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Parking phase "cumbersome" of the driver and the end can not help bored

After 5-7 unsuccessful attempts, the driver decided to give up, but it also took many more times to move back and forth. It shows that some drivers have a license but the practical skills are not good.

The video recording the parking situation of a driver of a Hyundai Grand i10 has attracted thousands of likes and comments on social networks. Accordingly, the driver intends to cross into the space between the front and rear car.

The "cumbersome" parking phase of a Vietnamese driver and the ending makes viewers bored

The picture shows that the space for the Hyundai Grand i10 to park in is relatively comfortable. However, the driver of the car 5 times 7 turns back and forth, but cannot complete the horizontal transplant. There are times when the front wheel climbed onto the sidewalk, but it did not win.

Taking too long, the Grand i10 driver gave up. This person decided to back out but the video shows that this skill is also quite clumsy. The shared video is twice as fast as it really is.

"The first time I see the front of the car in front, isn't that difficult for me?", Member Hoang Tay commented on Facebook. "Horizontal matching is a mandatory test to get a degree, but it seems that learning has not been coupled with practice".

Nick Minh Tien said: “This horizontal situation is the opposite of the test, perhaps because of that, the driver is confused. This is also the reason that many people who have been granted a license are still not confident, they have to learn to supplement the steering wheel ”.

Guide to car horizontal transplantation. Source: ParkingTutorial

"New driver, also partly sympathetic because the teaching is too heavy in school," an opinion advocates for the Grand i10 driver. "It also does not exclude drivers who are stalked because they want to park quickly to yield to other vehicles, so they want to turn into slow speed quickly.

However, most of the opinions on social networks are fed up with such riding skills. “This is part of the cause of traffic congestion. If we still keep the learning style to get a degree, it is even more dangerous ”, writes Facebook account Huy Nguyen.

Gia An
Video source: OFFB

Source Posts Dan Tri: dantri.com.vn/o-to-xe-may/pha-do-xe-cong-kenh-cua-tai-xe-va-cai-ket-khong-khoi-ngao-ngan-20200823004957742.htm

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