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Latest Stealing Tricks Of Gas Station Exposed

Uncovering new stealing tricks of gas station staff

At least 3 employees regularly use the change for customers to change money. At 6pm on December 24, 2016, the 1st Petroleum Store employee named Phuoc pumps gasoline to 1 female customer.

Latest Stealing Technique of Exposed Gasoline Worker 1
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When the female customer gives 500,000 VND, Phuoc holds a stack of money and starts counting the change. To create trust, Phuoc counted the money very slowly, one after the other in front of the guests, but in a split second before giving the money to Phuoc, he quickly withdrew the 100,000 VND, seemingly pocketing 100,000 VND. Gas station continues to press the pour number for others.

however, this time, Phuoc failed to play because the female customer finished the car and then stopped to count the money. She discovered a shortage of female customers, saying: "Just now, I saw clearly that you counted 450. but why now 350?

Latest Stealing Technique Of Exposed Gasoline Worker 2
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You gave me money to hold, but why do you hold it? Right? Why not, look away. That's right 350. And for my purse, I have exactly 1 sheet, checking my wallet too. Why do you keep giving up money so much ??

In the morning of December 26, 2016, Long, the No. 1 petrol station employee, also played a joke and gave a shortage of VND 100,000 for a customer to fill up when he found out, Long did not apologize but also flipped that he gave it. guests don't take ”.

Before that, after many days of monitoring, we continuously recorded that this gas station employee often played the game of withdrawing money from customers. Because gas station staff quickly withdraw money at the bottom of the stack, it is difficult for customers to detect unless carefully counting.

“Did you give me 500? But why do you keep rotting so many times, why don't you know! I'm telling you the truth, this is the number of times I've seen you like this, not the first time. ”

The time when this group of staff plays the most bad money change is between 6am - 8am and from 17h - 20h this time people go to work or rush to fill up their gas to go home so they should check the change less often.

When a customer discovers a shortage of money, the fraudulent employees use the same tactic of blaming the customer for falling money to conceal his / her behavior. On the morning of December 22, 2016, Huong in Binh Thanh District drove a motorbike into the No. 1 petrol station and poured 50,000 VND for petrol.

Ms. Huong handed the VND 500,000 note, a shop employee repeatedly rolled the notes in her hand and deliberately let customers look at the amount of change. When paying the rotten money, this employee gave her a VND 100,000 bill to leave the gas station for a few minutes, Ms. Huong returned to the gas station to ask for the missing money. Seeing that, the gas station employee quickly walked out and dropped a bill on the ground and said the customer dropped the money himself. In addition to the No. 1 petrol station at the 27/7 gas station, 624, Kha Van Can Street, Thu Duc District, also used the same technique to pay customers.

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On the morning of December 27, 2016, a female visitor came to the gas station on July 27 to pay 50,000 VND for the petrol. At this time, Mr. Thanh, the petrol station employee, received VND 500,000 and counted the change for the customers, in turn 4 sheets of VND 100,000. However, when Mr. Thanh took another VND 50,000, he also drew a VND 100,000 sheet below the change, the customer wondered, Mr. Thanh gave the customer VND 100,000 and quietly went inside. Within the next few hours, Mr. Thanh also played the role of exchanging short money for about 5 other petrol customers. And most of the victims revealed his tricks.

This is a video depicting the salesperson's tricks to steal customers' money, which have been on the rise recently.

For the sake of delicacy, I will not describe their actions in detail, I will only do it in order to help you raise your guard to protect your property.

Latest Stealing Techniques Of Exposed Gasoline Workers 4
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Hello, I will now describe to you how they withdraw your money:

Method 1: Count fake: You see 7 sheets. But actually there are only 6 sheets, one is counted twice

Method 2: Duplicate 1 sheet: Clearly you see 7 sheets. But there are only 6 sheets. The secret is to fold one sheet in half.

Method 3: Direct withdrawal: You are seeing 6 sheets. And you take it. But it quickly took 1 sheet. And you only have 5 sheets left. It hid behind the palm.

This action is mainly done during crowded hours, during rush hours such as going to work, leaving work ... because at that time everyone was in a hurry.

Be alert and most importantly, "Count the money before you put it in your wallet." Thank you for watching.

Tricks to trick people into making money at the gas station:

  • Press "virtual" number
  • Pump shock, pump connector
  • "Magic" steals change

Many customers are "pickpockets" without even knowing or knowing that nothing can be done by those who pour gas.

Latest Stealing Techniques Of Exposed Gasoline Staff 5
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And the situation of cheating and falling in petrol stations is a painful problem that agencies have not solved all. And consumers should know how to protect themselves.

After many days of investigating the group of reporters Dan Tri continues to discover tricks to cheat customers at petrol stations at 199 Minh Khai Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.

Latest Stealing Techniques Of Exposed Gasoline Workers 6
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On the signboard of this store, it is clearly stated that Thalexim Petro belongs to this gas station, usually there are 2 petrol salesmen. In the first video, please pay attention to the young man in blue and white. At this time, the fuel dispenser column shows the figure of VND 70,110 without deleting the number on the petrol pump. The petrol salesman pumped the number straight into the young man's car. Taking advantage of the subjective neglect of the young man in blue and white.

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The petrol salesman only pumped up to VND 115,060 while the young man paid VND 50,000 for the petrol, so the petrol salesperson quickly stole the youth selling VND 5,000. In order to avoid being detected, the petrol dealer quickly deleted the number on the petrol dispenser to zero.

