Hello everyone, today the law dissemination channel will present to you the topic on how long to turn on the turn signal light not to be penalized by the traffic police. The reason we made this topic is because in fact many readers send questions to the law dissemination channel, please ask that many times when turning on the turn signals and still being punished by the traffic police. You have just wondered what is the actual rule and specifically turning on the turn signal before changing the direction is how much time it is in accordance with the law and will not be penalized.


Ladies and gentlemen, to clarify this issue, we will consider the provisions of Article 15, the 2008 Road Traffic Law regarding turn turn as follows:

  • When turning a vehicle, the driver must slow down and give a signal of the turn
  • While changing directions, drivers and operators of special-use vehicles must yield the right to go ahead to pedestrians and bicyclists on their designated lanes, yield to vehicles traveling in the opposite direction and only allow the vehicle to change direction when it is observed that it does not cause obstacles or danger to people and other vehicles.


Ladies and gentlemen, so when we change direction, we need to pay attention to two issues: firstly, when turning, we have to slow down and we have a turn signal, second we have to observe safety to be redirected, and must give way to those who, according to regulations, must give way to them first.

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Thus, the current provisions of the law provisions when changing directions must have a warning signal, and will be penalized if the direction does not signal turn or turn signals. However, there is no specific rule when turning in the direction to turn on the signal for how long, so the fact that people in traffic must comply with the speed and safe distance between vehicles, when turning, the signal must be turned on. When the signal is turned off, the signal is turned off and there is no regulation on how long the signal has to be turned on.

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Thus, in this case, when we start to turn, we turn the turn signal, in case we are turning it, we are violated and sanctioned under Decree 46/2016-NDCP on handling. Administrative violations in road and rail traffic. As follows:

  • For drivers and persons transported on cars and similar vehicles, a fine of between VND 600,000 and VND 800,000 as prescribed at Point C, Clause 3, Article 5, ND 46
  • For operators, people sitting on motorbikes, mopeds (including electric motorbikes), cars similar to motorbikes and similar motorbikes will be fined from VND 300,000 to VND 400 000 as prescribed in Point a, Clause 4, Article 6, Decree 46.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have answered the question about how long to turn before the turn. In the near future, we will continue to answer questions that readers send to law dissemination. Thank you for your interest and follow up. Hello and see you again in the following videos.

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