What is Waste Oil Used for – Is Waste Oil Safe?

What is Waste Oil Used for – Is Waste Oil Safe?

When you hear a word that has the word waste, you often think of a substance or something that cannot be used anymore and must be discarded. However, for waste oil, we can completely recycle it and reuse it.

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Waste oil we can store in a can and when the can is full, it will be sold, its price is about 7 - 8.000 VND depending on the place. So what do people buy waste oil for, many people think that they can only make fake oil, the oil has no quality.

It is true that in Vietnam there are some stalls that buy waste oil and people recycle it to create low-quality oil or fake oil to put in and sell on the market, damaging customers' cars a lot. Since some such scammers have created a stereotype about using waste oil only to be used as fake lubricants, however, waste oil can be recycled into very good used products with strict procedures. and with modern machines.

Waste oil is regulated by the government as a hazardous waste, not to be discharged directly into the environment, 1 liter of oil can contaminate 1 million liters of water, if poured into the ground, it will seep into the ground and pollute Groundwater is dangerous to our lives. Therefore, we should not dump waste directly into the environment, we should store it and resell it to collectors.

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Not everyone who collects waste oil makes fake oil, in Vietnam there are companies that recycle waste oil into products that are used in life. In foreign countries, people recycle using circulating lubricants, the recycling process repeats continuously, ie recycling indefinitely, not once or twice and then thrown away, people can recycle indefinitely by modern technologies.

In foreign countries, people will first collect, transport and store them in storage, then a second step is to remove water and residues in waste oil, the next step is to remove metals. type and additives in the waste oil, the next step called the hydrogenation step will continue to remove impurities and then light fractions such as gasoline, diesel oil mixed in this oil and then people will create Original oil.

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From the waste oil through the recycling process will create base oil, base oil is used in industry such as lubricating or manufacturing explosives or used in the rubber vulcanization industry. The base oil is reused to make lubricating oil by adding some additives such as additives to increase lubricity, additives to increase detergency, anti-oxidation, etc.

And many other additives to make it become a lubricating oil product and return to serve industries (petroleum, coal, ore, etc.) to lubricate drilling machinery; industry automobile and motorcycle manufacturing industry; the manufacturing machinery industry in such a production line requires lubricating oil, etc. used lubricating oil continues to be recycled so that its use can be indefinitely with modern machinery and processes.

In addition to the above uses, waste oil can be distilled to produce diesel oil for heating in furnaces, blast furnaces, and cement kilns.

In Vietnam, the amount of waste oil is very large because we have hundreds of millions of motorbikes, millions of cars, trucks, not to mention other means of transportation such as boats, trains, planes, etc. Use oil for lubrication. The State regulates that waste oil is a hazardous waste that needs to be recycled, treated, and not discharged into the environment. In Vietnam, there are currently very few companies that recycle waste oil, so the collection and establishment Waste oil recycling is essential.

Consumers are also very afraid that if they resell waste oil to collectors, they may make fake fake lubricants to resell to consumers. Recycling the oil is also more beneficial than discharging it into the environment so we should sell the waste oil to the waste oil collector, but what people recycle the fake oil and what people do with it there are regulatory bodies that will take care of that.

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We want to avoid using fake oil, then after we change the oil and the oil cover, we should puncture it or we cut it off, because when recycling fake oil, people will often use it. reuse the boxes, so when looking at the outside, it is very difficult for us to know. And to avoid fake oil, you should buy it from reputable distributors and dealers, it will be safer to use the oil.

Because when using fake oil, poor quality oil, that oil is recycled from waste oil, so it has no lubrication. irreparable damage will occur because metal parts do not have protective lubricating screens, so wear will occur very quickly, it will make the engine very hot, waste fuel and may damage the engine. Therefore, the use of fake lubricants is very dangerous.

In short, the oil after use should not be poured into the environment but should be collected so that we can reuse it in simple daily lubricating tasks such as lubricating bicycle chains, lubricating saw blades. , ... or can be sold to the waste oil collectors.

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