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Passenger Bus In Thaco Mibihome 2018


Hello everyone, today I will introduce to you the THACO VIP DV120FL bed car. Then I will introduce the overview of the vehicle on the exterior like this. This is your invitation. This is the whole exterior of the sleeper car, I'm going to open it, I'm going around the car. Open this trunk, equip the trunk to luggage is very spacious. This is a gas, there is a gas here. OK. And next is the engine compartment. The car is equipped with a very powerful W375 engine but also saves fuel. This is the entire engine bay. Vehicles equipped with Michealin tires, dual quality tires. See that tire, aluminum wheels. This is the aluminum wheels, very nice. Mirror, lamp. Okay now I would like to introduce everyone into the interior of this car. Please.

The compartment is very wide. This is the entire cockpit. This chair is a bit automatically balanced. The car is equipped with AVS electromagnetic brake system, fan, there are 4 modes, air conditioning here. I will introduce briefly about fans and air conditioners. I'll pick up the phone. This air conditioner 4 different wind speed, here turn off air conditioning, here temperature control button, here are 4 levels of different levels with the wind force blowing with 4 different levels to increase or decrease the temperature of the air conditioner. The luggage compartment power switch I will turn on, here is the light. The reverse screen will display this light switch, ceiling light, air horn, AVS system, wifi ... This is the engine alarm, the warning of this electromagnetic bar, the screen shows us here. Letting me go backwards will show the reverse camera. This steering wheel is very integrated with many buttons. This is the whole steering wheel.

6-digit gear lever here. Gear lever has 6 numbers and 1 reverse gear. This is their dashboard. This motor speed, the fuel level alarms cooling. Battery alarm, oil pressure indicator, engine oil pressure indicator, and this is fuel indicator ... This is its entire screen and the warning keys when something goes on here. When this happens, it will alert the yellow key is an engine error or something. I will turn on the light. I introduce to you here the entire interior.

This is the TV screen. Here, store this cup, this cup of water. I also have a very convenient drawer. Drawers for watching television. Here introduced through the button click here. This light. This button will ring the bell when calling the flight attendant, this is the button that needs to ring the flight attendant. These are the ports that have this 5V charging plug. The power button is very nice to decorate. This is a night light. Introduced through this felt chair. Adjustable seats pop up as you like. I will go deep below. There is an emergency hammer equipped in case of emergency. Go around here for a cooling system. This last bed on this side is also a vip bed. There is a bed in the last umbrella that it will not equip as a normal bed.

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It is not equipped with a television, only the buttons here call the attendant to call 1 and the cooling system. This is the normal bed at the end. It has a refrigerator. Korean fridge. This is a backward camrera system. And next, I would recommend this car that has a toilet. This is the electric system of a toilet. This switch for water, nozzles ... So beautiful. This is equipped with a fan, including a display clock. Vehicles equipped with fire extinguishers. This system is the system equipped in the case to lock the door and release the air that I locked by hand, but I use the electric lock is very safe. This is the whole decoration system. The sun shade here is pulled up and pulled down. Okay ok. Then you go down.

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