner of the first Vios in particular and Vios according to all generations in general are less cool, not deep cool. And of course the temperature is now around 12 degrees, right? The temperature is now 12 degrees, the air conditioner of Vios is really cool. Yes, of course I feel cold rather than cool.

Back to the driving position, we have a steering wheel that fits me, so to speak. I will start the engine. Yes, only when the engine is started can the hydraulic power work, turning the steering wheel can be softer. This steering wheel is different from the steering wheel in the G version in that it is not chrome plated. But the car owner also replaced this detail as the Toyota steering wheel that has been chrome plated. Another difference of the G version with the Limo version is the handbrake cluster. This manual brake cluster has buttons. As you can see, this button has to be chrome plated and not on the Limo version. Here you note this, the handbrake is not chrome plating. What is a little difference that I want to say? Well this is the mirror switch. Limo does not have an electric mirror and the car owner has retrofitted this feature in my opinion quite useful. Both the Limo and G versions are electrically tuned. But the two glass knobs, meaning you can't pull up or down the glass. Here and the deadbolt button are the deadbolt button, these two buttons are in G version with the Limo version in place they are reversed. That you may notice these points to distinguish between Limo and G.

And I suddenly remembered that this car had no armrest. If you have a armrest here, it will be more comfortable on long trips, but the limo does not, but in return for the G, there is a pedestal that the owner did not equip this. And we have a tank of water here. A drawer is more accurate than a drawer is not a drawer. And now we will go to the backseat to see the space behind the Vios look like?

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Sitting in the back of the car I can say is the widest in this segment. With a 2500 mm wheelbase, my legroom as you can see the knee is still quite far from the front seat. The space above my head was also quite a distance away from the ceiling. If I had to sit on my back like this, it would be a pity that the car didn't have a headrest. Yes, I'm a little sorry, but the space in my opinion is quite reasonable. In the back of the seat I have 2 speakers in the 4-speaker system of the car. And I really hate these two speakers because it's quite a headache when I move far and want to lie here and relax to sleep for example. Well, moving to the middle seat feels like there's something wrong, maybe the owner 's padding is a bit taller, making the headroom narrower, but the leg room is quite comfortable. Only a little unfortunately the ledge of the car below this is a bit high so I was forced to set aside. Of course, on long trips, I don't like to sit in this position. Now let's run the Vios together to see how this 12-year-old car can be called an uncle in the cars.

Talking about the performance of Vios we can not ask much in this car. The car is a fairly economical problem that only costs about 7 - 8 L for 100km in the city. On the road, this car only consumes about 5 - 6 L, an impressive figure for a car that is more than 12 years old. 1.5 L 107 horsepower engine combined with the gear shift at reasonable rpm, the car can completely surpass the car in the same direction at 60 80 speed range even up to 100km / h. I have a feeling that this car is more loaded, probably due to its lighter body than the next generation cars. However, like the 208 car we experienced in the first gear or the 210 I used, the clutch of this car felt for something more powerful. That means when I started I just released the clutch, the car had crawled away and the 210 I often had to throttle if the two cars can carry enough load of 4-5 people on the car and bring a little luggage. .

Going back to the performance of Vios, I think this car still accelerates quite well. However, there is a disadvantage that is noise. This car is really noisy. Probably because of the thin noise in the tires. Even if the rattling noises of old parts are not tied together, it is not very seamless with each other, creating quite annoying sounds. At Vios, the car is not equipped with minimum safety technologies such as ABS or EBD. And of course a very affordable car, if I remember correctly it was about $ 25,000 in 2005, yes, we can hardly ask much. The only vehicle equipped with a safety technology is the seat belt here. And this makes me quite nervous when I speed up to the high speed. Of course, with this car, I can still go at the maximum speed allowed in Vietnam's motorway. This car can run 120km / h, but for the sake of safety, I think I should only run the maximum speed range of 80 to 100km, the car will be more stable and safe.

The last point I want to say is the steering wheel of the Vios, the car for good driving feel. The bike is pretty balanced, I can let go. The car is still going straight as you can see, the Vios steering system is still quite good maybe because the owner changed or calibrated the self-driving system but basically the car drove very accurately. Ultimately, the Vios is a fairly economical and durable car, the cost of repair and maintenance is cheap but in return we have no option at all. If you are someone who likes to simply buy a car to go around or spend the weekend going to the countryside to go to the suburbs, the first Vios produced from 2003 to 2006 is really a reasonable choice for The price and durability of the vehicle is also high.If you still have concerns about the cars under 200 million, please subscribe to our channel and wait for the next cars to be introduced in the upcoming issue of the program. good bye and see you again.

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