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Download the software for the 2-wheel driving test A1 and A2 (on a computer)

No. Software Download
1 Software thi bằng lái A1 freeware-freeware-hybrid-car
2 Software 8 sets of simple A1 exam questions freeware-freeware-hybrid-car
3 Software thi bằng lái A2 freeware-freeware-hybrid-car
4 Phần mềm thi bằng lái A1, A2 2020 (400 câu thi A2 và 200 câu thi A1).

Bộ câu hỏi áp dụng cho thi GPLX mô tô 2020 như sau:

  • Grade A2: học – thi 400 câu, trong đó có 50 câu về tình huống mất ATTG nghiêm trọng.
  • Grade A1: học – thi 200 câu, trong đó có 20 câu về tình huống mất an toàn giao thông nghiêm trọng..

Download the software test driving license 2 wheels A1, A2 (on the computer) 1



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Comparison of Driving License Types - How to get international driving permit in Vietnam: We are one of the major training centers in Ho Chi Minh City, specializing in the field of Driver Training and Slaughtering teaching and taking a Motorcycle Driver's License (A1, A2), a 4-wheel drive license from 4 - 9 seats (class B1, B2 and C).
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