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Which is the best gas tank and electronic fuel injection?


Hi guys, nice to meet you again in the latest video today! In today's video, I would like to share, please discuss with you about the issue of electronic fuel injection system and aerosol children better?

Which is the best gas tank and electronic fuel injection? first

Excellencies everybody! In internal combustion engines, except diesel engines, diesel engines use direct fuel injection, while gasoline engines must use one of two systems, one is a second fuel tank. is the FI to create the right carburetor ratio to suck inside the combustion chamber to compress and burst, then the carburetor ratio is suitable for the two fuel tank systems and the FI creates the ratio between air and fuel. like optimal about 14.7 parts air 1 part fuel, okay! From the beginning, the cars produced were equipped with small gas tanks, until the 80s of the last century, the new FI system was born and gradually became popular as it is today.

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Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these two systems, the gas tank has its advantages that it is simple, it has no complicated electrical system, it's all very simple so it is easy repair, easy to replace. The normal mechanic can also accommodate, without the need for car mechanic trained high technology, high-tech machinery to repair, then the fuel tank system also has its advantages. If it is reasonable, it will help my car to reduce the price, then the other advantage is that the fuel tank is adjustable, more economical, and then it can be easily poured. I changed the carburetor ... the apricot, the other tank ... of the manufacturers, I changed it very easily, I could do it myself, for FI, it was a bit complicated.

Which is the best gas tank and electronic fuel injection? 2

Then what is the disadvantage of baby gas tanks? The downside is that the carburetor is hard to explode, your car leaves many times in the morning when it feels a little bit difficult to explode, or if you haven't gone for a long time, your car will say it is very difficult to explode or it will explode. If it doesn't run well for a few hundred meters then it can start to function normally again, whether it's because of the morning weather or when it's been a long time, the air is in the gas tank its breeze is cold, it's cold, it's cold, it's shrinking, guys, it blends with the fuel at the wrong ratio, creating a mixture of poor fuel that makes it hard to explode, to fix it, I pulled up the E, I pulled up the E, I would increase the ratio of the fuel blended into that air, make the mixture more richer and it would be more explosive in In that case, in addition to the second drawback of the carburetor is that the fuel consumption it does not have optimal, it still consumes quite a lot compared to the electronic fuel injection system, on the car. the machine is his I rarely see that, but when I used an old gas tank, I saw the scenery, drinking gasoline like beer.

And on a regular car, the capacity is 100 and 50, 125 and 150, it doesn't cost much, so it is not clear what that fuel consumption is, then about the fuel injection. What about electronics? Electronic fuel injection, in my opinion, it has advantages ha! The first advantage, the advantage is that it's a star system, it is equipped with a lot of modern technology, applying modern technology into it, there are many sensors such as sensors. crankshaft position, crankshaft speed, inlet air temperature sensor, airflow sensor, exhaust gas oxygen sensor, coolant temperature sensor, etc., many of them, When equipped with so many modern technology sensors, it gives the most accurate air-conditioning ratio, optimal for each operating condition, such as the electronic fuel injection truck in the morning it does not there is a phenomenon that is difficult to explode, or I let myself go up for a long time so that I can go and it is normal, it still explodes normally.

Which is the best gas tank and electronic fuel injection? 3

Why is it not as difficult to explode as a baby gas tank? The reason is that the electronic fuel injection system has sensors, measuring the gas temperature, the coolant temperature of the engine ... etc ... it knows then the engine is cold, the engine is cold. it automatically tells the ICU has been programmed, ICU is the central processor that will add fuel to the carburetor in the case that the engine cools, thereby overcoming the situation that difficult to explode in the morning or for a long time, electronic fuel tank car so that the whole month does not run to lead to the explosion, that is its advantage, and the other advantage is that it saves fuel, saves The fuel is also due to its ICU combined with modern sensor systems, which accurately measure engine conditions. For example, the idle engine, the engine is cool, the engine is hot, the engine runs stably as much as the amount of fuel it spends on spraying, ensuring optimal optimum, ensuring maximum Optimize the appropriate air conditioner and do not cause the phenomenon of unnecessary fuel consumption.

