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Buy used cars under 200 million VND Should be Daewoo Magnus

Buy second-hand cars under 200 million VND - is Daewoo Magnus worth considering?

Hello my friend Thanh Nam from Xe Cung. And today I will introduce to you a whole new series of the program "Under 200 million to buy what car?" We wondered if it would be 200 300 or 400 and eventually 200 would be chosen. The money I think is not too big for the consumer but the 200 million of us will have countless choices and my first choice is Daewoo Magnus.

Buy used cars under 200 million VND Should be Daewoo Magnus 1

And why did we choose Daewoo Magnus as the first car to be introduced? Please join me in this car, you will have the answer now. Stepping inside the vehicle, the first option I would recommend to you and that is: the 8-way power seats. It only takes me a few seconds to choose a suitable location to be able to drive this car. Even this electrically adjustable seat option has not been fitted to the 2016 Mazda III that we have introduced to you in the previous issues.

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Or like a trendy Focus. Even if I remember correctly, even the Titanium version does not have this electric seat option. Yes, the steering wheel of this car is a bit big for me. Perhaps because the car has not been equipped with electric power steering system, the manufacturer has designed this car to have a large steering wheel that helps us to drive smoothly when traveling at slow speeds. . Accompanied by this steering wheel has been equipped with a number of buttons to adjust the audio entertainment system in the car. This is really a remarkable improvement compared to the contemporaneous cars.

The car's overall look is quite simple but extremely elegant and polite. The interior is also covered by a solid wooden strip from the center of the entertainment cluster down to the gear lever to the armrest. Even the four doors of the car are beautifully decorated. As you can see, the wood grain is very beautiful and sharp. The automatic air conditioning system has an air filter function, an extremely advanced option that many cars do not have until now. If you press this button to adjust the temperature you will immediately see what the outdoor temperature is now. The car's air-conditioning system is extremely cool, very deep and cool. I only need to turn on the car's air conditioner for a few dozen seconds, the person sitting in the back is already cool. That's a plus point of Magnus.

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Below the automatic air conditioning system is the car's entertainment system. Behind the trunk we have a 6-disc CD player and in the front we can still put the disc here if we want to change our taste for music. Or we even have a Cassette tape reader. However, this tape reader is now almost no longer equipped with cars. And we also have four speakers on four doors and two treble speakers on Tap lo. Underneath the entertainment system is the fog lamp system. A few buttons are equipped with amenities such as tumble, rearview mirror, glass rear mirror. What else do we have below? We have a small storage compartment, a cigarette lighter as you have seen a cigarette lighter, a 12V charging port on the bottom. Of course, if one is about 15 years old, we won't have a USB or AUX port, but this 12V charging port will help us solve that problem. At the bottom further is the gearbox, 4-speed automatic transmission of the vehicle. Equipped with a zic zac gearbox look very nice with these metal tiles. Even behind this is a Hold button, what is this Hold button for? We can use it when we need to pass a car ahead. When losing momentum, we can press the button Hold gearbox will automatically return a number for us to accelerate fast, stronger.

The last of this beautiful wood grain is the handbrake. Handbrake in my opinion is not very nice, but basically the color is quite harmonious with the interior of the car. A drawer for 2 floors, you should remember that 2 floors. I can have a small storage compartment here and below as well. A storage compartment is not too big, but I can hold a few miscellaneous items or a CD.

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Back to the driving position we have what? A central dashboard is extremely simple and features three circles that fully display parameters such as speed, engine speed or coolant temperature as well as fuel consumption. And I can completely drive and glance at it, I can capture all the parameters of the car already. And with a car with a 2700 mm long wheelbase, I will accompany you to the back to see how spacious the second row?

Well right now I'm sitting in the second row of Magnus. I am really like a boss. The space inside this car is really too wide. I have a armrest I can put 2 cups of water on here. A small storage compartment is very convenient. And as you can see, I would drink really probably because my body is quite small so when I adjust the driver's seat, it's in the back, as you can see I can sit inside. Footrest of this car. And if I sat without looking back, I just leaned back slightly in the seat and my hands could not reach the driver's shoulders. Truly a space too spacious. So on top of this, too, I'm probably far more than 10 centimeters away.

And now I'll move to the middle of the second row. The backrest is very stiff because this is a storage compartment for the back as well as the armrest pedestal. In front, my leg room is still very comfortable. What do we have, what is this? Well, one compartment could be called the mini trash of this car. And now I will take you to look back on an exterior of the Magnus to see what Korean engineers have done to blow the soul into this car. When the Koreans had confirmed that they would bring Magnus to Vietnam and compete directly with the Camry or Ford Mondeo at that time.

