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Mercedes CLS 220d Price 1.48 Billion Cement Color Looks Maze

The Mercedes CLS 220d Price 1.48 Billion Cement Color Looks To Buy Now

GLS 220

Hello everyone, a car can be ordered at the exhibition with me may not need to buy a CLS 220d right away, just look at the paint color, the skin color is to buy, just a note, because it's so beautiful. This paint color I call it cement, I don't know what color it should be, but it's a shiny color that's hard to describe, the CLS is the car I used to like, ever since it was released, it's a sedan. coupe called the pioneer of humanity because of the 4-door kiupay, it is so beautiful now it is still very beautiful.

In an exhibition in Thailand, bangkok, I introduced CLS 53, that model did not come to Vietnam, if it did, it would be too expensive if this car would be more than 4 billion. The price that sells in Germany for the standard version is 57,792 EURO, the full option version is 85,180 Euro. But in Vietnam, there is no such price.

GLS 220

First of all, this 220d face has a very wide grille, not two horizontal bars but a bar and has diamond cuts around a steering wheel surface that is quite familiar to Mercedes cars near But this CLS logo is big, very big, it stuns the height of the steering wheel, so it is very strong, it protrudes to the front to create a 3D block that the camera is in front of the wind cutters. Here is also very impressive I think of the monster's mouth saying the monster is too much but resembles a fish protruding for prey, the mouth is very similar and the eyes are very iron looking very evil. The CLS looks very cool, but the evil it blends in makes the car have a certain sexy appeal. This light cluster is also a multibeam light cluster. 

GLS 220

This is the 220d version it uses the main engine is iezen d oil. Open the capo and we see the parameters on it, this is a 2.0 4-cylinder oil engine in line with a capacity of 194 horsepower but for me it is very fit when bouncing, have you told me if this car came back If Vietnam is more than 3 billion, it is unlikely that I will buy it without saying much. This car is equipped with a 9-speed gearbox up to 400N / m, now we open the lid, we have a pretty neat engine with 4 cylinders of actual oil, the cars love graceful It is rare for anyone in Vietnam to use oil machines. Firstly, Vietnamese oil is of poor quality, the second is that it runs on gasoline with a more flashy gloss, me too, if I go back to Vietnam, it will be around 3 to 4 billion, I will lash, not much talk, look neat and beautiful. .

We have the body, the version is also a dark version so the black wheels, black mirrors with glass trim are all black, we have a large brake cluster, the front disc brake is also a big disc brake and has a heat hole. This rims I rest nearly 20 inches of quality. The glass door is made of single-layer glass, not double-layer glass, has no borders, and sports car so there is no border that closes neatly and lightly, of course the door also does not breathe.

GLS 220

We go to the tail, the rear is quite cute, when opening the trunk, open the logo, there will be a camera here, this car has a very low trunk because it hangs down and its ladle will pour down. Pretty much, if you put something high, it will be difficult to put it down but it is very deep, if you put anything long, it is also very ok, this beautiful car surely no one will pay attention to the use, you are beautiful. Right, I want to do what I do, the lights do not know if you find it beautiful or not, I like the light it is a little more tonal, the led wire is a bit bigger.

GLS 220

The exhaust system I really appreciate the Mercedes, of course up to this line already so it will be very nice dual exhaust for both sides. This clear leather color looks very cute, from the color mixing to the textures on the seats, and the steering wheel is also red and black. Sitting in this area, you will see it will be very similar to the Mercedes E with 4 air conditioning buttons, the buttons here are the same controls, but the door air conditioning it changes to the air conditioner. If you just design a turbine, this is more beautiful, you can also replace it in Vietnam, it's not too expensive if anyone wants this wind door, a new steering wheel, this is the 220d version which means relatively soft for So this steering wheel is acceptable for this car, this car also has a distronic Advanced cruise control to keep the distance and its types are no different from the Mercedes, only it is slightly down to the ceiling, it is a bit low, the color here classic cray uni a classic gray this color is very nice.

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