Things You Don't Know About Honda Civic 2020 Latest Version

Review of Honda Civic 2020 Latest Version

This engine alone has a high-pressure nozzle that will inject oil into the piston to cool the piston. This technology is taken from F1's technology.

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Hello everyone, I am standing next to a new Honda Civic RS version, a beautiful and sporty red wrapped in red or red. This car we have introduced to you quite a lot already, and many people have said that this car is beautiful and delicious, but the price is a little bit higher. Here, for example, is listed for 929 million. So actually this car compared to the ground in the same segment is higher. So today, we will go to find out why the Honda Civic RS is so expensive? Why? Because it is equipped with a lot of genuine and branded things, which perhaps with the naked eye we will hardly know. Today I'll tell you why it's like that, lots of cool technology, stay with the video for a minute!

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Okay, now I'm going to open the hood, first we're going to look inside this engine bay, it's going to be different. First of all, as everyone knows, this car is equipped with the engine that can be said to be the most technological in the segment. Engine 1.5 turbo 170 horsepower, 220 Newton / meter of torque, it is very powerful. However, to achieve that does not come naturally. This engine itself is the engine block and in short, a lot of parts are made of aluminum. What about aluminum? Firstly it is lighter, secondly it helps to dissipate heat better. That detail alone is already very profitable on this engine. But that's not all, this engine on top of it also has a lot of technology such as the piston heads, they have made vortex lines so that when burning fuel the compression force is summed up. it optimizes the way that the carburetor is burned in the combustion chamber, helping to release more energy, then save more fuel, etc. It's a very small thing, but it's not over yet. In this engine, it is also an engine, but it has many more things inside. For another example, that's the way it cools, cooling the Piston is in the Piston cage if normally, the normal engine it is passively cooled by going up and down, the oil it will lubricate slippery things. But this engine alone has a high-pressure nozzle that will inject oil into the piston cage to cool the piston cage. This technology is taken from F1 technology, ladies and gentlemen. It's not natural that the engine is good and it's expensive. That's the technology they use of F1, of course, now there are a lot of good engines using that type, not a good engine, then this engine can be said to be a good engine. And it is this engine that also makes the price of it increase, not a normal engine. Even the Merc engine itself now uses this type of 1.5 turbo.

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And it's still not over, more about the engine, on the side of the Piston they plated or called a layer of it called Molybdenum. Molybdenum it is a material resistant to extremely high temperatures, extremely high abrasion that they often use this material to make super strong, super hard, high temperature steel alloys. Then the piston wall they use that material to help it wear better, which means it won't wear much, and it will have extremely low friction. More durable, lower friction, better performance. If we look at it with the naked eye, how do we know, we just look at this car, oh it's so expensive. But hey, when you know technology like this, you will see that it's worth the money, it's worth the money. Then only things like that about the engine alone have brought us something very lovely and precious for this car.

But it's not over, it's not over yet. What is behind the engine? The engine you can still see, but the lower part has a larger balance bar. The larger the balance bar, it will help the car operate more stably, because this car is quite sporty, quite sporty, even operating like a sports car. The larger balance bar it helps the car to be more stable and firm. But that's not all, the rubber pads connecting the balance bar and its body are unusual rubber pads. What is unusual here? If the car is normal, its rubber is just rubber, but these rubber pieces are inside it with liquid. Oh it sounds like a little gel or something? Then it will be quieter, it will be quieter, it will have a firmer noise reduction etc… Yes, but these rubber pads are often used on luxury cars, luxury cars, but mid-range popular cars are not available. That is also a very small point that increases the price of this car. I'm not defending this car, but I'm breaking it down to tell you why it's like that, see.

Then the suspension is the same, the points that connect the support brackets of the suspension to the chassis, are also the rubber pads that have liquid inside, it will help smooth. much more, it will be more stable. Right? Less noise. See, it's that simple, but there's already so many things out, how do we know when we just open this? Does this look any different from a normal engine? Is it any different from the shock absorber system, the normal suspension system? Even the balance bar we can't see, we have to flip things upside down.