Since then, its fuel has been significantly reduced, the car fuel tank for the two cars of the same volume, the company always goes, the same cylinder area goes, the fuel tank level is about 50, according to me, electric fuel injection itself is about 60 60 kilometers per hour, that's according to me, it's more than about 10 kilometers per hour, then that's the advantage of the electronic fuel injection system, What about the downside? What it has pros and cons, right? Electronic fuel injection system has drawbacks, follow me alone! In my opinion, the disadvantage of the electronic fuel injection system is that it is too modern, it has too many sensors, it is ICU and that, and this map, so its price is higher than that of small gas tanks.

That's clear, two models of cars, a car fuel tank, an electric car, obviously it will cost more than a few million, five million or more. However, in my opinion, the price difference of it is probably not that much, but the company sometimes people psychologically prefer FI, increase FI slightly, for example, the difference in fuel tank price is about 3 million more, but we raised to about 5 million, I like FI, I bought here, it is profitable 2 million. So that's the art that makes and sells the price of people's art, that's not telling me, then the first drawback is the price, the second drawback is that it's hard to fix, you When running a FI car there was a problem with the fuel injection FI system, the mechanic ... the gardener, the normal worker, the worker on the road, it was very difficult to repair, in the old days people used to study, they mainly learned about average Gasoline is not it, now the modern FI system has trouble with electricity and other equipment.

That is, people who are not familiar with it are a bit difficult to fix a bit, it is mandatory to enter the company, but to the company, all the replacement cost is decided by the company, it says that this sensor must be replaced. This variable, it said how much this price you have to pay a lot of money, buy it without, then that is the downside, and not to mention long-term driving FI on a long-term basis, the company is example of washing That injector system, I don't know how effective it is, every time I wash like that, I get 100 thousand, but every time I go to the company, I try to do it, for those who are awake, it's okay. , women are the best to buy a new car psychology ... well, just keep moving 100 thousand, how much ha, that is the cost that maintenance and use that repair is always that it is higher than the fuel tank children. Not to mention that if it's broken, its replacement is also higher, it has a lot of sensors, sensors everywhere, sensors ... I said the sensor already, so it is quite sensitive. The breakdown, just a sensor that is broken, the engine has a problem immediately, unstable operation, especially in Vietnam, erratic conditions, especially Ho Chi Minh City. , submerged, it goes through the exhaust, the engine is completely submerged in water, right?

So the sensor can be water will be broken, will be broken, use a lot of electricity, then it must be replaced slightly damaged ... a bit too high, I read the newspaper heard a guy said that he ran the car After the rain fell, it was completely flooded, after it started to stall, later brought out the mechanic to say that the repair kit FI could not be repaired, and brought in the company to replace all 4 million new cars. However, there are those who say that the car running on their own electronic fuel tank is not damaged at all, then there are problems with not all electronic fuel tank systems. are the same. There are also systems that are very durable and not damaged, another problem is that the fuel system in Vietnam is, according to some people, reflecting that its quality is not high. easy to cause injector off.

Therefore cleaning the injector regularly, but every time you have to clean it, you have to go to the company, and you have to pay 100 thousand at least, which are the disadvantages of the electronic fuel injection system, then you! What do you think about it? Which system do you like? Child fuel tank or electronic fuel injection? I of course I like electronic fuel injection, because its price ... the price of fuel is a bit high, electronic fuel injection is more fuel efficient, but also a small fuel tank, because the car Child gas tanks usually cost less. If you take the price difference, you will get it everywhere, for example, Zamaha's Sirius, the regular Sirius and Sirius FI, it is nearly 10 million difference, then you take that 10 million difference. Paying for the difference in gasoline costs is the same huh, it doesn't get much better, for example ha! Just for example, I don't know the exact price as for example, the regular sirius…. let's take an example! ... for example ... This meal does not know how much we cost?

Probably the difference is less than 10 million! Sirius usually gives me a size of about 20 hours, 20 is the most basic version, while the FI version is about 26, 27 sizes 6-7 million. Sirius usually has about 50 plants, 55 trees, and Sirius FI it has about 60 trees, 65 trees. Difference is about 10 trees per liter, then you run 5 years, 10 years, the amount of money saved when I run FI it also has 6-7 million, it is the same only it is no different at all, However, the scooter should use electronic fuel tank to make it more economical. That's it! some of my shares raised the problem that 4 shares would also like to discuss with you which electronic fuel injection system and which female fuel tanks are better and should you buy a baby gas tank now or not. Or electronic fuel injection?

Please watch the video, please comment below to talk to me, to discuss with all the brothers watching the video, thank you for watching the video, goodbye and see you again in the videos. next time! Bye bye ...

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