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Is The Power Of Mitsubishi Xpander Tracting A 24-Ton Truck True?

Is the power of Mitsubishi Xpander capable of pulling 24-ton trucks true?

Is The Power Of Mitsubishi Xpander Tracting A 24-Ton Truck True? first

'Hello everyone recently, many people are skeptical about the power of this Mitsubishi Xpander.

'It's true that it is not a strong car, obviously 1.5 with 102 horsepower can not be said to be strong, it seems to be quite ì.But how it is, how strong it is, everyday Today I am going to talk about the Mitsubishi Xpander that will climb the familiar slope up to the top of Ba Vi mountain temple. Of course not going alone will go with seven brothers. '

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And now the 7 of us will board this xpander

"Hello How much do you weigh?"

"I weigh 60 pounds."

“60 pounds. Invite you 60 pounds. I will let you sit in the back, the first one ”.

Next "Hi there. How much do you weigh? ”

"I have 56 pounds."

Is The Power Of Mitsubishi Xpander Tracting A 24-Ton Truck True? 2

This friend is a bit thin. But okay. I will close the second row. Take a look here to show us that the third row will still be secure.

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"Is it wide enough?"

"Sit very comfortably."

"Ok. That is wide enough. Then I will fall a little more of this chair. Maybe still be. I will invite you to the next. ”

"Hello, how much do you weigh?"

"I weigh 66 pounds."

“66 pounds. Please, come up. 66 pounds is terrible too. ”

"Hello, How much is your weight?"

"I am 70 pounds."

“Handsome young man. Choose to sit in the middle or sit next to you. ”

"How much are you?" I am 80. ”

"80 pounds. Wow"

“Please, this is the second row. Please look at the inner row. It seems that not sitting in the middle is a bit tight. Of course. It was true that he met eight meters and sat in the middle. No problem, this middle of 2 cm is not so bad. Of course, being comfortable is not possible. Temporarily like that in the second row, the third row is fine. ”

"Next. Hello . I guess you're also around 78, 80 pounds. ”

"I weighed two pounds."

“Then please. How can I say this. That must be right. And I have 80 pounds. Just looking at this would make sense. ”

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Is The Power Of Mitsubishi Xpander Tracting A 24-Ton Truck True? 3

“Invite you and experience with me and seven people up the slope of Thuong temple to see how it is. Then everyone will go up, I will turn on the air conditioner to the coldest level, make the wind a little stronger. Then we will start to depart, the first part I think will be easy because it goes smoothly not on the number L at all. Maybe it can help you. At the beginning, I still got a half and a half thousand motorbike, if I go like this, then it's just a bit black so I don't have a problem going up the slope here because we have momentum, so it's okay. lately. Then went up two and a half thousand and started up the slope but it was clear that the explosion was very smooth. I heard the sound of the wind coming and going, coming up here a little, starting to buzz, a little. Yet dare to say Xpander weak. It is not weak at all, but if it goes up like a sports car, it will not overtake. Now I try to climb up the slope. Wow. not bad, not bad, to go with family or friends like this, but to travel like that is good enough. Just need this power, you don't need to go really crazy like a car sport car. If you want to go sports-style, then invite you to buy a sports car, And to me, this car is not bad at all. If it is enough to go this way, the steep up and down hill is very steep, a great challenge for any car, regardless of the steering wheel, the Xpander is not too bad. Of course you will have a feeling. If we want to speed up, we want to rain a little bit because we haven't got enough momentum. They are moving slowly. Enough to start, smooth now, not hear the engine again.

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There is a car in front, so we lose momentum if we want a strong car, we do not buy this car, but if we want to buy a car that is practical in the place of carrying 7 people, it is economical, practical and durable. Without being weak today I don't prove this car is too strong but I want to show you and I want to check the fact that this car is okay to go over the hill. For those who do not think that everyone can not go to download spray, then today with this winding ramp and pay attention to the machine and engine sounds 2,000 rounds, ... 2,500 rounds. Didn't hear the explosion, right, that's good. Mitsubishi Xpander this ramp I will stop like this. I will stop like this. Why did I stop completely. Because when we go up the slope and we let the spray to stop it ... .. is it the biggest thing if it can go? It supports delectable downhill downhill, it goes delectable, yummy delicious daddy deals now I will deal three a piece of blood than I would daddy at the very steep slope I will stop here. I'm going to stop here. Have you seen it? Take your foot off and not drift, this thread is a little startling 2,500 rpm.

