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The Difference Between Exciter 150 2019 GP And Exciter 150 2018 GP

The Difference Between Exciter 150 2019 GP And Exciter 150 2018 GP

The 2019 Exciter release means a lot of opinions around the two versions: the 2019 version and the 2018 version.

Differences Between Exciter 150 2019 GP With Exciter 150 2018 GP 1

The Exciter 2019 version was launched recently and nothing has been upgraded, its engine remains the same as the 2018 version. And the second thing is that the Exciter 2019 will change immediately to the head of the lamp. , different from the previous version and the version from 2018 and earlier when the 150 version was released, it still keeps the head lamp and only changes its appearance. And for the 2018 version, we are quite familiar with the previous versions of Exciter, still the halogen head lamp does not change at all, and for the 2019 version, the head of the lamp has been changed by work. LED technology and we will see that the part of the lamp is divided into 3 bores and each of these is a separate LED, in phase mode the middle light will light up.

The next highlight is the car's front tire, the 2019 version has a bigger and bigger design than the previous one, with the tire size of the 2019 version is 90-80-17 and for the 2018 version. then only 70, the 2019 version has a sportier tire size. For this green version GP can say is the most beautiful version of all the colors launched in the 2019 version. The front rim of the car is painted with the paint color of the car and looks better than the 2018 version.

Difference Between Exciter 150 2019 GP With Exciter 150 2018 GP 2

Another difference is that the 2019 version will change the clock. The Exciter 2019 watch will be a full LCD clock and will display all of the above features are completely electronic, not half mechanical half like the 2018 version. 2019 version, when you press the open button, there is no greeting like the 2018 version.

And the next point to mention is that on the left-hand side of the 2019 version, there will be a light button that will help us to overcome or be too long-distance and need to kick the lamp to press the button down. There is no details of this in the 2018 version.

Next to the right hand side of the car will also see the engine switch that we have seen on large displacement vehicles, very convenient. There is no details of this in the 2018 version.

Differences Between Exciter 150 2019 GP With Exciter 150 2018 GP 3

Regarding the key in the 2019 version, there is a car find button, we can find the car within 20 meters back, and it is very convenient when we park the car in the supermarket or crowded places where our cars get lost somewhere. The rest are also features toggles, electric locks, antique locks, with hole locks to prevent rain and water in and turn the key back and turn it back on. As for the 2018 version, the structure is still the same, but it is simpler, has a basic key to open, has a simpler design than the 2019 version.

Different from previous rumors with unreliable websites, youtube channels without specific information that Exciter 2019 version will be launched with 155 cc engine, VVA variable valve technology, or 175 cubic centimeters. But the fact that the engine remains the same 150 cc and everything between the two versions does not change anything. The car with the 2019 version will weigh 117kg and the 2018 version will weigh 115kg, with only 2kg difference between the two versions. The engine of the 2019 version is the same as the 2018 version that is a 4-valve 4-valve engine and 149.7 cc, compression ratio is 10.4.1, so you must pour A95 gasoline to be able to use more safely. The engine of the car retains the technology of electronic fuel injection, liquid-cooled. And this car can fit all roads in Vietnam. The part of Exciter's shock absorber in 2019 is still a hydraulic cage, it has helped somewhat of the complaints of you who have used the car on the bumpy roads, when we go into sudden shocks, we have to listen. cries but with this version we begin to hear it very small or not hear the sound. The front brakes of the car are still disc brakes and so does the rear brake.

Differences Between Exciter 150 2019 GP With Exciter 150 2018 GP 4

For the 2019 version, the front tire size has changed, so the whole structure of the car is much higher than the 2018 version. With the saddle of the 2018 version, so some of you who have a modest height will be more difficult, but most people over 1m55 are usable.

Next we will look at the back of the 2019 version, the rim is painted blue as the color of the car paint, the rear tire remains the size of 120. The monoshock shock absorber of the version 2019 still painted silver white and identical to the 2018 version. The 2018 version, the rear rim will be painted black and the rear shock will remain silver white as the 2019 version, the rest is almost unchanged. both.

Differences Between Exciter 150 2019 GP With Exciter 150 2018 GP 5

The saddle of the two GP versions is still green at the front and the black at the rear has not changed at all, only the seat height of the 2019 version is 15mm higher than the 2018 version. In 2019, the changes are very modern and mostly in favor of what the user wants, and the engine of the two cars is almost unchanged. It may be difficult to realize that the 2019 version is higher, but when we sit up, you can feel it in the thighs, we will see it a little higher. Looking back at the front end of the car in the 2018 version, some might say it is more beautiful than the 2019 version. But the 2019 version with exterior changes and utility features, hopefully it will Any help in our daily routine as well as everything.

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