Lifting The C Mark To FC

Service of raising C-Mark to Prestige, Guaranteed At Truongdaotaolaixehcm

Job raise the sign with C to FC to help drivers be more convenient for their work, such as being able to control more vehicles with larger payloads and ensure compliance with the road traffic law. Usually, the centers only raise the driving license mark such as B1 - B2, B2 - C, C - D, B2 - D, C - E,…

But raising the C-mark to FC has very few implementation centers. And HCM driver training center is one of the service addresses lift the license mark C to the prestigious FC, famous in Ho Chi Minh City, is trusted by many drivers. If you are planning to upgrade C to FC in Ho Chi Minh City, the driver training center in Ho Chi Minh City will be the best choice. Please join us to learn more about this service.

Service of C Seal Marking to FC

So what are C and FC driver's licenses?

Class C driver license

The C license is called a truck driver license because it allows the driver to operate a cargo truck> 3,500 kg. If you only drive ordinary people, you only need to study B1 or B2 and if you drive a regular truck, you need a C license.

And with C license can only drive people with less than 09 seats (including driver's seat), including manual and automatic cars like a series of 2-seat cars - supercars like "horses", "cows" "..., the 4-seater line like the divine Vios, the 7-seater Zace stone pot, or the Hyundai's 9-seater Hyundai.

FC driver license

An FC license is for drivers who drive a trailer or trailer. Driver's license for vehicles of FC class is only issued to drivers who have a C driving license when towing trailers, semi-trailers, trailers and even container trucks with design tonnage> = 3.5 tons. At the same time, the Fc driver license allows driving the vehicles specified in the lower class driver's license such as B1, B2, C and FB2.

In Vietnam, it is easy to identify which Fc driver is a container truck with a large tonnage. So it can be said that the load and the towing of semi-trailers by Fc is unlimited.

Documenting about Raising the C Mark With FC

Conditions for raising the equal sign C to FC

+ According to the law, to be able to carry out raising the C mark to FC, must meet the following conditions:

+ As a Vietnamese citizen, a foreigner with a certificate of residence permit, studying and working in Vietnam.

+ Having a driving license of category C

+ Students must be at least 24 years of age in accordance with the driver's license to register for upgrading.

+ Driving practice duration for cases of raising the driving license seal from C to FC must be from 3 years or more and have 50,000 km safe driving or more.

+ Drivers must have good health suitable to the type and utility of the vehicle. The Minister of Health shall assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with the Minister of Transport in, stipulating driver health standards, periodical medical examinations for motor vehicle drivers and regulations on medical facilities. Medical examination of the driver.

Procedure for raising the C-sign to FC

In order to raise the C driving license stamp to FC, the first step, students need to prepare a set of documents with all the procedures as prescribed including:

+ Application for study and examination to issue a driving license using the form in Annex 7 enclosed with Circular 12/2017 / TT-BGTVT;

+ Copy of ID card or valid passport or passport with the number of identity card or citizen ID card for Vietnamese; valid passport for Vietnamese residing overseas;

+ Copy of passport valid for more than 6 months and temporary or permanent residence card or diplomatic or official identity card for foreigners;

+ The driver's health certificate issued by a competent medical facility as prescribed;

+ Declaration of time of practice and the number of safe driving km is made according to the form in Appendix 8 attached

+ Circular 12/2017 / TT-BGTVT and must be responsible for the content declared before the law;

+ Copy of driving license (present the original when taking the test).

Evaluate the service of raising the Mark of C to FC

Record raising C mark to FC

+ Copy of ID card

+ Copy of GPLX

+ 10 3 × 4 blue backgrounds

+ Verification of 50,000km safe driving (instructions at the office)

+ Health certificate as prescribed (support right after registering at the office)

Conditions for passing the C course to raise the C mark on FC

- To pass the driver's license exam, candidates need to achieve a minimum score of 80/100 point of stay 11 screen savers.

- 28/30 sentences of theory test are included in the set of questions 450 questions Although it still omitted some previous rounds.

Contact information for raising the C mark to FC

Ho Chi Minh City Driving Training Center

Call Center: 1900 633670

Contact: Ms Kim Vi 090 243 0787


Previously to be able to drive containers, drivers only needed to hold a C license, but due to the change of the law so now to be able to drive a container requires drivers to retake or upgrade the license mark driver.

The requirements for possessing a FC license are relatively higher than those of the lower-class driver's license because it requires the driving technique as well as higher mental factors when driving specialized vehicles of the license. drive the FC. To be able to perform raising the C-mark on FC quickly, easily go to the driver training school hcm for our staff to advise and guide the completion of the procedures.

Lifting The C Mark To FC


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