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For example, the ABS system is also placed very neatly right next to the wall, it is very close, which is also a special feature of this car. We'll close a little, those are just the very basics of this car, but it adds a touch of luxury. That when you close the capo, you will notice that in the segment, in the same segment, when you close the capo, you will rarely see rubber here, the cushion here is seamless and very tight like like this. Not every car has it! Yes but it won't be as tight and full as this, this is full from here, filter out the noise and it will be tighter, it will anti-vibration things etc. That is also a very good point.

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Regarding the exterior, we probably have seen a lot already, in this RS version, all the chrome plating is painted black, is this new color also beautiful, young? Red, I usually call red hot. Ah, to this side you will see that this tire is a good tire! This tire is the tire of a Michelin sports car or we still call it Michelan or something, each person has a name. 18-inch wheels, this tire is a Pilot Sport 4 tire that is often used on Sportcer or Sport cars. This is not an ordinary tire, it has a sports gene, it has a sports gene, that's why it's expensive, not natural. If you run a normal tire, it will reduce the cost a bit, which is a good thing because this car is sporty so it has to run a tire like this, so it ensure sportiness and ensure safety. But looking down at this plate, isn't it beautiful? This RS version wheel is really beautiful, painted in titanium with black and looks real quality. Looking at this set of wheels, it's so sporty. Next we will see the whole, this one you probably already know, and I have said it before. From the mirror to the Japanese origami style bends, it helps to increase the wind resistance of the car by 10%, which means it will glide more.

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According to information that we Googled online, when giving an interview to the world's No. 1 channel of Top... the head of this Civic car development project replied that we had to have surgery. Cut an Audi A3 very carefully to research, to make a Civic that must be said to be superior to all cars in the same segment. That's right, it's true that when you look at this car from the outside, it makes a difference, and the performance is also very good. If you don't know who has run it, you can comment below if you are satisfied, then we will discuss more to let those who do not know about this car, or those who are in need of buying this car. be clearer. And this 10th generation of Civic is developed in the US, not in Japan. Exactly which city I Googled but I also forgot. Yes, actually the car review is all Google, the reviewers are the reviewers via Google.


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Just kidding, where are we going now? Where is it expensive? Inside, it also has differences, for example, the seat, the chair is also more sporty. Here are the leather seats with a slight touch of felt according to the checkered pattern, and all around the parts that have the leather trim are embroidered with red thread, providing contrast and giving a sporty look. Even the steering wheel, too, is embroidered with red thread. The interior stitch, we have seen a lot. By the way, when it comes to this steering wheel, the Honda Civic's steering wheel is the best in the segment. This steering wheel is variable, it has variable dual gears, and it adapts to the way you steer. It's so brutally good that you have to drive it to understand, but now that you say it with your mouth, how can you tell. But this steering wheel, I have driven a lot, and this steering wheel is the best steering wheel in the segment, can't be wrong, you just come and try it, you will see.

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That, that's it, we've already seen the Honda Civic, why is it so expensive, right? This is exactly the selling price of 929 million for the new red Civic RS version or the company calls it the new red Road Sailing. Oh by the way, there's no one here, I'll move the 2 over, I'll put the 9 over, that's a bit naughty. I was polite from the beginning of the video, now I like to play for 299 million, if anyone comes here and looks at this price, please sell me 5! No one here, guys, don't tell me, it's not me, don't tell me! That, that's all. Overall, the car is still that Civic, still very beautiful, still the spoiler of the RS version. My favorite is the very impressive wheels, the color and the tires. This suit is perfect.

Now invite you to go around to see the new color of the new Civic RS VTEC Turbo color to see how it is? Impressive, impressive.

We'll end up at this 3/4 corner to see how beautiful it is. Hello everyone! Don't forget to subscibe our Youtube channel, click the bell button to follow the latest and more special videos. For now, say goodbye and see you again.

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