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5 PRINCIPLES FOR 100% Situation Sa Sa Sa Pictures (easy to remember)

The ultimate purpose of the disintegration is to solve the car to exit the intersection as quickly as possible, the disqualification is like doing math, it takes a lot of logic, we cannot remember it all. set of answers in 1 Exercise book and so on with hundreds of questions about Sa Shapes.

However, things are very simple if we master the following principles:

1. Vehicles entering an intersection:

Vehicles are considered to enter the intersection when the front wheel has crossed the white line of the pedestrian crossing the road, although under any circumstance the vehicle having no intersection will be given the first priority.

In the image below, there is an ambulance Blue cars have passed the intersection, so blue cars are still the first to go.

2. Priority vehicles:

The order of priority vehicles is as follows: Fire fight -> Military -> Police -> Ambulance

You may wonder why Ambulance is ranked fourth after all? For the life, the safety of a country (Military vehicle) or the safety and stability of a collective, an area (Police) is placed on the loss and safety of an individual (Rescue). injured).


In the next picture: there are 4 cars in it 1 police car -> This will definitely be the first ride.

In addition to the 4 priority vehicles mentioned above, there are also other priority vehicles such as dyke protection vehicles, police-guided convoys, vehicles for disaster recovery, epidemics or vehicles on duty emergency situation in accordance with the law, but I did not mention it on questions about the Dictation.

3. Priority road:

Obviously, vehicles on priority roads must give way to people on priority roads, and should be based on the "Priority intersection" sign mentioned above. All vehicles in front of them are the "reverse triangle" signs mentioned above, which are automatically located on non-priority roads.


In this picture In front of the car is a reverse triangle sign - Although the internal content cannot be seen, we can confirm that the content of the signboard "Crosses the priority line" -> cars are on the non-priority road -> must yield for motorcycles.

4: Direction without car:

Because Vietnam moves to the right side -> the right hand drive (different from some countries going to the left - the right hand drive like Japan, England ...), the right of priority without a car is prescribed as follows:

At an intersection: The right of way belongs to which vehicle is facing the side RIGHT HAND  no car.

As the following picture No vehicles crossing the intersection, No priority vehicles, No priority lines -> but directions right hand side of motorcycles is not vehicles should be prioritized first, then rickshaws and trucks go last.

At the roundabout, roundabouts: The right of way belongs to which vehicle is facing the side LEFT HAND Its empty - no cars.


In the next image, cars have turned round and side The left hand of the truck has no vehicle -> Trucks are given priority first.

5: Priority turn directions:

The car turns right to go first, then the car goes straight and finally the car turns left


For example at the next screen, cars turn right go first, next come your car for going straight and finally motorcycles turn left.

• Note to the participants that the disqualification principles are in place from high to low, important rules are listed above and descending below, the guidelines below only use when the cannot use the above principle only.

• Examples of decompression combine many principles

1. Is there a car on the intersection? Is not

2. Are there priority vehicles or not? Yes -> so the priority vehicle (police officer) goes first.

3. Is there a preferred road? Yes, so which car is on the priority road going next - here is the truck.

4. Now there are passenger cars and cars, starting to see problems, right practitioners? Note that this time the police car and the truck are gone - the fourth principle appears - the right side of the bus is empty -> the bus is in front of the car.

So, the perfect answer to the question: How is the order of the vehicles going in accordance with the traffic rules? It will be "Police cars, trucks, coaches, cars".

Wishing students the best study and exam results.

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