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With a car length of up to 4770 mm, width of 1816 mm, height of 1440 mm, we were really worried when having to travel 2 cars to carry things. And now when we put things together, we have still not packed the trunk of this car. A lot of things were left for the 4 of us to film but Magnus could still carry comfortably. You can even pack a lot of gadgets here. Behind the Magnus is a relatively simple overall, along with details that are not too cumbersome, encapsulated in a triangular cluster of lights are reverse lights, turn signals as well as brake lights. Above this we have what Daewoo logo, car name and above all is the 2.5 L 6 figure showing the power of this car.

What do we have on the side? A large set of tire 205/55 R 16. Along with that is the set of speakers that remind me a little of the Mercedes Maybach currently rolling on the market looks quite similar and similar. Surrounding the car are two distinct two-color paint layers divided into two layers that remind me of the Range Rover SV Autobio we introduced in the previous issues.

To tell about the modern equipment on Magnus in addition to 4 disc brakes equipped with ABS system, what do we have? A Projector lens on this car gives very good light. Unfortunately, at that time, Daewoo did not equip this car with a xenon bulb but was only equipped with halogen. Well, the owner of this car has changed a xenon bulb into the headlight and headlight of the car. Just as the two led strip lights on the bottom enhance the light for the fog lamps.

The grille part of the car is vertical bars arranged in parallel with each other, looking extremely luxurious in accordance with the classic style of the car as the two words Classic is installed on both sides. What do we have on the bonnet? A logo is floating at the top and with the rather long head of this car I often look at this logo so that the front of the car is very helpful. And now I will join you in operating this nearly 1.5-ton machine to see after nearly 15 years, how will this car show?

Yes, I am currently operating the Daewoo Magnus in an urban area of Hanoi and in the inner city streets of the city this car is quite solid. The car is quite loading with 2.5 L 6 engine engine for a capacity of up to 157 horsepower. The maximum power of the car is achieved at about 5400 rpm maximum torque of about 181 Nm at 4000 rpm. A number that I also think is impressive at the time in 2004 when the car was launched in Vietnam.

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Magnus cars were brought to Vietnam with versions of 2.0 and 2.5 liters. But the sales of 2.5 engines is 3 times that of 2.0 engines. This shows that the options on this car really attracted consumers significantly. And as you can see I have come across a fairly large pothole and the car's suspension and suspension are relatively stable. Of course, as far as I know, the 4 shock absorbers of this car have been replaced by the new car owner, so it feels smooth.

The only car that I didn't like very much was the soundproofing system. The soundproofing system of this car is not good so the echo from the road surface is quite large. The rest of the soundproofing from the engine to the 4 doors in my opinion is quite ok. Stepping on the throttle of the car, it feels quite exciting. The car still accelerates very well. Despite its age, this 2.5 L 157 horsepower machine is still excellent. Perhaps because of this excellence, the 2.5 series sales were three times higher than the 2.0 version that was brought to Vietnam in 2004 2005.

The steering system of the car is old, and especially when you drive away the driver will emit creaking sounds outside as you have heard it, a little cry. The steering wheel of the car is also quite dirty every time I make a sharp turn, I have to hit the steering wheel a bit more then the car will follow the desired trajectory. To fix this problem, you can change the car's ruler system. I do not know much about the price of this system, but according to some of you going to Magnus, the price is not too high. Magnus is still happily called upon by fellow internet bloggers. Why? Perhaps because this car has a lot of diseases such as engine error, ABS system error, oxygen sensor or cooling water leak. Some of the electrical features on the car also failed like the electric mirror system when I entered the reverse gear, it didn't automatically go down, a rather luxurious option at the time.

Of course, the auto-dimming rearview mirror system works very well. This car also has a nice option that automatically locks the door when traveling at speeds over 40km / h. Why do I say it is good, because up to now many cars in Vietnam have not been equipped with this feature. With the current amount of less than 200 million and even cars for sale for less than 150 million, the number of consumers spending now is quite reasonable for a car costing 36,000 dollars. 2004. If there were about 200 million in your pocket, would you buy Magnus? Feel free to leave your comments below this clip so we know your choices. And now hello and see you again in the next issue of the series "Under 200 million you buy what car?

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