Latest Stealing Techniques Of Exposed Gasoline Workers 7
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In the second video, with the same trick, please pay attention to the woman in blue wearing a pink helmet. After filling the man in a blue shirt, the fuel pump meter shows the figure of VND 100,250. The petrol station employee continues to pump the gear to the woman wearing a pink helmet.

This woman quickly paid 30,000 VND to buy gasoline. However, after pumping gasoline for the woman, the meter column only displayed the figure of VND 125,120 so the woman wearing a pink helmet bought VND 30,000 for petrol but in fact was stolen more than 5,000. d petrol price without even knowing.

Latest Stealing Techniques Of Exposed Gasoline Staff 8
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You pay attention to the woman in the orange helmet. On the meter of the petrol pump, she now shows the figure of 299,990 VND. This woman quickly paid 50,000 VND for fuel, but the employee only pumped up to 345,370 VND, stopped.

Taking advantage of the time when the woman did not pay attention to the gas salesman quickly brought her watch to zero. The woman quickly left without knowing that she had just been robbed of the brazen 5,000 VND for the gasoline.

Also with the old trick, in the next video, you pay attention to the woman who rides a motorcycle with the license plate number 19N1 08964 at this time, the fuel dispenser meter displays the figure of 30,120 VND. to zero and pump the gear straight to the woman's car.

Latest Stealing Techniques Of Exposed Gasoline Workers 9
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The meter on the petrol pump quickly ran to the figure of 75,170 VND, then stopped. However, this woman paid 50,000 VND to buy gasoline so this woman also lost 5,000 VND to buy gasoline without even knowing it. Shortly thereafter, the petrol pump worker calmly returned the meter to the pump after committing a theft.

In this video, after pumping gasoline for the woman in black helmet. The fuel pump meter stopped at 115,120 VND. The petrol dealer continued to transfer the gear to the young man wearing a white helmet. This young man quickly brought 100,000 VND and was returned 50,000 VND

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At this time, the meter on the petrol pump meter displayed a figure of VND 160,760 so the young man continued to be robbed of 5,000 VND to buy gasoline.

Latest Stealing Techniques Of Exposed Gasoline Staff 10
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In the next video at this time, the fuel pump meter displays the number 295,370 VND, does not bring the petrol pump meter to 0, this employee injects gasoline into the motorbike of the woman wearing an orange helmet very quickly. . Pump meter quickly ran to 340,500 VND, then stopped this employee quickly brought the meter to 0 to pump the next car.

At the same time, it is not in a hurry to collect the money of the woman in orange helmet. After the pump was completed for the next customer, the male petrol salesman only collected the fuel for the woman wearing an orange helmet of 50,000 VND without returning it. So this woman also stole almost 5,000 VND.

According to the observation of reporter Dan Tri for many days in a row. This trick is mainly used to steal petrol from customers who buy petrol at the 199 Minh Khai station of Thalexim Petro, which is a pump that connects many cars, bringing the petrol pump meter to large and very small numbers. , guests can hardly control quickly.

Because of negligence and distraction, many customers buying gasoline at 199 Minh Khai station of Thalexim Petro were pickpockets without knowing it. Previously, Dan Tri newspaper had published two reports exposing fraud at some petrol stations in the inner city of Hanoi: gasoline station No. 342 Pham Van Dong and gas station on Nghiem Tu Liem, Thanh Tri, Ha Internal

For a long time, public opinion has raised concerns about the persistent existence of many petrol stations with serious fraud. However, perhaps the involvement of the authorities is just like abducting and discarding discs, stamping out this place and then recurring. The damage accumulated to consumers.

“My car is still gasoline, now add another 30,000 and it will be almost full. I don't know how much more, I just know how much I pump, I take out that much. You are very funny to do business. Why is it funny? Now I don't know how much fuel he has. I pump as much as I suck out of it.

Latest Stealing Techniques of Exposed Gasoline Workers 11
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You said 50, I knew it was 50, I haven't seen it yet. So nowadays, whoever comes in and I just look at the number, I'm sitting in front of the gas station door. But I haven't seen the number 50. It's your business, I don't care. But I said I bought 30 but didn't I. She said 30 but I heard wrongly I dial 50,000 on the phone. It is whose fault. My fault but now you say that. I have to say it. Are you buying and selling? I buy and sell like that.

Darling, 30 huh. When I saw this, there were still 9,000. Who poured 9 thousand. When I came here to buy gasoline, would anyone pour 9,000, at least 10 thousand? But did you pledge to jump back to zero just now?

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These are pictures at a gas station of Ha Tay Passenger Car Joint Stock Company with the address at 143 Tran Phu Street, Van Quan Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi.

In addition to selling gas to customers, employees here also perform another job is to pump gasoline into bottles like this. It is worth mentioning here that after pumping gasoline into the bottle, the amount displayed on the meter will be left to pump the customer connection. These two people were pumped from nearly VND 9,500 but then they still have to pay the amount displayed on the clock is 50,000 VND, then the two employees continued to pump gasoline into the bottle and pump the number for the young man from nearly VND 10,000.

This young man did not know and paid 50,000. And this continues to be a confusing action of these two employees. Even if there are two more employees here, their job to cut back on gasoline has not stopped the next shift, which will continue the fraud of the previous shift. So just in 1 hour of recording we have recorded at least 8 times 4 employees perform acts of eating less gasoline. Stay tuned for the next day.

We found out that 2 other employees had similar behaviors. Still pumping gasoline into the bottle until 10,000VND then pump the number connected to this customer to 100,000VND. Even a female police officer was also eating them less gas. According to the readers, fraud here has been around for a long time but there has been no sign of stopping and it is obvious that many people wonder where the less fuel will be taken?

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