Today, I declare to everyone that Xpander is weak but cannot carry enough to carry 7 people to climb the hill, that person is wrong ... wrong 100%. If you do not believe it, please rent a xpander or borrow a Xpander right at the dealership and rush to Thuong temple to carry seven people. And today we tried this car like how, even going downhill the dashboard is still eco, which means it still saves fuel. That's cool, I have to say it is very cool. This is what I say again. This car is really smooth, the noise from tires is almost nonexistent, but you only hear the buzz. of the engine. And like this, there's nothing to blame anymore. This is a small car, small capacity. As you can see, we were seated very comfortably with seven people, all three rows of seats were so comfortable not only that we also turned on the air conditioner to the largest mode.

Mitsu's air conditioner in particular and Japan in general are cold-numb, especially Mitsu cars. Recently, I have tested Mitsu cars, this air conditioner is cool but it's cool. If it was, it would be very cold, nothing left to discuss in this car. But maybe ... but maybe I'll put in yet another, more difficult test. Seven people who climb the slope like this, The seven people who climb the steep hill have not worked out yet, and how specific you will see it right now. ”

Is The Power Of Mitsubishi Xpander Tracting A 24-Ton Truck True? 4

In front of you and my friends right now, I am on the road of the test drive. Now it's a straight line, maybe a bit boring right. But it's not so boring, now the xpander will be a monster behind. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a super truck, it has a weight of up to 24 tons, it can be said that it is extremely heavy, dubbed extremely heavy but how can a weak car like the xpander be able to I can pull this car, I wonder if it can be towed? I'm very skeptical and to get rid of that skeptic we have to try and now let's look around what this truck looks like, it's such a big, huge monster, pulling the car This big load of course, we can't afford it. And here I have prepared this cable, a huge cable that can pull up to 50 tons of weight. I had to carefully choose this big cable. Now I will close the trunk for it to be safe and secure and then not close the trunk so that it can be pulled. I will put this in here, the cable will be inserted here.

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Just like the tow truck of a regular car, just like the way we pull a normal car, this time it was dozens of times bigger, two or thirty times something now I'll be simple and hook the This line is already in this head very easily. Now let's try to see if we can get used to it. According to you this car 24 tons and I know that if full load This vehicle means full cargo behind. In fact, the weight of this truck when it is not full, it falls into about 18 tons or something about that body of this vehicle, it records about 24 tons. We will start testing this car.

We start with the L, the car is very heavy. A super truck, a car that can say extremely heavy loads of up to 24 tons as xpander can it be towed without going? The car is going. But actually the cord is overlapping so I have to pull the string to stretch, still not see what the rope is still stiff. Then the straps were tight and the car stopped. The car can't go Sure, heavy like that but I'll step on the gas. I will not step on the accelerator. I step on the gas. Machine up one and a half thousand, two thousand already, I went 1 and a half and a half round and then went back to see, huh, too easy, too easy, very heavy, very heavy but this Xpander car has pulled away. That car is weakened. Now I go as easy as this. The machine of the black one and a half thousand, up to one thousand and six this car is still rolling, six thousand and seven thousand.

Honestly, this weak Xpander is also true, it is weak compared to what, it is weak compared to strong cars from two to two dots in a year. Right. But to climb the hill we have L number 2, go at full speed and even we go back to D still delicious, still good, still delicious. After that, the Xpander has overcome the challenge of pulling a 24-ton truck as easy as candy. It's not as weak as you think, but you can fully carry seven people, climb the downhill like I said or pull the super heavy truck. And to say that driving fast on a highway is not a problem. This car is small, small capacity, but it is strong enough to pull heavy. Great, too cheap for a seven-seater.

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